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A music promoter said to me, "I like your bio. Very original. Now tell me the truth". Well...they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here goes. (See the photo history below.)

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The birth of Aaron Minsky (destined to become Von Cello).


Age 7 - young Aaron playing guitar (with one of his sisters).

Age 13 - at a sleep-away camp a few miles from the Woodstock Festival Aaron honed his guitar and vocal skills


Age 14 - Aaron - early rock star days.

Age 15 - Aaron - singer/songwriter.

Age 16 - Aaron - cuts his hair, quits his band, starts cello lessons, becomes Von Cello.

Age 17 - deep into his cello studies, Aaron couldn't resist playing guitar in one last high school band

Von Cello - chamber concert during college days.

Von Cello - Masters' recital (with first and last cello teachers) at Manhattan School of Music.

Aaron Minsky poses with his parents before performing a concert with the Caracas Philharmonic, Venezuela.

Von Cello on a break from the Caracas Philharmonic, in a Peruvian village not on the map, with a local musician, some Indian friends, and a not too happy bull.

Aaron Minsky - a classical cellist's first professional "head shot"

The Linden Trio - Aaron Minsky's first professional chamber ensemble.

Aaron Minsky - Manhattan, with cello and first contract from Oxford University Press (Ten American Cello Etudes).

Von Cello - performing at the University of Connecticut (with the short lived Aaron Minsky Trio, the precursor to the Von Cello Band).

Von Cello - before 7 A.M. concert in suburban cross street for Good Day New York on FOX network (with host Gordon Elliot).

Von Cello and Jeff Chen playing Minsky Cello Etude #6 at the New Directions Cello Festival.

Yamaha Artist, Von Cello with Phil Carnavale, Northeast Sales Rep. of Yamaha.

Von Cello - inventor of the "Celtar" style of cello playing.

Von Cello - the band! This was the line up of musicians who played on the CD, Von Cello Rules! The first cello based power trio in history!

Von Cello lifts his bow and cello shield, fighting to break down the walls that have kept the cello out of rock music. (This photo is inside the Von Cello Rules CD, and was also made into a poster.) Right on, Von Cello!

From the back cover of Von Cello Rules! - A break during the recording session.

At New York's famous Le Bar Bat, Von Cello generates intensity with Matt Johnson on drums, just off his tour with Grammy winner John Mayer.


Von Cello at the Cutting Room in New York City. Playing music from the Excalibur CD the band added a singer becoming a quartet.

Von Cello with Joey Reynolds after being interviewed at WOR studios for Joey's coast to coast late night radio show. Von Cello has since been on the show several times.

Who can rock out on cello like Von Cello?

Von Cello rocking the celtar!

Rocking out on the "celtar" on WWPV, Burlington, VT!

At Nectars, where Phish got their start, the Von Cello Duo made their debut. Joining Aaron was Scott Guberman who has performed with members of the Grateful Dead.

Von Cello (Aaron Minsky) becomes an author with the publication of his book Beyond Faith. Find out about it here:

Aaron Minsky performs his Pacific Northwest Suite with David Tobey the illustrator of Minsky's book Beyond Faith, at the opening of Tobey's art show in New York City.

Minsky and Solow after performance of Dead Cello. Solow, Chairman of Instrumental Music at Temple University, and president of the NY Violoncello Society, has preformed Dead Cello around the world including in Alaska and China!

Von Cello shines at his second interview and performance at WWPV, Vermont.

Von Cello plays the National Anthem at a Yankee game!

Can you feel it?

Aaron Minsky at a recording session.

Aaron Minsky giving Masterclass of his "Ten International Cello Encores" at Ithaca College.

Aaron Minsky giving the premiere of his "Ritmo Caribano" from "Ten International Cello Encores".

Aaron Minsky, classical cellist and composer.

Another resurrection of Von Cello (as a 5 piece) performing for the NYC Marathon on Central Park South.

Von Cello - rockin' the acoustic celtar - live!

Von Cello live at Forest Hills HS (alma mater of Simon & Garfunkel, the Ramones, Leslie West, and Burt Bacharach).

The Royal Academy of Music - where Minsky performed a standing room only recital on his first trip to London.

The Royal Academy - where Minsky conducted the world premiere of his "Legends of Cellandia" during his second trip.

Minsky conducts his "Legends of Cellandia" commissioned by the London Cello Society (Selma Gokcen, president).

The Duke's Hall where Minsky debuted his "Pop Goes the Cello" for a London audience.

After a quarter century of publishing music with them, Aaron visits Oxford University Press.

Only a select few have walked through these gates!

Minsky gets accustomed to the fine English cello that was on loan from Ricky Geradi for both English tours.

Mr. Minsky posing with the cello professor of Highgate School, one of many where he gave workshops and masterclasses.

Aaron Minsky and Leandro Silvera (professor at the Royal Conservatory) who first suggested he come to London.

In the auditorium built by Gustav Holst, Aaron Minsky performed a recital at St. Paul Girls' School.

The cameraman lost it as he strummed his celtar for the young ladies and their parents!

Aaron weaves his spell for the young and old, the royal and the commoner.

The flyer for Minsky's workshops and recital at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin.

Hey, that's me!

Meanwhile, back in the States, the "universe premiere" of Minsky's cello concerto, "The Conqueror"!

The Conqueror - live with orchestra!

The first picture at the start of Aaron's 3 week, 7 city, Australian tour.

Teaching rock guitarists and string players to play nicely together at Geelong Christian College (Prince Charles' school).

Looks like Minsky is growing a crop of budding celtarists in central Australia!

Not to be outdone, a violinist coined the term, "picks-a-catto". Even the violas and bass got into the act!

Minsky also coached university students such as these at the National University of Australia.

He also had them playing celtar out on the west coast. Things will never be the same in Perth!

In many cities Aaron also discussed his vision for a new type of music based on old traditions - improvised classical!

Of course there was some down time... at least time enough to take this selfie in Tasmania!

Minsky taught and performed in Sydney and saw the less touristy sections such as this one across from the Opera House.

Brisbane - where after two full days of teaching teachers, AUSTA president Stephen Chin took Aaron to see the sights.

Back in New York the Minskys took the Chins out for a special meal where plans for the future were discussed.

Minsky starts his US college teaching career at Georgia State U. and Seattle Pacific U. with Strings Without Boundaries.

Professor Von Cello? Why not!

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