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Von Cello 

Post No. 1282
09/16/2007 12:29 PM
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Political Junkie

Aside from music and religion, politics has always been one of my interests, This week was interesting. The issue should have been about Bush's handling of the Iraq war, but placed this ad calling General Patraeus, General Betray-us, and that gave the right wing the chance to call them unpatriotic. Then Guiliani tried to paint Clinto with the same brush since she also questioned the general. So all of this shows how the left wing often screws itself and the middle left by going to extreme.

The fact that we have Bush is as much the fault of the far left as the far right.

Post No. 1281
09/16/2007 08:50 AM
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I second that.

I agree, Aaron. The fact that America is this great "melting pot" makes me want to stay here even though Bush is still in office.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1280
09/15/2007 11:53 AM
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In the Inn

Pretty funny, but just to make the record straight, the founding fathers of America were very open to Jews and Jewish ideas. Even on the Great Seal of the United States you find the 13 stars, representing the 13 colonies, in the shape of a Jewish star. Samual Adams made a great written defense of the Jews. One of James Madison's children married a Jew. I think part of throwing off the culture of Europe was to embrace, rather than shun, the Jews. The ways of the Indians were also embraced to an extent. While the Americans did kill many Indians, and that is terrible, they still named many places by Indian names, and a segment of America was influenced by the Indian love of nature. I think we also picked up their love of tabacco and other drugs, not to mention herbal tea, tomatos, corn and other things. Non native Americans came from Europe, Africa, and some from Asia, but the country developed its uniqueness by combining all these influences, including Jewish, into a new country with a new outlook. That is why I feel so comfortable here, and can take pride in the colonial structures that still survive.

See you in the Inn!
sonny mano 

Post No. 1279
09/15/2007 03:51 AM
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inn, the first recorded typo error

was supposed to be IN but the sign maker screwed up and doubled the n
those old inns were havens for antisemitic planning to rid america of jewery. You will certainly notice theres never a menorah on the door.....a jewish inn ..not even one in all america.
.I recall one YMCA that i thought was jewish. It had the letter Y then enter on its door...Yenter...sounded jewish to me..
Von Cello 

Post No. 1278
09/14/2007 10:01 PM
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Tonight I drove an hour and a half to the oldest inn in America, the Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck, NY. In one of the rooms they have a dark oil painting of George Washington over a wooden mantel, over a fireplace. Such great Americana. I was there to meet a client. It looks like we will be getting a really cool group together for their wedding...guitar, cello, upright bass and maybe violin or woodwind doubler. I love playing good music in really nice places, especially old colonial inns with lots of personality and history.

Post No. 1277
09/14/2007 03:01 PM
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Let's Get It On......let's Get it On...

hmmmm....Erotic sheet music. Nice notes! notes
sonny mano 

Post No. 1276
09/13/2007 11:58 PM
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Post No. 1275
09/13/2007 09:22 PM
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Uncle Leahy's Band

Oh, man, that's cool....a senator who likes the Dead....what could be better? If Leahy ever runs for president....though he may be too old to....he'd certainly have my vote

And just 'cause I couldn't resist:
This is from the "faux" Wikipedia, a recent favorite site of mine:
Von Cello 

Post No. 1274
09/13/2007 05:05 PM
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Grateful Senator

From Wikipedia:

* Senator Leahy is a fan of the Grateful Dead. He has not only attended concerts, but has taped them, and has a collection of Dead tapes in his Senate Offices. Jerry Garcia visited him at his Senate offices, and the Senator gave a tie designed by Garcia to Senator Orrin Hatch (who responded by giving Leahy a Rush Limbaugh tie). Surviving band members Bob Weir and Mickey Hart have participated in fundraisers for Leahy and his Political Action Committee, the Green Mountain Victory Fund. Leahy also appeared in a videotaped tribute to the Dead when they received a lifetime achievement award at the 2002 Jammys. His Senate website notes this response to a question from seventh grade students from Vermont's Thetford Academy who asked Leahy which Dead song was his favorite, he replied: " favorite is Black Muddy River but we always play Trucking on election night at my headquarters."

Post No. 1273
09/13/2007 08:59 AM
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And Days of Auld Lang Syne......

A Happy Rosh Hashana to you all. As a Catholic, I'm enjoying the begginings of the Harvest season....the cool mornings and the even cooler nights (good for sleeping!), the apples, the local Vermont micro-brews, and just yesterday I treated myself to a homade donut with pure, Vermont maple frosting! Forget Dunkin Donuts, homade is always the way to go. Soon it's going to be Halloween, along with the chance, or promise, (or threat?) of Vermont's first snow of the season.

But back to General "a before e" Patraeus, I read today some comments upon hearing the General speak from my Senator Patrick Leahy, (Saint Michael's College Class of '61)! I think the quote accurately sums up the truth about this war, and Leahy also gives us some figures which I was not aware of:

"Six years ago our troops had cornered Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. Then the Bush Administration diverted our military resources to Iraq, and he slipped away. He remains on the loose today, and terrorism has increased worldwide," said Sen. Leahy. "Meanwhile, the war in Iraq has lasted longer than World War II, squandering hundreds of billions of U.S. tax dollars. The President wants to keep the pedal to the floor in this war, dumping the Iraq mess onto the next President's doorstep."

I am very proud to be a Vermonter right now. It's safe to say Leahy has at least one pleased constituent.
Disclaimer: I am not endorsing Leahy for anything....just quoting him from the news.

Post No. 1272
09/12/2007 07:24 PM
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Happy Holiday

A very Happy Holiday to you and your Bride. I would wish for you both, more of your dreams.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1271
09/12/2007 05:34 PM
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Rosh Hashanah

It sounds like the name of an ancient Roman general..."General Patraeus, second only to Ptolemy in the command of Caesar".

The history or the Roman occupation of Israel is a very interesting chapter that still has ramifications today. Most people don't study this time, but Orthodox Jews spend a lot of time learning about this time, since it is the time when the Talmud was written. It was also the time that led to the exile of the Jews which only ended in 1948, and some would argue, has still not completely ended.

Anyway, just some deep thoughts on the eve of the Jewish New Year.

Do you know what day was picked to celebrate Rosh Hashanah? It was the day, according to the Jewish calendar, that Adam was created! They say on Rosh HaShanah God is crowned the King of the Universe. But how could this be done until there was a man to crown him? So, God did not become a King until man was created, and that is why the New Year starts, not on the first day of creation, but the sixth! The day man was created.

(Whether or not one takes the creation of Adam literally, it is still interesting that this day was picked for this reason.)

Post No. 1270
09/12/2007 12:32 PM
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Mes-speellings in Inglish Clas

And I just found out for all interested: it's spelled General "Petraeus".

I just love those a-before-e words!

Post No. 1269
09/12/2007 10:28 AM
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Word for the Day

let's see.

Anmerica- (pronounced Anne-mare-ick-a. proper noun)

A backwards country in between The tip of Argentina of South America and the continent of Antarctica. It was discovered on the morining of 9/11/2001 by descendents of Norwiegian vikings. The tiny land-mass Anmerica, covered amost entirely by glaciers except for a few pine-leaf forests, was a perfect climate for the hardy Norwiegian neo-viking settlers. Their national bird is by no surprise the penguin, and in a startling turn of events, noted Irish Playwright Oscar Wilde (who was of course, raised by a herd of wild Anthemen) is Anmerica's first prime Minister. It should be noted that Anmerican media sucks.

All joking aside, though, my heart goes out to the 9/11 victims and their families. They will be in my prayers allways.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1268
09/12/2007 09:33 AM
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Heroes and Fools

Not only do you not know how to spell Petraus (sp?), but where, prey tell, is "Anmerica"?

The 9/11 issue is a hard one. I heard one of the people who lost someone on the radio this morning. She was almost crying and she said that it doesn't get better each year, it gets worse. I saw others on TV at the ceremony crying and holding up pictures of their loved one who was killed. There was something traumatic about that day that makes those deaths different than most others. But it is also true that many people have died since in other traumatic ways.

At first I was all behind the ceremonies, but now I am ambivilent because I don't understand any more what we are mourning. I, like many Americans, am not convinced that our government had nothing to do with it. Maybe some in our government had a hand in the attack, or at least knew about it. There are so many unanswered questions. So if that is the case, when people hold up pictures and cry, are they crying because our government betrayed us? Or is it because Muslim terrorists attacked us? Or is it because Bush diverted our army away from Bin Laden and into Iraq? It doesn't make sense to me any more.

"We are the saviours. We make the rules. We are the heroes. We are the fools".
- We Are The Saviours, Excalibur

Post No. 1267
09/12/2007 08:20 AM
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A 9/11.....well, mostly media.....rant

Von Cello wrote:

"The other problem is that the Bush administration has caused so much more death since then, and has mislead so many people, and taken so many actions that threaten the freedom of Americans (and others), that one starts to wonder why we are still mourning over 9/11. Who are we angry at? And what can we do to make things better? It's become so hard to know what's right".

Aaron, you have hit the nail on the head here, with the hammer of truth, of America's very problem. We can't let's as simple as that. (At least I think it's that simple, anyway).

9/11 was a traumatic event and of course we should not forget those people who died in the towers. But If you ask me, the 9/11 eremonies were just a distraction from America's current "obligation" if you will, to remember those who died and are still fighting, in Iraq. I keep up with George Stepanopolous and his political panel show on Sundays, and George lists the names released from the Pentagon of American soldiers who have died in the past week. This is good, but it is not enough.....we need to see and hear daily lists of our dead soldiers everyday....and what about the dead Iraqi civillians? How are we to remember them who are indeed making efforts to keep their newly-formed country safe from terrorism? As I said before, we Americans can't let go. How many years has it been since Clinton ran office and I still hear commedians doing cigar jokes! I still hear about OJ, and Princess Diana.....and the Paris Hilton debacle....didn't that all start last year or so? Hasn't she already served her time in prison? Now she's being imprisoned by an even greater authority. I think the media is partly to blame here.....they have nothing new to tell us, 'cept for maybe some weird human interest peice about, for example, a cat named Oscar in Ohio who can predict death ( that's one cool, if not morbid, feline)! As a cat lover, I say to Anmerica "Give Oscar a good home and endorse population control"!

Anyway: Paris, Libby, Rove, Gonzales, OJ, Princess Di, Recycled Clinton Jokes, Owen Wilson's suicide attempts....and a little bit on Iraq if we're's the same on the news day after day and I can't take it anymore. American media sucks.

On a side note, did anyone catch what General Patreas said regaurding the status of the Iraq War? I have not yet....nor do I know how to spell "Patreas"
sonny mano 

Post No. 1266
09/12/2007 12:55 AM
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election 08

im sure right before election '8 st will ppen to bring home the republican vote
laden on leno
im surprised how american opinion has gone from we gota getem to we gota getem home
usa thinks europes a pussy for pullin out now israel thinks usa is a pussy for wantin same
Von Cello 

Post No. 1265
09/11/2007 06:52 PM
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Interesting point. I think that is what people are wrestling with. We all still feel bad about the dead from 9/11, but for how many years can you read aloud all their names at ground zero? When is it too much?

I think society has to slowly work this out over time.

The other problem is that the Bush administration has caused so much more death since then, and has mislead so many people, and taken so many actions that threaten the freedom of Americans (and others), that one starts to wonder why we are still mourning over 9/11. Who are we angry at? And what can we do to make things better? It's become so hard to know what's right.

And that is what I wrote about in my song six years ago:

"Lost in the dark, waiting for the light. Feelings of loss, wondering what's right".
sonny mano 

Post No. 1264
09/11/2007 03:50 PM
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twin towers 2 similar tow trucks

but more people die every year from car accidents
old age
pollution related illnesses
do we moarn the dead or the way they died?
Von Cello 

Post No. 1263
09/11/2007 12:04 PM
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Here we are at the 6th anniversary of the attack on 9/11 and people still don't seem to know what to think. There have been very few songs written about it. I wrote one about a month after. It still seems relevent. It is on the CD Excalibur and it is called, "We Are The Saviours". You can hear a clip from it here:

The song is about not knowing what to think or what to do. Six years later many of us are still in this position.

Post No. 1262
09/10/2007 07:34 PM
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Holy Plagerism, Batman! (though, is it plagerism If I wasn't aware a kosher breakfast cereal actually existed)?

How about "Cell-O's"? They're stringaliscous! And part of a balanced concerto.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1261
09/10/2007 01:49 PM
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Kosher O's Exist!


Post No. 1260
09/10/2007 11:39 AM
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Yeah, I'd like to see more pictures as well....what do these New Jersey sushi bars look like, Aaron? And did you take any photos during the Yankees game?

As for the "Jewliscous talk" sonny mano reffered to.....I figure you've got that one covered.

Hey Kids! Tired of your boring, old cardboard-like oat rings for breakfast? Why not try Kosher-O's? Yes, Kosher-O's: lox-flavoured bits of manna with OUTRAGEOUS marshmellow shapes from the TORAH! Little temples, scrolls, frogs, yarmulkas, shofars and wailing walls! AWESOME!!! KOSHER-O's: They're Jewwwww-liscous!

And not to be out-done:

Try new Roman Catholic-O's: bread-and-wine and fish-flavored wheat crosses with marshmallow shapes from the Post-Vatican II common mass: chalices, hosts, Gregorian chants, and holy rosaries. Yes, Roman Catholic-O's: they're cruuuuucifixous!
sonny mano 

Post No. 1259
09/10/2007 09:27 AM
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lost in ner space

Ok back to it again
readin here daily
waitin on new vc fotos
more jewlicious talk
clases ingles garantizado murcia

Post No. 1258
09/09/2007 07:04 PM
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The Laughter Never Stopped

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