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Von Cello 

Post No. 1032
06/09/2007 11:58 AM
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The video is of a lecture with a scientist about what appears to be strong evidence that there was once advanced life on Mars. We're talking human-like life. There are some faces carved into the landscape that look exactly like real human faces, not something just similar to a face. There are also other structures that cannot be explained except by someone building them.

I'm surprised this hasn't become a bigger news story. I suppose this lecture and the pictures could be a hoax, but it looks real. I guess no one is interested enough to look, or if they looked to talk about it.

So, back on earth...
Von Cello 

Post No. 1031
06/08/2007 01:05 AM
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Now what will you do?

Why not watch the video at the link I posted. It is a hell of a lot more interesting than Bob Barker!
sonny mano 

Post No. 1030
06/08/2007 12:35 AM
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wasnt he in our class?

Von Cello 

Post No. 1029
06/06/2007 12:14 PM
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Holy life forms Batman!!!

Now THIS is really weird! Check this out everyone, and let me know what you think.

Von Cello 

Post No. 1028
06/06/2007 09:46 AM
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Where's Von Cello?

We may have a gig at the end of July in Connecticut. We have one in June in Manhattan but its a private party. Then there is the Yankee game Star Spangled Banner but that is Aug. 29th. But things tend to pop up, so stay in touch. My main focus right now is on the CD.
sonny mano 

Post No. 1027
06/06/2007 12:58 AM
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Von Cello 

Post No. 1026
06/05/2007 02:15 PM
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Recording and talking and talking and...

Edward, glad to hear you are doing creative and important things. I grew up around a community theater. My parents started "The Redwood Players", which did shows in my home town, Canarsie. Many week nights in my childhood our house was filled with people in every corner rehearsing scenes from shows, discussing movements, etc. Down in the basement would be my grandfather working with some of the men producing scenery. Others helped out by making programs, doing mailings, etc. And all of it was done for the love of it. No one made a penny! (Maybe that's where I learned that art does not always equal money.)

As for Von Cello art, ex. Celtar CD, it has been moving foward. The keyboardist tends to have a busy schedule playing with such folks as Jaimo from the Allman Brothers. I tend to get busy too with gigs on weekends, so we don't meet as often as I would like. And then when we do meet, we often get into these long ranging discussions about religion and politics that can go on most of the night! I guess it's good that we find each other so interesting, but we keep saying that "next time, no talking!" So, hopefully we can wrap this up during the summer. There are some amazing sounds we are coming up with, especially with only acoustic cello, piano and Hammond B3 organ (and vocals of course).

I will send out an email to the list about all that has been happening, but I am updating the list, so it will be a few more weeks before I can get a letter out.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1025
06/05/2007 09:08 AM
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Pepsi Generation

I come from the time before there were letters for generations. I think we were the Pepsi least that's how the Pepsi company portrayed it. More later...

Post No. 1024
06/04/2007 06:21 PM
Email eaburke81  go to the Homepage of eaburke81
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A "Vision" Eternity

Hello VC - I'm not Andy of course, but I'm also someone you have not heard from in a while. I read your previous post and I loved something you said:

"We were a collection of middle to upper class kids who saw life through the prism of humor. We had dreams of being rock stars, or jazz artists, or some kind of media so and so...getting "out there" and "doing it". I don't think anyone's life turned out the way we planned, but hey, that's life"!

I hope you know I share this youthfull vision...this hasn't dissapeared entirely in the minds of today's youth (though I'm not quite a "youth" anymore....I believe I am part of "Generation X", while kids younger than me are "Generation Y"? I lost count somehwere in the mid-nineties....needless to say, I'm going to be twenty-six this September, and all these i-pods and camera phones, and cell-phone-ear-atachements, are making me feel very old.)

Anyway, I too have dreams of a life fueled by creativity and the arts, and i basically am fulfilling that dream though my community theater. I have developed my own, orginal show with the company about growing up with, and learning to live with, a dissability, and I've been performing it to high school students around Vermont. Knowledge is, as they say, is power. To my way of thinking, Knowledge presented through the arts is much stronger.
Ont he music sid of things, I have been accompanying my accordion-playing director at a few gigs in a funky bakery/deli venue located in a town a few miles down the road from Burlington. (Unfortunately they do not serve bialys otherwise I would have gladly tried one by now as per your reccomendation).

So, things have been going good and artfull for me, can't complain.
Have you started work on the "Celtar" album? I await future Von Cello projects with great anticipation.

All the best, Edward
Von Cello 

Post No. 1023
06/04/2007 12:23 PM
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Blast from the past

Andy, I forgot to ask about you! What have you been up to? You are one of those people I always wondered what happened to. It's hard to believe those days are so far behind us.

How have things changed? Back then people were still into jazz. Today you almost never hear about kids being into jazz. Manhattan was a place with a lot of cheap apartments and a lot of people were living the Bohemian lifestyle. On the other hand, there was a lot of crime. In fact, when I left for the summer, you stayed in the apartment with Pete Brainin, and you guys got robbed. I remember coming back and seeing this graffiti scralled across the wall in my living room that said, "Thanks for your shit white Jew boy". Wow, how the city has changed!

Politically, Reagan was president and there was optimism and a lot of flag waving in the air. By the same token there was a lot of anger at the illegal support for the Contras, the arms for hostages scandel with Iran, and other great Reagan moves. Crack was starting to come into the cities, and rap was just starting to emerge. Guys would walk down the streets with those big radios blasting. They were called "Boom Boxes". It's hard to believe that that is all gone now.

We were a collection of middle to upper class kids who saw life through the prism of humor. We had dreams of being rock stars, or jazz artists, or some kind of media so and so...getting "out there" and "doing it". I don't think anyone's life turned out the way we planned, but hey, that's life!

Von Cello 

Post No. 1022
06/03/2007 12:14 PM
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Ohmigod! It's my one time roomate, and old friend Andy Z! I haven't heard from you in decades! What a great surprise!

Andy, guess what? You, yes YOU are also on my site! Go to this page:

Then look for "Famous Minsky Tapes 7" and listen to an audio clip of your famous hit, "Son of Sam"! It is followed by a long verbal jam with you and me and Barry, Tom, and others from the old Manhattan crew.

Here is a bit of your lyrics:

Son of Sam. Viet Nam.
Son of Sam. Viet Nam.
LSD. Shooting Spree.
Son of Sam. Viet Nam.

Ah yes...were truer words ever sung? !:

Send me an email and I'll put you on the Von Cello email list. Who knows...maybe we can perform Son of Sam and other hits somewhere...on Youtube if nowhere else!

Post No. 1021
06/03/2007 10:46 AM
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Aaron you nut. I just saw you play the star spangled banner on youtube. I am touched by your patriotism. Glad to see you're still at it! Best, Andy Z.

P.S. Perry Como forever!!!!!!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1020
06/01/2007 05:11 PM
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The Show Must Go On

It's too bad you will miss it! I would change the date if I could, but the Yankees said this is the date they want. The good news is that they tape the shows, so I should be able to get a video!

Hopefully they'll be something else you can see over the summer. I may have a gig in Connecticut in July. It is being discussed.

I just found out I will also be doing a benefit for an organization called Afghan Hands. It sells scarfs and things made by Afghani widows and raises money to help them learn how to defend themselves legally from abuse. It is run by Matin...the make up artist for celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Jessica Simpson.

This is a perfect example of how I operate. While I support Israel and argue against many of the attitudes and actions that come out of the Islamic world, I still am happy to perform for a benefit for Muslim women. The fact that I disagree with aspects of an ideology is not going to stop me from helping individuals within that group.
sonny mano 

Post No. 1019
06/01/2007 02:01 PM
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o no

but im flying to spain aug 21
sonny mano 

Post No. 1018
06/01/2007 01:58 PM
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o no

but im flying to spain aug 21
Von Cello 

Post No. 1017
06/01/2007 01:13 PM
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Yankees Von Cello

It's official! Von Cello will play the national anthem, on electric cello, for the Staten Island Yankees (farm team of the N.Y. Yankees) on August 29th at 7:00!

Tickets go on sale tomorrow!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1016
05/31/2007 11:50 AM
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Von Dead

Hundreds of web pages that mention Von Cello and the Grateful Dead!

Could it be a sign?
sonny mano 

Post No. 1015
05/31/2007 02:18 AM
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youre dead
Von Cello 

Post No. 1014
05/30/2007 05:07 PM
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Open minded

Okay, I'll accept the charge of being open minded.

Sometimes I think the world really divides between two kinds of people: open minded, and close minded. That is probably the greatest divide of all.
sonny mano 

Post No. 1013
05/30/2007 02:09 PM
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If you could prove to me that there never was a Jewish homeland in the land of Israel, and that all of the Bibles in the world have been falsified, and that there never was a Holocaust, and that the Jews were not given the land by the United Nations...THEN, sure, I would say the Jews should leave. Id have to assasinate you first cause even if I believed these facts id deny them cause if it does come down to sheer survival, i vote its us not them.under nocondition even theoretical would i say wat u said...jews should other woeds u r open minded about jews being right to be in israel . Im closed minded...
Von Cello 

Post No. 1012
05/30/2007 01:52 PM
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Right as rain

I do not think Israel is right all the time. First of all, what do you mean by Israel? If you are talking about their government, I think they make mistakes like anyone else. In fact, I do not like a lot of things about the current government. But I still support Israel's right to exist and to live in peace.

If you could prove to me that there never was a Jewish homeland in the land of Israel, and that all of the Bibles in the world have been falsified, and that there never was a Holocaust, and that the Jews were not given the land by the United Nations...THEN, sure, I would say the Jews should leave.

But, since all of those things are true, they should stay. Furthermore, the Arabs should be good neighbors and make peace with Israel. It would benefit all of them. Could you imagine the kind of money the middle east could generate if the Arabs with their oil went into partnerships with the Jewish businessmen and accountants of Israel?

But the Arabs would rather fight about things some guy said 1,500 years ago! And that is the problem.
sonny mano 

Post No. 1011
05/30/2007 11:06 AM
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and fortunately your side is by cooincidence ..RIGHT always right ..however many israelis dont agree with their country always and say israel is abadboy but still are israeli.. You thinkisrael is RIGHT but u r american.

my big Qis wouldusay wereturn land if u saw facts that proved israel wrong? imagine this for a moment...israel cannot dependon being right always..sometimesa country jusneeds to take from a weaker one wat it needs ....
Von Cello 

Post No. 1010
05/30/2007 10:41 AM
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Justify me baby!

Well that's intersting. I thought you were criticizing me for favoring one group over another, and now you are saying that that is what you do! So were you just trying to push me into being like you?

I would not support Israel if I thought they were wrong. I am not the type to support "my team" right or wrong. It reminds me of the people who, during the Vietnam War, used to say, "My country right or wrong". Or the ones who used to say, " it or leave it". I was not one of them. I thought we were wrong to be over there and I thought our government was wrong to be forcing kids to go there and fight and die.

In the case of Israel, the country was established by the United Nations. How more "legitimate" can you get? As for the "West Bank" and Gaza...they were won in a defensive war. Israel was attacked and the attackers lost land. Almost no country in the world gives up land it wins in war, especially defensive war. These are just some of the reasons I support Israel. Other reasons include the fact that all the Jews in Israel want to do is live in their country in peace, but many of the Arabs around them believe it is God's will to kill other people. I cannot support that. If they really wanted peace with Israel it could happen tomorrow.

So, yes, I only support those causes that I feel are justified.
sonny mano 

Post No. 1009
05/30/2007 12:45 AM
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blind loyalty

i side with my side the israelis cause im ajew and i want to win. Im not interested in thinking fairly. Even if israel were wrong id deny it and continue siding with israel I ADMIT IT. but u seem to need justificayion..What would u do if israel were proven to be wrong? would you side with the other guys? would you say we pay the piper? I would deny and spin the facts always to my teams advantage. screw justification .I say israel is right cause im ajew and i havent even seen the facts. do u need the facts to feel ok about being pro israel? If god camedown and said israel were wrong id deny it and spin the facts my way...youd say well,we must leave are the say what facts? gods wrong.. no suicide pill for marcus..
Von Cello 

Post No. 1008
05/29/2007 06:23 PM
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You keep changing the focus of the debate. Are we talking about individuals or movements? If we are talking about individuals then, of course, there are good Arabs. There are even great Arabs. But if you we talking about movements, or groups, then I side with Israel over the Arabs. How about you? Which group do you side with? Or do you feel each side equally deserves your support?

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