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Buy the CD - Breaking The Sound Barriers

Thank you for your interest in my CD! You can place orders by calling toll free 1(877)-692-7999, or over the internet.

To order, go to the box below and pick your quantity from the pop up window in the upper right hand corner and click on the Click To Order button. You will be connected to CD Street to have your order processed, and will receive your CD in less than a week!

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Von Cello Rules! (CD)
Von Cello - Breaking The Sound Barriers (CD)
Shipping and Handling $2.50 US/CAN for Orders Under $30, and $3.50 for orders over $30 - INTL Orders: $7.50 Shipping
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What are other artists saying about Von Cello?

He is a performer of the highest level...Many artists speak of their music being unique, but Aaron Von Cello's music truly is!
- David Blumberg, (Top promoter)

If you haven't heard this guy yet, be SURE to give him a listen! He breaks all the rules, so forget whatever you think about the cello. He has created a new rock instrument. Sheer genius.
- RagtimeLady ( bulletin board manager, and promoter)

All I can say right now is "Wow"...just "Wow"... What magnificent talent - no, artistry. Talent connotes skill. Artistry comes out of talent but has its source in the soul, the heart, the spirit.
- Demian ( artist and Chinese activist)

What the??!!! How did you??!! I don't do you get that sound?? Amazing truly amazing. I love the anthem!!
- Tom from Soley Duncan (Editor's Choice for Best Unsigned Band on Rolling

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