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Post No. 1107
07/19/2007 08:45 AM
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Buzz-off, bee!

Perosnally, If I was to have a vision of the almighty, (I belive the term for that is "theophany"?) I would want God to take the shape of a penguin. (my favorite animal). Yes, either that or a female drummer!

Other forms I wouldn't mind seeing God as in a vision...
Italian chef
Jim Morrison back from the dead
Bob Marley back from the dead
Jerry Garcia " "
Helen Hunt
Alanis Morrisette

I'm sure I'll find a topic that relatets to something one of these days...untill then, you're just gonna have to take what I give you.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1106
07/18/2007 11:37 PM
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Be a Bee

I know why those bees were following you. It's obvious. It was God saying , "I shall bee as I shall bee".

Post No. 1105
07/18/2007 06:32 PM
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Von Cello wrote:
"Next step is to add some vocals of the female persuasion and drums".

Now drummers of the female persuasion, on the other hand, can attack me whenever they want. Caroline Corr is one such an example of a sexy, AND talented female drummer.

I'm sure "Honk..." will benefit from the added percussion punch, and that the final mix of the CD will be awesome.

Post No. 1104
07/18/2007 06:23 PM
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Your reccomended daily dose of random....

Today I was attacked, or I thought was being attacked, by three bees in three separate incidents, all within an hour of each other while making my way home from work. One was a small honey bee, the second was a big bumble bee, the third was a nasty-as-hell hornet who apparently has a nest in my apartment's vinyl siding. I had nothing sweet or food-like in my lunch bag that I was carrying- I had eaten it all earlier in the day, so I don't think the bees were attracted to that. I was carrying a raincoat as well, but I've never heard of bees being attracted to water-proof outerwear. I've heard bees can be attracted to human sweat, but it was not that humid today. I have no idea what these bees coulda been after, but they sure liked the air around me and it freaked me out! Now I don't know know if I'm allergic to bees, but I don't want to find out the hard way. I tell ya....the way they hover around just know they're plotting something evil. I am convinced that bees are part of some vicious animal conspiracy. Also, if bees are edible, I would guess they are probably not kosher....maniacal little buzzing bastards!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1103
07/18/2007 02:08 PM
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We finished the first phase of mixing on the Von Cello CD, Celtar! We had a lot of fun working on "You Had To Honk" last night. That song was premiered on WWPV, Vermont by yours truly. But on the CD we added angry voices and traffic noise. It's hillarious. Although Johnny Chang said that the song would actually work to increase road rage and anger...especially if it was played on the radio. He said the new CD should be called, "Von Cello: increasing anger and rage"!

Next step is to add some vocals of the female persuasion and drums. Hopefully we can at least get that done by summer's end. Then we go to the final mixing and mastering. And then to replication. This will be the 4th Von Cello CD. It's starting to become a trend.

I got an email from Italy. Someone there ordered my three CDs. Then he emailed to say that he writes for a rock magazine over there and would like to interview me. So it won't belong before you hear people in Italy saying, "Hey! What's a matta you? You no lika Von Cello?!"
Von Cello 

Post No. 1102
07/16/2007 09:59 AM
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Yo! I be God!

It is interesting when you get into the minutia (sp?) of the Bible. To me, that is the most enjoyable aspect of it. Whether or not it is TRUE is something that will be debated forever, but irrespective of that, there is still much one can learn from studying it.

I went to my Orthodox Jewish Bible published by Art Scroll. It gives traditional commentary along with the text. According to this God said His name was, "I shall be as I shall be". The sages interpret this as God saying to Moses, "I shall be with you in this sorrow (slavery in Egypt) as I shall be with you in future sorrows (the exiles of the Jews from Israel).

This interpretation grows in validity as you read the next sentence where God tells Moses to tell the Children of Israel that His name is simply, "I shall be". Why the change?

Here is where the good ol' Jewish interpretation stuff gets really interesting. The sages say that Moses said to God, "You mean to tell me there will be more terrible sorrows like this one in the future? Isn't this one enough?" So God told him to tell the Jews only that His name is "I shall be", so they wouldn't become too depressed to follow Him out of Egypt.

The Art Scroll Bible adds that in the Talmud they say that the word "I shall be" (in Hebrew it is one word) also implies timelessness. God is and shall be forever.

Of course that last comment flies in the face of Scott who believes that God was, but no longer is. Frankly, I get a kick out of how almost silly he gets in his hyper rationality. Speaking about Scott, I'll be seeing him today to continue mixing the Von Cello CD. It shall be as it shall be!!!!!!!

Post No. 1101
07/16/2007 08:58 AM
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To Be or not to Be....good question!

Von Cello wrote:
"Moses asked God what His name was, and He said, "I am therefore I am". So, you could say that God's name is "I am", which would mean His name could also be "I be".

Well, it might say this in some translations, but all the bibles I've read have God naming "Himself" as "I AM WHO AM". Not really important, but it's interesting to see different interpretations of what is thought to be God's word.

To say that God's name is "I Be", makes God kinda sound like a pirate. "Arrr, I be lookin' to rest on the Seventh Day".
Von Cello 

Post No. 1100
07/16/2007 12:51 AM
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Being Here Now

Well...when I say "being" I mean that in relation to a "creature". A creature is something that is created; hence the same root. But a being is something that IS. Or you could say something that BE! It is a BE-ing. So, God, while not a creature, could be thought of as a being, as something that IS. In fact, isn't that more or less what He told Moses?

Moses asked God what His name was, and He said, "I am therefore I am". So, you could say that God's name is "I am", which would mean His name could also be "I be".

What Scott would say about Jesus is that even if you found a shroud with an implant of a face with thorns on its head, that would not prove that the imprint was actually Jesus. And, even if it was, that would not prove that he is God. Scott wouldn't even accept the return of the Jews to Israel as proof of anything, so don't feel offended. It's not so much that he is close minded, but that he has a very analytical mind. He wants proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. And since that does not exist, he remains an almost atheist.

The reason he is not a total atheist is that he agrees that it is illogical to believe that the universe just suddenly appeared out of nothing without any cause. But, believe me, it took me hours to get him to even go that far! But I came to the conclusion that one of the reasons we play music well together is that we both have active minds that search for new ways to look at things. Scott is not one to see any value in faith. He is basically anti-religion. I see the value in religion, although I don't think all religion is good. As you can see, between the three of us we could have some interesting conversations.

Speaking about new ways to look at things, tonight I played at the Sushi Lounge in Totawa with Craig, a guitarist from Pennsylvania. He wants to form a band featuring me on cello, that will play mostly Grateful Dead covers. He thinks he can get us a lot of gigs in his state. He once had a band that did 100 shows a year, so he seems to have a track record. So, that may be the next step.

Meanwhile, yesterday I played with a violinist at a place called "The Snuff Mill" which is in the Bronx at the New York Botanical Gardens. The mill once belonged to R.J. Reynolds, of tobacco fame. He lived in what is now the Botanical Gardens back a few hundred years ago. And because he owned hundreds of acres, there is virgin forest there. So, how about that? Virgin forest in New York City! Will wonders never cease!

Post No. 1099
07/15/2007 08:48 PM
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"Being" all that you can Be....

Von Cello wrote (concerning his keyboardist):
"A Jewish almost atheist. He acknowledges that there may have been a "God" who started the universe. But, in his words, "There is no evidence that this being still exists".

It's funny for me to think of God as a "being". To me, God has always been without gender, without form, all around us in the air, and watching over us. Now Jesus, on the other hand, I am definately convicned that he was an actual, human being who walked among his kind in the 1st Century. AD; that he actually told parables, or stories, to his friends because that is how people of his time learned about how the world works and how to treat your fellow neighbor. And I have never been to see it in person, but I think one needs look no further then the Shroud of Turin, Italy for evidence that Jesus was laid in the toumb with a crown of thorns, which was, as the gospels tell us, was put on Jesus' head on the Cross. Of course, most of this is pure and deep (very deep) faith, but I understand that archaeologists in The Holy Land may have recently found a peice of the Cross. This, and other evidence makes the bible much more meaningful for me, knowing that my model of morality and love was probably not a "storybook character". Of course, there is still a place in my mind for that even a word? Perhaps discernment is the better word.

Now for something totally unrelated, I am listening to some really cool metal music, that's right, metal, from an English-speaking group called TYR from Denmarck. They have two albums out right now, "Eric the Red", and "Ragnarok" (Which I recenly found out is Norse for "The End of Time"). Their website (in English!) is
if you want to check them out. They play a genre of metal called "viking metal", and are perhaps the most melodic metal music I have ever heard before.

Post No. 1098
07/15/2007 08:24 PM
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Zappa: "Flakes, Flakes......"

That song's from the "Sheik Yerbouti" album 1979. All this talk of Haddock had reminded me of the song.
Anyway, check your regular email, Aaron, after reading this very short post.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1097
07/13/2007 11:38 PM
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Flakey Haddock

Now we got from the Allman Bros. to flakey haddock! I'll tell ya...I could go for some of that. Around here we don't have any of that good ol' New England fish and chips. It's more like Mexican, Chinese, or Italian! But I'd love to partake of some haddock once the Von Cello CD is done. Maybe Scott and I could come up for an interview. He's a great rock pianist and an interesting fellow. A Jewish almost atheist. He acknowledges that there may have been a "God" who started the universe. But, in his words, "There is no evidence that this being still exists". As you can imagine, we have taken many a detour while trying to finish this CD!

Now we got from Haddock to God. What next?!

Post No. 1096
07/13/2007 07:04 PM
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McAllman Brothers......Mmm, Mmm Groovy!

You had talked about giving away copies of your new CD, and that made me think of the word "free-bee", which sounds like "freedom"....I then thought of "freedom fries" and then I got really hungry. What the hell the Allman Bros have to do with french fries, God only knows. The Lincoln Inn Restaurant here in Essex, VT has really good fries; they coat the potatoes in flour to give the fries a nice, light crunchy coating. You can order fries with a flakey, baked haddock with Newburg sauce and homeade cole slaw...lemme tell ya that's some good eatin' right there! Now I'm gonna go have some dinner........

Post No. 1095
07/13/2007 06:23 PM
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Greetings from the airwaves! I'm on WWPV 88.7-FM right now and I'm playing Von Cello's rendition of "Dear Prudence", as part of a huge block of Von Cello-scented goodness!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1094
07/13/2007 10:18 AM
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Even worse in Jersey!!

Driving tips for New York roads and highways:

1. Turn signals will give away your next move. A real New York driver never uses them.

2. Under no circumstances should you leave a safe distance between you and the car in front of you, or the space will be filled in by somebody else putting you in an even more
dangerous situation.

3. The faster you drive through a red light, the smaller the chance you have of getting hit.

4. Never, ever come to a complete stop at a stop sign. No one expects it and it will result in you being rear ended.

5. Braking is to be done as hard and late as possible to ensure that your ABS kicks in, giving a nice, relaxing foot massage as the brake pedal pulsates. For those of you without
ABS, it's a chance to stretch your legs.

6. Never pass on the left when you can pass on the right. It's a good way to scare people entering the highway.

7. Speed limits are arbitrary figures, given only as suggestions and are apparently not enforceable in Brooklyn during rush hour.

8. Just because you're in the left lane and have no room to speed up or move over doesn't mean that a New York driver flashing his high beams behind you doesn't think he can
go faster in your spot.

9. Always slow down and rubberneck when you see an accident or even someone changing a tire.

10. Learn to swerve abruptly. New York is the home of high-speed slalom driving thanks to the Highway Department, which puts potholes in key locations to test drivers' reflexes
and keep them on their toes.

11. It is traditional in New York to honk your horn at cars that don't move the nanosecond the light changes.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1093
07/13/2007 09:32 AM
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The Spirit of '69

I still can't figure out how we got from Duane Allman to kosher french fries...but hey, this is the Von Cello guestbook where anything is possible! I miss the old days when anyone could post without signing up. It is amazing how that sign up provision stops so many people. But what could I do? I had to stop the spammers.

I used to love seeing the Allman Brothers. There was a bounce in their music that was fun to groove with. On the other hand, they were a blues band, and as such had a darkness to their music. The Dead were more of a country band, especially in those days, and their music was much more happy and uplifting. That's why, I think, most of the people I knew were more into them.

You rarely hear music with that spirit anymore. One of the songs on "Celtar" is called, "Woodstock Days". It recalls that spirit. We are now adding crowd noise to the recording to make it sound live. I supposed to admit that?

Ahhh...screw 'em if they can't take a joke! But anyway, does anyone know where I can find some good samples of rock crowd noise?
Von Cello 

Post No. 1092
07/12/2007 09:40 PM
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Olive Oil and Popeye

It depends on what's in the oil!

Post No. 1091
07/12/2007 07:58 PM
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Are french fries kosher? Just wondering.

Post No. 1090
07/12/2007 07:55 PM
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With a side order of freebee fries!

I just love freebees(sp?)....don't you?
Von Cello 

Post No. 1089
07/12/2007 01:31 PM
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Duane and Greg Allman

More college kids than PEOPLE?!!! LOL!

I know Ramblin' Man was their "hit", but I remember back in the day when the Allman's were out there playing and were thought of almost like the Grateful Dead, that the "true" fans were into the more long form stuff, like the live versions of "Whipping Post" and "Mountain Jam".

I must have seen them about a half a dozen times in the early 70's. I saw them first shorty after Duane died. He really was the creative center of the band in the way that Garcia was for the Dead. Greg Allman carried on, and Dickey Betts did a good job, but it was never really the same, and certainly they didn't evolve as they could have. Indeed, they became to some extent, a cover band of themselves. I guess the Dead are that too now to some extent.

I better shut up before I start offending people who will likely get a copy of the new Von Cello CD!

Post No. 1088
07/12/2007 09:00 AM
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"Lord I was born a ramblin' man....."

My favorite Allman Brothers song would have to be "Ramblin' Man". Vermont is of course, no where near the South, but I appreciate a good truckin' song or redneck joke once in a while. There are just as many redmneck jokes about Vermonters and Vermont towns too...mostly about a little town named Milton in Franklin County in the Northwestern part of vermont near the Canadian boarder. Every Vermonter who's not from Milton likes to claim that the whole town is biologically related and I think you know the reason they use to justify this.
I used to pick on my old hometown of Jericho here in Chittenden County. I use dot think there were more pick-up trucks in the town then there were people. Now that I live in Colchester, basically the suburbs of Burlington, I like to think there's more college kids then people.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1087
07/11/2007 11:46 PM
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Smokin' Celtar

The smoker in question is actually none other than Scott Guberman, the pianist who played with me at Nectars in Vermont. On Monday he had two musician friends over, Johnny Chang (who is not Chinese!) and Mark Paradis. All these guys are well known in the Hartford music scene, which is a lot more "happening" than most.

It seems there is a little "sub culture" out there of rock clubs and bands that provide the music. Then there seems to be a "New England circuit" that some of the bands tour through. Most of them have long hair, live in apartments, and stay up all night listening to music and watching videos. And it seems that all these guys smoke cigarettes as if we were back in the sixties and no one ever heard that smoking was bad for you...or they heard but it was still too early on for most people to care.

Scott has been playing with Jaimo, one of the original drummers of the Allman Brothers. He's also played, I believe, with Tom Constantin, who was an early member of the Dead. Scott told me that Tom and Phil Lesh went to Harvard together. Anyway, he is getting known on the fringes of the real jam band scene. One thing is for sure, he will pass out the CD to everyone he knows when it's done. I'm hoping we can finish by summer's end, but it is amazing how time consumming it is if you want to make everything sound as good as possible.

In the meantime, I try not to cough from all the smoke, but I do enjoy seeing another lifestyle at work in a close but much different region of the country!

Post No. 1086
07/11/2007 08:06 PM
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Sushi, Canada, and the Incredible, Smoking guitarist

Glad to see "Celtar" is coming along, Aaron, and that you're still gigging. I absolutely love sushi...I've been having it for lunch these days after my theater rehearsals and I am improving my chop-stick prowess (of course, I, as a percussionist know what to do with chop-sticks after eating with them). Anyway, I think sushi is a dish I would never tire's very satisfying. The only thing I don't like about sushi is that nearly all varieties contain avocado: my least favorite veggie.

The thing I don't like about Canada would have to be Montreal. Sure, it's pretty close to Vermont, but other then the Jazz Fest and the Just for Laughs Fest, I don't really think Montreal has alot to offer except a younger drinking age and prostitution (Which certainly VT College students take advantage of). If we're talking about Canadian cities, I definately reccomend Quebec City, just a little farther north than Montreal. It's the only walled city north of Mexico, and it's much cleaner and well-maintained then Montreal is. Quebec is actually a hot-bed of traditional French/Canadian/Scottish/Celtic Folk music ensembles....usually consisting of guitar, accordion, fiddle, mandolin and spoons. Sometimes any band member here will double on foot percussion. Vermont's Celtic folk group Atlantic Crossing plays a fair amount of French/Canadian music frequently. A Quebecois (kay-bec-kwa) band who call themselves "La Bottine Souriante" (The Smiling Wood-Elf) combines Irish and French/Canadian jigs with a big band horn section. You can find Atlantic Crossing's albums on CDBaby, and I'm pretty sure La Bottine Souriante is on there as well. I don't understand most of their lyrics, but then I took Spanish in high school. My friend from college studied in France for a year and she has taught me a bit of Francaise.

But smoking guitarists....hmmm, I do believe that guitarist might be suffering from a callus, as I concluded in my "famous" article I wrote for your Visitor Page. I'm sure he's superb on the six-string, Aaron, tell him it's nothing personal.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1085
07/11/2007 01:13 PM
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Isn't it weird that the Chinese section of a city is called "China Town"? Why isn't the Irish part called Dublin Town, or the Italian part called Roma Town, or the Jewish part called Hymie Town? Oh, I almost forgot, that IS what Jessie Jackson called New York!!

Hey Jessie, don't feel bad that I mentioned that. At least you finally made it into the Von Cello guestbook!

We could do China Town. It's kinda crowded though. I bet I could show you parts of New York that you never saw before. I still find them. Although now I'm starting to get a slight awarness of the overall picture of New Jersey and Connecticut. There really is a lot to see around the Tri State Region.

Last night I was in West Hartford again mixing the new Von Cello CD. The guy I work with smokes a lot. He sometimes has friends over and then they all smoke...even more than when alone. It's pretty amazing actually to be in an environment where people are chain smoking cigarettes. I never see that around here!

Karen said we should call the new Von Cello CD, "Smokin' Von Cello"!

Post No. 1084
07/11/2007 09:28 AM
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try loading firefox as your eyebrowser
it opens all vids ok im interested in inviting u to lunch in the city any day....wat about chinatown ?
Von Cello 

Post No. 1083
07/10/2007 12:20 PM
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Tap Tap

My freakin' browser won't load that video! I guess Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are now twisting my arm and making me get a new computer! But it sounds like a cool clip.

There are three Sushi Lounges in New Jersey; in Morristown, Totowa, and Hoboken. Next Sunday I'll be in Morristown and the one after that in Totowa. (Unless I get a club date that confllicts.) I'll be back with the guitarist I usually work with out there and we will be doing a lot of Dead tunes mixed with standards. The reason I played the modern jazz tunes last week was because the place over booked! They hired two bands for the same night. So the way we worked it out is that my guitarist went home and I played with the other band. At first it was just me and the other guitarist. We never met before that night but we played together as if we had been doing so for years. But that is what being a pro is all about.

I was mixing the new Von Cello CD untill 3 A.M. and I'll be going back into the "barracks" today.

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