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Plant Shadows

World Premiere of "10 Cello Etudes from the 4th Dimension" by Aaron Minsky, Cambridge, England

Group performance of "Ten International Cello Encores" for "Global Cello Day", London, England

Online World Premiere of, “Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh” (Holy, Holy, Holy) - for cello and chorus by Aaron Minsky, with the St. John’s Voices of Cambridge University, England

World Premiere of the cello and piano version of “Summer Haze” concerto for cello and strings, by Aaron Minsky and Marion Caldwell in Cambridge, England

World Premiere of "Summer Haze" - concerto for cello and string orchestra (piano and drums optional) by Aaron Minsky and the Taranaki Youth Orchestra, New Zealand

World Premiere of "The Conqueror" - concerto for cello and symphony orchestra by Aaron Minsky, with the Staten Island Philharmonic

World Premiere of "Pop Goes the Cello" by Aaron Minsky at the Royal Academy of Music, London 

Conducted World Premiere of "Legends of Cellandia" by Aaron Minsky at the Royal Academy of Music, London 

Conducted 70 cellists in a performance of "Legends of Cellandia" in Melbourne, AU

Conducted World Premiere of "All Aboard!" by Aaron Minsky at the Cork School of Music, Cork, Ireland

World Premiere - "Ten International Cello Encores" by Aaron Minsky, New Directions Cello Festival - Ithaca College, NY

World Premiere of "Ten American Cello Etudes" by Aaron Minsky - First World Cello Congress, University of Maryland 

First cellist to perform the "Star Spangled Banner" for the Yankees

Good Day New York, 20 segments during the morning show

"FOX and Friends", the FOX cable network's morning news show

Regis and Kelly Show, ABC Television, NYC

Rock Against Violence, outdoor benefit concert for the victims of the 9/11 attack, Harrisburg, PA

Nashville New Music Conference, TN

Conducted the NYSSMA Directors' Orchestra, Albany, NY

Sixth American Cello Congress, University of Maryland, MD

World Cello Congress III, Towson University, MD

New Directions Cello Festival, University of Connecticut

Interviews and performances on Reuters News Network, Associated Press, The Joey Reynolds Show - WOR, Morning Dew, WBAI

New Directions Cello Festival, Knitting Factory, NYC

100th Anniversary Concert, Music Publishers’ Association of the United States, Lincoln Center, NYC

White Abstract

The first approved public recording of Minsky's etudes has been released (year 2001). The Ten American Cello Etudes are on a CD called, The American Cello, which includes works by Minsky, Crumb, Siskind and Sessions. The performer is Lawrence Stomberg of Oklahoma State University. May this be the first of many recorded releases of the published music of Aaron Minsky!

The second approved public recording of Minsky's etudes has been released (year 2004). The Ten American Cello Etudes are on a CD called, Virtuoso Pop Classic and Jazz Classic Music, which includes music by Minsky, Joan Baez, The Beatles, and others. The performer is David Johnstone, of the Pablo Sarasate Music Conservatoire of Navarra, Spain. In this CD Johnstone takes a few slight liberties with the music. These were done with the permission of the Aaron Minsky, who has said that he wants his music to be a springboard to innovation and creativity!

The third approved public recording of Minsky's etudes has been released (year 2005). Truckin' Through the South is on a CD called, Cello Exam Pieces, Grade 8, released by ABRSM Publishing in conjunction with Oxford University Press. The performer is prominent English cellist, Sebastian Comberti. Minsky's etude is performed on Disc 3, along with the music of Bloch, Debussy, Hindemith, Shostakovitch and other famous composers.

The forth approved recording of Minsky's music has been released (2006). The "Judaic Concert Suite" for solo cello is on a CD called, "Rhapsody Judaica". The performer is Russian cellist, Natalia Timofeyeva, who currently lives in the United States. It is on the Marquis Music label, located in Canada, and available in many countries as well as the internet.

In 2010 Aaron Minsky released three recordings of himself playing his published music!
The following CDs are available under the Shop MENU:
Dead Cello
Ten American Cello Etudes
Ten International Cello Encores

Many people perform Minsky's music around the world. The following musicians reported their concerts to OUP or Minsky:

Vladislav Provotar, senior tutor at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, and cellist of the Russian National Philharmonic Orchestra, has performed many Minsky pieces in Moscow, including the online World Premiere video of Mr. ASBO - the Anti-Social Swan.

Diane Chaplin, member of the Colorado String Quartet, recordings with Parnassus and other labels, and prize winning soloist with many orchestras, performed Judaic Concert Suite in the Sinagoga di Siena, Italy

David Johnstone, concert cellist and principal cellist of the Pablo Sarasate Orchestra, has been performing Minsky etudes in dozens of concerts all over Spain. He has also made a CD of Minsky's "Ten American Cello Etudes".

Lawrence Stomberg, cello professor at University of Delaware, who also recorded Minsky's "Ten American Cello Etudes" has been performing them often. Concerts include Oklahoma State University, and St. Cloud University, Minnesota.

Patricia McCarty, violist, Silver Medal Geneva International Competition, soloist with many top orchestras, recordings with Nonesuch and Northeastern, faculty at Boston Conservatory.

Arno Van Kerkoff, associate principal cellist, Cape Town Philharmonic, and Sarah Acres, Cape Town Symphony Orchestra, performed Minsky's "Three American Cello Duets" in Cape Town, South Africa. (Program forwarded by ASCAP.)

John Graham, violist,  professor at Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester.

Marilyn Harris, cellist, winner of Mu Phi Epsilon Competition, toured the United States playing Minsky pieces in concerts and broadcasts.

Daryl Silberman, violist, performed one of Minsky's Three American Pieces at the Southern California Viola Society. The wife of the ex violist of the Turtle Island String Quartet, Danny Seidenberg, Ms. Silberman reported, "We're big fans of yours".

Erica Boras, principal cellist with Rudolf Nureyev and Friends, the Bolshoi Ballet, Berlin Opera Ballet, cellist with New Jersey Symphony and others.

Craig Hultgren, commissioner of modern cello works, Alabama Symphony member and former principal cellist with the National Symphony Orchestra of Panama and the Savannah Symphony Orchestra.

Racheli Galay-Altman, Israeli cellist, opened a concert with pieces from Ten American Cello Etudes, at Tel Aviv University.

Doreen Da Silva, cellist, performed a Minsky unpublished etude during her recital at Hochshule Fur Musik, Wurzburg, Germany. Ms. Da Silva reported that the piece "made a stone faced German audience break out in laughter and applause!"

Melanie Baker and Matt Fenner, students of Daniel Kazez at Whittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio, performed "The Fiddlers" from, "Pacific Northwest Suite". (Program forwarded by Professor Kazez.)


Many other impressive performers play Minsky's music but haven't forwarded programs.


The World Premiere of Three Concert Etudes occurred on March 29th, 2004, performed by David Johnstone, principal cellist of the Pable Sarasate Orchestra, at the Auditorio del Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Navarra, Spain. In that same program, which Mr. Johnstone titled "Bravo Minsky!", he also gave the world premiere of my Judaic Concert Suite, as well as performing my Ten American Cello Etudes. He was interviewed on Spanish public radio, and received several positive newspaper reviews.

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