Publicity Hound

Cleopatra Von Weasel was a real fox! Von Cello's record label "Orange Dawg Productions" is named for her. Below are several pictures of the regal Cleopatra. To see her in a wedding dress click here: Family and Friends.

Cleo is succeeded in the role of publicity hound by the sleek and beautiful Miss Clementine (aka Clemie). She hails from Mississippi. Her favorite pastimes are hiking, barking, and playing the squeaker while her dad plays his cello.


Von Weasel, the founder of Orange Dawg Productions, manning the controls at the mixer.


Von Weasel listening intently to “her master’s voice”.


Von Weasel - working the phones!


VW relaxing on her private couch after another hard day at Orange Dawg.

Cleo & Ole Blu

VW poses with Ole Blu, the good luck dog from the Grand Ole Opry. What a doll!

Cleo Spokesdog

VW, the Yamaha Spokesdog! (At one of Von Cello's Yamaha clinics.)

Cleo 2000

VW brings in the new millennium in style!

Cleo 003

VW in her party dress at her Sweet 16/Bark Mitzvah!

Who could resist this little baby?

Clemintine's first day home.

Do you wanna play with me?

She may be little, but Clemie is Von Cello's biggest fan!

Miss Clementine making her debut!

Betcha can't find me!

Clementine on her first rock cello tour - discovering America with Von Cello!

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