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Von Cello 

Post No. 2557
02/12/2009 09:53 PM
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It's now official. The site has been launched!

Along with the launch of the site, a million emails have been sent (to subscribers) and 1000 faxes to the media!

Buy the book and tell your friends!
Von Cello 

Post No. 2556
02/12/2009 09:51 PM
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Le Tango

I'll take your word for it What do I know? I'm just the cello player! LOL!

Post No. 2555
02/12/2009 01:36 PM
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Looks like cumparsita = little parade.
Steve can be our authority on spanish translation
Von Cello 

Post No. 2554
02/12/2009 09:07 AM
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La Campasita

Got that name wrong. It's La Campasita, which I think means the Little Country Girl.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2553
02/11/2009 04:26 PM
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La Campursita

Hey TJ glad to hear from you. That middle section is actually from La Campursita. I know it sounds a bit like Hernando's. I've been playing tangos for years on clubdates so I got this idea of combining a tango with a rock tune and it seemed the perfect groove for a song about a belly button ring. I also mixed in a middle eastern groove, so it conjures up a hot Hispanic or Middle Eastern girl dancing around with scarves. The video is pure fun. It has the feel of an early Beatles flick.

Post No. 2552
02/11/2009 09:57 AM
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Cute video.
Do you pay royalties to Hernando's Hideaway?
Von Cello 

Post No. 2551
02/10/2009 04:37 PM
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Yosemite Sam

Hey thanks for the mention! I found out from my sister that you also posted the new Von Cello video on Facebook. Cool! That's how she found out about it!

Hey Neal, if you're still around, I sent a link for the video to Farley. He responded and said he's going to see Robert soon. I guess there's a "Canarsie West" scene out there in California.

One of the songs on Celtar was actually written in Yosemite Park! True story. I took a hike there the year I saw you. During the hike I decided to try to write a song. I thought I would write something about communing with nature but what spilled out of me was a song about an older woman with a younger man called, "You Took Advantage of Me". I guess it makes sense because about twenty years earlier I went to Yosemite with a girl who was a few years older than me. Being back there must have brought back subconscious memories. Anyway, its a fun song.
G O D 

Post No. 2550
02/10/2009 10:26 AM
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Von Cello 

Post No. 2549
02/09/2009 11:44 AM
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Celtar page is ready

Check out the Celtar page on this site:

It has a description of the CD and a link to listen to and buy audio clips.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2548
02/08/2009 09:20 PM
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Belly Button Ring!

Ladies and Gentlemen - the Von Cello Video!

G O D 

Post No. 2547
02/08/2009 03:38 AM
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land 4 peace is like sex for virginity

i was on kibbutz haogen sec half 82..ein dor mizra also.. march 82 until may 83

most jews american s american back then saw israel like a sports team .they supported it but never saw living there as allowed for them.. eliminating the sauna of you favorite team in order to get a better team was no sweat for far away..if ani israeli had said to those american jews , lets give away your swimming pool to help aleviate poverty in your city,theyd have said no way.. they saw no value in someone elses land.totally disconnected..
Von Cello 

Post No. 2546
02/07/2009 09:17 PM
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Sitting cross legged on the floor

That was a great post. I could just see the scene there at the Kibbutz with people from around the world. And I could feel the passions. Yet, as you said, the people remained friends and shared their feelings.

So are you saying that it was these experiences in Israel that have made you so sympathetic?

You still didn't say why you are a Christian. As in the kibbutz, anything can be said here. If it is just a deep feeling of faith, then that is your right. If it is just keeping continuity with your family history that is fine too. Maybe you have intellectual reasons. Or maybe you see it as a positive force in the world. Unlike that guy Phil who I quoted below, you don't wear it on your shoulder and you don't seem to have an agenda that you are pushing. So I would be curious as to what makes you identify that way knowing what you know.

Meanwhile on my video response to the Penn & Teller youtube video called, "The Bible is Bullshit" I have quite a heated debate (if you can call it that, with a few devout atheists). As you experienced, these are people who don't want to get distracted by the facts or blinded by the truth.

Post No. 2545
02/07/2009 07:30 PM
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This guestbook

Here I drop down in front of the pc after a rehearsal of the Brahms clarinet trio (ah, one of my all time favourite chambre music pieces, by maybe my favourite chambre music composer!)- and yes, this whole exchange of thoughts is too interesting to let pass by. In fact, even after the Brahms reh. we talked about religion, but with two convinced atheists/evolutionists with little or no room for religion as such, it wasn't much of a real "exchange".

You know, that's it! I enjoy the discussions here in the guestbook! I miss those! They remind me of my kibbutz time, second half of '82 and all of 1988 and some, we had those fierce discussions about religion and politics and the big why of the Holocaust and can we occupy the disputed territories and ... We, i.e., any mix that happened to find themselves together of young kibbutznikim, most of them of course in or about to join or just after army, and ulpan students and volunteers from literally all over the globe. The great thing I will always remember is that anything could be discussed and yet we still sat together around the campfire or in someone's room or in the mo'addon. Among us, we had views ranging from one bizarre to the other!
For example, I remember (setting: winter '88, ulpan students together plus me only non-Jew) this Argentinian Jewish ulpan student (his family name ... was the name of one of the most horrible concentration camps in Poland ... shivers) and he said: "For peace with the Palestinians, we should give up the disputed territories, give back East-Jerusalem, in fact, I wouldnot even object if we gave up all of Jerusalem." To this very day I can still see and hear him sitting there saying that! I was flabbergasted, I didnot know where to start objecting to that last bit, and who was I to obejct, I wasnot a even a Jew, so I kept my mouth shut but my eyebrows must have got stuck raised up for 15 minutes! All of Jerusalem, eyze ghutzpah!
Or my Hebrew teacher - she was 80, still spoke 7 languages, she was an extremely open minded person - esp. given her age, and with her experience, 1948, all the following wars, having fought cancer, become a widow, she said we needed to negotiate with Arafat (I'd given up already in '82). I found her courageous. Me, I couldnot even look at his picture in the JPost. She defended her position with arguments of logic. So I, with my limited Hebrew, had to, as well!
But even for her there were limits. My German fellow student-trainee (think referring to '82 Lebanon invasion) once remarked to her that (Israeli) Jews "should know better 'cs they had suffered in the Holocaust themselves". To which she quipped: "as a German you should be the last one to bring that up".

Of course, it wasn't only politics, hey, we weren't activists or so, but back in those times, we - Israeli's and non-Israeli's alike - weren't yet as fed up and tired with discussing the "matzav" as we all are now. But then, given the (first) Lebanon invasion of July '82, the massive protests against it after the Sabra and Shatilla mess up by the christian falangists, the start of the (first) intifada in Dec. 1987, wounded soldiers coming back to the kibbutz on leave, people being stoned on buses while travelling through the Westbank to Jerusalem - all this and religion was foremost on our minds quite often.
Living there, you could simply not afford to NOT have an opinion, and you'd better know 100% why you held the one you held, 'cs you'd be grilled for it left and right so to say. All in respect for each others' opinions and traditions, in some atmosphere of a certain friendship (gosh, none of us had a penny, no cell phones, no tv's, no laptops, no mail, no chat, those were the days, probably that made a difference as well ...).
Von Cello 

Post No. 2544
02/07/2009 02:03 PM
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Christians for Moses?

LN, you are certainly unique in my experience. You see beyond the mistakes of Christianity, such as "replacement theology". You see the problems with the Vatican and the over organizing of the Church. You support Israel against its Muslim opponents. I just wonder why you are a Christian at all. Have you ever considered becoming a Noachide? Or just being a person with no religious affiliation who is interested in the Bible and supports the Jewish people?

I can understand you not wanting to discuss the money changers if you don't know enough about it. Actually that is a smart approach. So many people discuss things they don't know anything about. I find especially that many people out there put down Judaism, or lump it in with other religions and then put down "religion" as if all religions were the same. Those people would do a better service to the world to talk less and learn more. But just from a logical point of view, doesn't it seem that grabbing a whip and physically attacking people is not the best way to show that you are a "holy" person? In this episode Jesus seems to be more like Mohammed than the Jesus we usually see. I find it odd that the authors of the NT would have included this story as it really pokes a hole in the concept of Jesus being perfect.

About Hitler - you are right that he was not a Christian. He was coming from the New Age movement. That website is very enlightening about the Thule Society, Madame Blavatsky, and the whole concept that humanity must move beyond the "Judeo-Christian" ideas about God and morality into a "New Age". But also on that website we see that the New Age movement portrays Jesus as Maitreya, a god who is necessary and powerful for the future of humanity. Yet they portray the "Jewish" God as evil and representing a force (and a people) that must be destroyed for the world to advance into the New Age. So, even if Hitler was not a Christian, he still was part of a group that cast Jesus and his followers in a good light, and God and His followers in a bad light.

Hitler also led a Christian nation. He led a nation that had been taught the concept that God could become a man. In fact, Jesus is said to be an example of God becoming a man. This is a major move away from the Jewish idea that God could never become a man; that He is unknowable and "unseeable". The Christian mindset allowed the Christian Germans to accept the idea that Hitler was God. They prayed to him, they worshipped him, they took oaths to live and die in service to him. It was not that hard to move their allegience from the god-man Jesus to the god-man Hitler.

Jews recoil at the idea of any man saying he is God. That is why Hitler felt he had to destroy the Jews. Jews are programmed to never accept such a thing. Christians, apparently, are programmed to easily move from one god-man to another. That is why Christians are not seen as a threat to the New Age movement. Neither are Muslims. They believe in total "submission" to God. If you can convince them that Hitler is God, boom, they will submit to him! But Jews are taught to never submit to anyone! That is why the Jews are the perennial threat to the establishment, and why in every generation there are those who seek to rid the world once and for all of the Jews.

So, I wonder why you would not join with the Jews, not as a Christian, but as a free thinking human being who sees the value of keeping alive the concept of free thinking and the people who represent it. You don't have to answer these questions, but I am expressing what goes through my mind when I think about you. In any case, you have definitely opened some doors of thought and perception for me, especially regarding the "Rainbow Swastika", which is more than I can say about most people. Thanks!

Post No. 2543
02/06/2009 05:54 PM
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First of all, of course the money changers were in the Temple, in Jerusalem! What was I thinking?

To start with the easy Q and working back: I grew up attending a mainstream protestant church, but donot identify with it anymore for several reasons. For now I'll just repeat what I referred to some months ago - that thanks to the bible studies ago with a Jewish lady, my and my family's eyes were opened to this whole replacement theology thing, something that even still is anchored in the very documents that are read when a child is baptised in our churches. Texts which have never been corrected, which I think is hypocritical behaviour from the church(es): they (even the RC church, think of the Vatican's Nostra Aetate in the 1960's) donot officially state anymore that the church has taken the place of the Jewish people, that the church is "spiritual" Israel, but - they haven't cleaned up all the references in the official documents! Personally, I think the institute "church" can become too "institutional", too powerful, the extreme of which one sees in the RC church, or the Vatican as almost an empire in itself and the Pope being "infallible". All this over-organising can easily take away from what is really going on between us as a human beings and God, our Creator.

It is true that before discussing, we'd need to have some consensus about whether we consider the NT translation as we have it now is historically accurate. I remember there have been attempts to "undo" its hellenistic influences (after all most of it was written in Greek) and consequently reverse-engineer into Hebrew from there. Also, there are several books by Pinchas Lapide in which he explains many passages where misunderstandings and lack of knowledge of Jewish tradition have influenced the translators and obscured the original texts. I think what needs to be studied, too, is all the references to the OT in what Jesus said.

Yes, christians are raised to see Jesus as perfect. Because they believe He is the Son of God, so He could not sin. So what happened in the Temple must have been really really upsetting. Here I found some comments on the money changer affair, but this is just one of many, many discussions about it. I refer to it, because right now, I feel I donot yet know enough to discuss it.

Von Cello wrote: Did he strengthen Judaism and bring more people into the Jewish fold? In fact, he did the opposite. He created a schism that still plagues Jews to this day. His followers became the ones who launched the Crusades and the Inquisition. Not to mention the Holocaust. Jesus himself said you will know a man "by his fruits". Boy, those are some fruits!

Wait-wait! You go too fast. Hitler who launched the Holocaust a.o. may have referred to Luther's anti-semitic writings, but one cannot say that he was a follower of Jesus. Check out Hannah Newman's analyses for more on the background of nazi racist thinking. Yes, there were many people who went to church on Sundays and called themselves christians and yet didnot have the courage to stand up for the rights of the Jews and save their lives, and we're talking Germans and Dutch and many European nationalities. On the other hand, most of those who did, did so based on their christian faith. At least, as far as I have read of Dutch people involved in hiding Jews.

What about my first Q, from the first of the three posts, In retrospect?

Fight Canarsie and atheism? 'um, we need to fight Jihad first! Seriously. That's one war where we need weapons like words of logic, facts, reason and truth. That's a war we can, no, must fight together. Btw, whatever happened to Edward? Edward, are you still here?
Von Cello 

Post No. 2542
02/06/2009 09:00 AM
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Grateful Tai Building

Last night I played one of my more unusual gigs. I was part of a lecture on the connection between the Grateful Dead, Tai Chi, and Green Building.

The speaker (and guitarist/singer) is the owner of a Green construction company, who also is a Tai Chi master, and a Dead Head! He spoke for two hours at a loft in the East Village right near Cooper Union. The "audience" were members of a discussion group that has been around for a few decades. They are kind of like a group of high school kids who hang out and get into really cool discussions about "cosmic things", except that they are all graduates of uniiversities and are all experts in something or other.

More later ...
Von Cello 

Post No. 2541
02/04/2009 11:17 PM
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LN, thanks for your great links.

As to your comments, hmmm ...

Well, I do appreciate the way you approach things. You seem to be intellectually honest and not pushing an agenda like the guy below. I am curious about how you define yourself in terms of if you belong to a particular sect, or however else you would explain it.

Your comment that there may have been some problems in the synagogue is reasonable. For one thing, there were no synagogues when Jesus was alive. The actual Temple still stood and according to the NT (New Testament) Jesus was criticizing the Temple authorities. I guess it would be in a way like criticizing the Pope today.

Let me also say that I don't believe we can trust that the NT is giving us an unbiased account of Jesus. It was indeed edited by the Romans in the Council of Nicea, and all other versions were destroyed. So who knows what was changed or what other evidence was destroyed. But for the sake of this conversation let's say it is accurate.

What is the proper way for a Jew to criticize the authorities running the Temple? Is it to call them a "den of Satan", "vipers" and other terms that the NT quotes from the mouth of Jesus? Is it to go with a bullwhip and attack people who were doing business in front of the Temple? Suppose someone today did that on Wall Street ... just took out a whip and started attacking bankers ... hey, that might not be a bad idea! But seriously, what if someone didn't like what you do for a living? Does that give them the right to whip you in public?

Christians are raised to see Jesus as perfect. But from a Jewish perspective the way he handled his differences with the Temple establishment are way out of bounds. They do not seem to Jews to be the actions and words of a holy person, let alone God. And what was the result? Did he strengthen Judaism and bring more people into the Jewish fold? In fact, he did the opposite. He created a schism that still plagues Jews to this day. His followers became the ones who launched the Crusades and the Inquisition. Not to mention the Holocaust. Jesus himself said you will know a man "by his fruits". Boy, those are some fruits!

The good news is that there are Christians today who are admitting to these problems and seeking real solutions to create solidarity with Jews. Let's hope that continues. Then together we can fight the atheists like Canarsie!

Post No. 2540
02/04/2009 04:38 PM
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Still chewing

Von Cello wrote:

After all, the justification as to why Jesus had to come in the first place is that the Jews did not properly execute their function as the people of God. This right there is an attack to the jugular of Judaism. The image of Jesus as the loving peace maker does not take into account the fact, according to the New Testament, that he also insulted the leaders of Israel, called Jewish sages a "den of Satan", whipped the money changers, and did several other things that were hostile and disrespectful. Now a Christian would argue that all of those things were good and Jesus knew better than the people he attacked. But a Jew would disagree. So right from the start Christianity is on some level an attack on Judaism.

Still digesting. Seems to me you overlook some things. Thinking out loud, for a start: apart from who Jesus was and what He did and how and why, there might have been things going wrong in the synagogue, just like now we criticise the Pope, for example, or criticised the World Council of Churches for not speaking up against Russian communist atrocities in the 1970s, 1980s, or criticise imams for racist language in the mosques?

Post No. 2539
02/04/2009 04:26 PM
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What can we do about christianity being an attack on Judaism?

Aargh! In the first place, I think this whole bad idea of the replacement theology (in short: after the Jewish people - but not all of them, as is often forgotten - rejected Jesus being the Messiah, God's promises to them no longer count and have been transferred to "the church", i.e. the christians, which now forms the "new Israel"; most every mention in the OT of Jerusalem and Israel is spiritualised and a host of other strange teachings) has to be declared false officially by protestant churches and the Vatican.

If you study the history of the early church, one of the first theologians who was really hostile to the Jews was Marcion (2nd century theologian). Many years ago I followed a seminar on the roots of anti-semitism - I should find my notes (I first heard of Marcion there).

However, hey, not to defend the protestants or the christians, just to keep in mind, all through protestant church history there have always been those (few) who took the prophecies literally and believed that Jews would return to Israel. Just the other day I read about some: Dutch theologians and pastors who lived in the 17th and 18th century.

Post No. 2538
02/04/2009 03:57 PM
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In retrospect

No, I am not at all surprised by antisemitism coming from the Vatican. Unfortunately so. Neither am I saying that the protestant churches are clean. There is much to be ashamed of. I could write a long post.

I wrote unbelievable because I cannot understand that the Pope, as a German (and he was a teenager during WWII) rehabilitated this very bishop - and why esp. now? To put fuel on the anti-semitism on the rise? What agenda is behind this? A mere mistake? You don't revoke something overlooking the fact why it was installed in the first place. Did it happen in his name, was it organised by people who advised him? Then what was their agenda? A lot of German "flak" here:

As for your last post, Aaron what do you mean exactly by After all, the justification as to why Jesus had to come in the first place is that the Jews did not properly execute their function as the people of God. , or rather, is this what christians tell you or christian theology or do you refer to some passage in the NT? Just curious.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2537
02/04/2009 03:00 PM
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By the way, the Vatican pardoning a Holocaust denying priest is not unbelievable to me. The more you know about what really goes on behind the scenes, the more this constant negativity toward Israel and the Jews makes sense. On some level the very foundation of Christianity is anti-Jewish. After all, the justification as to why Jesus had to come in the first place is that the Jews did not properly execute their function as the people of God. This right there is an attack to the jugular of Judaism. The image of Jesus as the loving peace maker does not take into account the fact, according to the New Testament, that he also insulted the leaders of Israel, called Jewish sages a "den of Satan", whipped the money changers, and did several other things that were hostile and disrespectful.

Now a Christian would argue that all of those things were good and Jesus knew better than the people he attacked. But a Jew would disagree. So right from the start Christianity is on some level an attack on Judaism.

Thankfully there are Christians who have moved beyond this low levell of thinking and have embraced Israel and the Jews. But the fact that there are others who have not, including high level leaders, does not surprise me at all. It is sad, but it is nothing new. The question of what can we do about it ... that is the hard one to answer.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2536
02/04/2009 01:07 PM
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Morally Blind

This one is also good, about the moral blindness of several leaders when it comes to Israel:

Post No. 2535
02/04/2009 09:54 AM
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A bit off track - although after the unbelievable recent action of the Pope (followed by an even more unbelievable excuse, see here ) we better keep a close eye on the Vatican's intentions - this is an interesting article
"Vatican and Israeli libraries publish detailed catalogue of Vatican's Hebrew manuscripts."
Von Cello 

Post No. 2534
02/04/2009 07:53 AM
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Coffee Talk

That was a cup of New Orleans French Roast coffee! I thought it would look "authorly" if I was wearing a sweater and drinking coffee. If it was about ten or twenty years ago I'd probably have had a cigarette or a pipe. Yeah, a pipe, like you used to always see with guys like Sigmund Freud, Hugh Hefner, and Pablo Casals!

What ever happened to that whole pipe thing? I even had an old German Jewish doctor when I was a kid who smoked a pipe. That used to be a sign of intellectual authority. Now, I never see anyone smoking a pipe.

But that was the idea ... to really get into the author head. A little different than the Von Cello persona. But then again, isn't that part of the Von Cello idea ... to never get put in a box. "You are this." Nope. Now I'm that!
G O D 

Post No. 2533
02/04/2009 05:54 AM
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still here. saw you on youtube in your new vids on your book..
very nice job and whats that you were drinkng?

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