Von Cello has a unique sense of humor about politics and life in general. Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images and join the fun.

Animated Hound

Von Weasel's favorite bit of animation.
Who is Von Weasel? Click here:
Publicity Hound

Von Cello Smoking

Von Cello smoking a cigar in front of a No Smoking sign in Alaska. Breaking the rules is the spirit of Alaska and Von Cello.

Von Cello Trespassing

Von Cello trespassing in Alaska. Out in the middle of a vast wilderness, suddenly Von Cello came upon a barbed wire fence and a Keep Out sign. He said, "They've got to be kidding" and he walked inside.

Koch Goof

Von Cello attended a speech by New York City Mayor Ed Koch just so he could have a friend take a picture of him laughing really close to Koch. He got a few dirty looks, but as we used to say in Brooklyn, "Anything for the goof!"

I have spent my life trying to think "outside the box". Most people live their lives "in the box".

Anyone who has played or listened to modern classical minimalist music should be able to relate!

This picture speaks for itself.

A mistake on a New York City street sign! It should say: "Times Square Shuttle"!

Von Cello in midtown Manhattan doing the "Times Square Shuffle"!

They just love Von Cello down at the Bar-B-Q pits!

The Four Essentials of Life: Groceries-Gasoline-Guns-Guitars

Endangered species? (I hope not.)

Free expression - yes! But don't insult your benefactors if you want their support.

Don't believe everything... actually don't believe anything.

To change the world you have to start small.

Forget about equal pay... how about pay?

Aint it the truth?

Good advice.

What's the difference between a bank bailout and a stick up? Not much!

... unless it's a polka, a march, or a country tune!

Don't you love staff meetings?

George Carlin grew up on this street in NYC. I lived on the next block during and after college.

Thanks Steve!

Remember Escher?

I used to be an orchestra player.

At least he admits it.

Better practice those scales!

Don't you just hate it!

How many times have classical musicians been confronted with scores like this one? (Look closely.)

And on keys - J.S. Bach!

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