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Compositions of Aaron Minsky

Janos Shultz Cello Music Collection at The University of North Carolina
(Minsky etudes in famous cellist's collection; click on "Cello Methods" on left column)

William Primrose Viola Music Archive at Brigham Young University, Utah
(Minsky ensembles in famous violist's collection; his Young American Ensembles for viola are listed under Zwei Violen)

Walter Clinton, Jackson Library, University of North Carolina
(Lists Minsky compositions)

(Minsky's article about immortality and his music)

University Professor David Sills
(Minsky on a short list of Jewish viola composers)

University Professor David Sills
(Minsky on a longer list of solo viola works)

Minsky on Internet Cello Society
(Cellist Composer)

(Minsky listed as conductor of the Directors' Orchestra of the New YorkState School Music Association)

Internet Cello Society
(Links article discussing etudes)

Oregon Festival of Music, Train Songs
(Lists Minsky's etudes)

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Curriculums That Include Minsky

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
(Scroll down to see Minsky's books listed in the professional diploma curriculum)

(Lists criteria for Exam, including Minsky's 10 American Cello Etudes)

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music
(PDF listing Minsky's compositions)

The Viola Website
(Graded Viola Music lists Minsky)

The Asian Viola Website
(Minsky pieces in curriculum list)

Viola Web site
(Graded Viola Music for Learners)

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Performers of Minsky's Music

Primrose International Viola Archive
(Lists Minsky in viola pieces published)

Amy Sue Barston
(Concert cellist lists Minsky Etude in repertoire)

Donald McInnes' Repertoire List
(Lists "Three American Pieces for Unaccompanied Viola")

Katherine Tischhauser
(Fort Lewis College professor performs Minsky etudes)

Dr. Marilyn Harris at USC
(Minsky pieces in recital)

Eastman School Professor John Graham
(Minsky pieces in sample solo viola concert program)

Arizona State U. Presents John Graham
(Minsky pieces in viola concert program)

OSU Professor Lawrence Stomberg
(Minsky pieces in recital)

Wendy Waldock
(Repertoire list of English cellist includes Minsky)

Rachel Galay
(Lists Minsky in her repertoire)

This Is Oxford
(English student plays Minsky's music in recital)

(Listen to an audio sample of Minsky's The Train Whistle, recorded by an English cellist)

Ashley Peck
(Oregon State University cello student plays Minsky etudes)

The Lion
(Musicians perform Minsky compositions)

Wendy Waldock
(Mentions being inspired by Aaron Minsky)

Kenneth Martinson
(Links Von Cello)

Faszination Musik
(Aaron Minsky listed in German concert program)

Raimon Sariola
(Raimon Sariola links to Von Cello)

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Sellers of Minsky's Music

Oxford University Press
(An email address for ordering Minsky music books)

Oxford University Press
(Links to pages for Minsky's Oxford music books)
Three American Pieces
Ten American Cello Sÿtudes
Three American Cello Duets
Three Concert Sÿtudes
Young American Ensembles: Cellos and basses
Young American Ensembles: Violas
Young American Ensembles: Violins and guitars

Frank Music Company
(Sells Minsky compositions)

Barenreiter Publishing
(Sells Minsky compositions)

Top-note music
(Sells Minsky compositions)

Ackerman Music
(Sells Minsky compositions)

Forwoods Music
(Sells Minsky compositions)

Oxford Press data file
(Lists Minsky items for sale)

(Sells Minsky compositions)

Bristol Violin Shop
(Sells Minsky compositions)

Booth's Music
(Sells Minsky compositions)

Fuller Music
(Sells Minsky compositions)

Hickey's Music
(Sells Minsky compositions)

Nigel Bland
(Sells Minsky compositions)

(Sells Minsky compositions)

Kobe Gakufu
(Sells Minsky compositions)

New Directions Cello Festival
(New Directions Cello Festival sells Von Cello CDs)

(Von Cello listed in cello store links)

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Personal Sites

Canarsie Memories
(Comprehensive site about Von Cello's childhood neighborhood)

(Current band of Perry Seigle, Von Cello's old band mate during high school. Von Cello has been a guest artist of Slipknot.)

Mark Melnick
(Canarsie classmate with massive site, lists Von Cello on his music page)

City-As-School Alumni
(Lists Minsky among it's alumni)

Associated Musicians of Greater New York
(Lists Minsky as a member)

Pallette Press
(Site about a book written by my childhood friend Lawrence Cuocci, about his troubled and exciting adolescent years in Canarsie, called, A Very Good Year.)

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