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Celtar! is the 4th Von Cello CD. This one has a different sound largely because of the influence of keyboardist Scott Guberman who has performed with several members of the Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead. The concept was to use the acoustic cello and get a more natural sound. The CD includes long form jams and snippets of studio banter to let listeners in on how much fun the band was having. The jam on Bird Song is one of Von Cello's finest and was featured on The Grateful Dead Hour - David Gans' longest running Grateful Dead radio show out of California. The songs are largely personal including Woodstock Days, influnced by Aaron's proximity to the Woodstock Festival that summer at sleepaway camp. Though too young to attend he felt the vibe in the air and shared the dream of a new peaceful world. The live sounds on the recording are from the actual festival. There is almost no guitar on the CD yet the cello makes up for it. The point of the cover photo is to present the cello as a fun instrument you could bring to an  outdoor party and jam along with your friends... something Von Cello was doing at the time!


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