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Von Cello 

Post No. 2032
07/28/2008 10:37 AM
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Medici TV

First thing that struck me is Medici TV. Are there still Medicis? I know them as the benefactors of Michaelangelo and other Renaissance artists.

If you shut your eyes you would not believe the pianist is so young. The cellist is excellent. I like hearing the lighter works of Beethoven. Most people only know his dark, intense music.

Rock fans do not know from "delightful" music. But that is the word that comes to my mind listening to this. It goes from joyous to playful to romantic. You can really see how he was the bridge from the classical to the romantic periods.

Ah yes... the classical summer music festivals!

Post No. 2031
07/28/2008 06:26 AM
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How about ?

Post No. 2030
07/28/2008 06:26 AM
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How about ?
Von Cello 

Post No. 2029
07/27/2008 04:41 PM
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Catholic Rock!

I played last night at an Italian festival in and around a Catholic church in Hoboken. Several blocks around the church were cut off to cars and became packed with vendors selling food and drink, carnival rides, and music venues. I played in the churchyard with a band called Rural Free Delivery. The band was cooking. We jammed on tunes from originals to the Beatles and the Dead. The audience, which included the whole range of nearby residents, were really into it. There was some fine examples of people dancing and letting their hair down!

One highlight for me was when Sinatra took the stage and sang two numbers during our break. Sinatra? - you incredulously ask. Yes, Johnny Sinatra!

*Johnny Sinatra is a guy in his eighties who dresses in a navy pin stripe suit with his grey hair slicked back, and shiny blue eyes that make him a dead ringer for some long lost brother of Frank Sinatra. They say he is a fixture of Hoboken, and known to all. His singing was passable but the audience went nuts!)

Post No. 2028
07/27/2008 04:35 PM
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2 days to go
Von Cello 

Post No. 2027
07/24/2008 06:56 PM
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Summertime at the Jersey Shore

Today I went to the famous "Jersey Shore". I volunteered to play at a fundraiser for cancer research. There we were in Sandy Hook in a large white tent on the shore full of wealthy donors, playing tunes by the Grateful Dead, the Beatles, etc.! I was joined by guitarist Craig Graham who I have been working with on the "Dead Cello" project. When we played James Taylor's "How Sweet It Is (to be loved by you)" we got many broad smiles. The aging baby boomers love hearing the songs of their youth in new ways.

Von Cello 

Post No. 2026
07/21/2008 11:22 PM
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Back from Fishing!

Well, I guess if someone in Vermont and someone in the Netherlands are checking in here, it is worth it to keep posting! Glad you guys are out there. It makes me wonder who else is watching. I ran some statistics on the site and was surprised to see that we still get thousands of hits each month. Sometimes over 10,000!

Actually I wasn't fishing this weekend. I was performing my Ten American Cello Etudes with the Staten Island Ballet. We did a children's show on Sat. and Sun. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy being part of a ballet performance, especially since I played on stage and therefore got to interact with the dancers.

I am so impressed with people who can use their bodies to create works of art. It is so thrilling even to watch how they extend their hands and feet. The gracefulness is truly astonishing. And I am so grateful for how much the dancers appreciated my music. After the shows I felt almost like I was floating... and it was a totally natural high!

Von Cello is about trying new things, and I don't believe there ever was a ballet concert with a cellist playing his original music before! It is a hell of a lot different than going on stage with a rock band, but in some ways I like it better. First of all, what red blooded man would not like to be on stage with a group of pretty ballerinas dancing gracefully to his music? And in this context I was treated like a respected classical composer. So often in the rock "biz" you get treated like a rat that has to scurry off the stage for the next band. And the dressing room, if there is one, is often a pig sty. The club is often way too hot, and uncomfortable, and people are talking while you are playing. I must admit I liked the atmosphere of the concert hall. I had my own dressing room that was clean and comfortable. The stage was air conditioned and had great acoustics. And the audience sat in rapt attention throughout.

Hmmm... I'm not rejecting the rock lifestyle, but this sure was a welcome change of pace. Look for more Von Ballet in the future.

Post No. 2025
07/21/2008 01:59 PM
  go to the Homepage of eaburke81
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And lest anyone forget the website (comeplete with webcast!) of my radio station....

Post No. 2024
07/21/2008 01:58 PM
Email eaburke81  
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Here I am!

Oh, I'm still here, Aaron...let's just say that I'm on a "staycation" from the guestbook.

Post No. 2023
07/21/2008 12:10 PM
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Can't believe - what a deafening silence here! Not even a discussion about that Kuntar guy - or did I miss s th? (Just back, been playing, some weeks off line, almost unaddicted by now )
Von Cello 

Post No. 2022
07/18/2008 11:32 AM
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4 Days, no comments, how many more?

Well, I guess the guestbook is on vacation. Okay, I'll put up a sign:


- The Guestbook
Von Cello 

Post No. 2021
07/14/2008 10:33 AM
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Born Free... my uncle was a doctor

Well... you could always take them to Mount Kisco for some Mexican or Guatamalan food. That town is not far from where we live and it has a large Central American population. There are nice parks, hikes, and scenic rides. You can see President Clinton's house, or some other "mansions". And you can watch the WASPs drive by in their Range Rovers. Good times!

I just drove past Canarsie yesterday. I had a morning gig at a golf club in Staten Island. Then we took the Belt Parkway (right past Rockaway Parkway) to Woodbury, Long Island where we played at a Temple. We married Christians in the morning and Jews in the afternoon. A good days work!

Believe it or not, a doctor recently insulted me for being "only" a cellist, whereas he "saves lives" all day. I was talking about this with my violinist yesterday. And you know, we save lives too! How many people are on the verge of despair, maybe even suicide, when a certain song gives them the hope they need. Who has a wedding with no music? On the most important day of a person's life do they call the doctor? NO! They call the musician! We comfort the sick and dying, we comfort the mourners. We bring people together in love.

And finally, as I said to my friend, "Who remembers who Beethoven's doctor was?"

Post No. 2020
07/14/2008 09:40 AM
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couldarsie the past tense of canarsie

july 29 -aug 19
in ny
eat bagels
noodle pudding
see high school musical
circle line
empire stt bldn
buy sneakers
what else can u recomend for a family with 2 lil kids?
Von Cello 

Post No. 2019
07/11/2008 09:37 AM
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Rabbi Lederman Stikes Again!

A visitor to Israel attended a recital and concert at the Moscovitz Auditorium. He was quite impressed with the architecture and the acoustics.
He inquired of the tour guide, "Is this magnificent auditorium named after Chaim Moscovitz, the famous Talmudic scholar?"
"No," replied the guide. "It is named after Sam Moscovitz, the writer.
Never heard of him. What did he write?"
"A check", replied the guide.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2018
07/09/2008 08:11 PM
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Four Way Street

Anybody remember that jam at the end of Carry On on the CSNY album, Four Way Street? I finally hooked up a record player ... I guess I should say a "turntable", and am listening to my old albums. What fun! That jam was amazing then and it still is today. That was REAL sixties rock, the stuff I grew up on. The stuff that I still play and the stuff that you'll hear soon when "Celtar" comes out.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2017
07/08/2008 05:14 PM
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Man O' Congress-Man!

Did I mention that I went to a rally for my local congressman, John Hall? It was at the musicians union, Local 802. I had a good conversation with Mr. Hall and because I had heard he was a Hendrix fan, I gave him a copy of my CD, Excalibur. He said he was looking forward to listening.

John Hall is not your typical politician. Do a google search and you will see that he was once a rock star. He wrote the hit "Dance With Me". He performed this tune and a few others with a really great pick-up band of union musicians. It was fantastic.

I have a bit of an in with his staff, so I hope to be able to do some campaigning and maybe even jam with the man himself. He likes to get musicians involved with his campaign. It was due to fundraisers by Jackson Browne and others that he was able to get elected in the first place!

It is a lesson in the power of music!
Von Cello 

Post No. 2016
07/07/2008 11:15 AM
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Maybe the Jews are not so smart after all ...

I dunno. Maybe one of our non-Jewish friends would like to comment, but I find that many Christian groups are just as tight as Jewish. I think Jews are maybe more up front about it but there are vast networks of non-Jews who are as tight as can be. Take for instance the Mafia. Or how about the royal families of Europe? You may not see it on the surface but they own hundreds of businesses together, they meet secretly to form joint policies, they have secret services that spy on non-royals, and even "take out" those they consider threats. They wage war and come to each other's defense. They will even allow catastrophes to fall upon their citizens if that will mobilize them to fight against whoever the ruling class wants to subdue. They are tighter than most Jews could even imagine, but you would never know it!

Post No. 2015
07/07/2008 01:52 AM
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when a jew is up for an important job like military leader in the usaf he is asked if being jewish will bend his decisions. He always responds " you didnt ask same question to the guy before me who was cristian or cayholic so why ask me?" Are you racist?

norman schwartz now head usaf and the first jew leader in usaf history...
responded that the question was infact a compliment cause it showed that nonjews see us as a close knit family while they see their own group as NOT close knit. He thanked the tribunal member for complimenting the jews

Its a good question as we are close knit as blacks are or irish or italian americans or gays.
He finished up saying hed appoint the best person not necesarily a jew to any all jobs. but he thanked the questioner for the question and said thanks for complimenting our community ..

i always saw that question being asked to THE JEW as racist but now i see it as based on THEM seeing us as tight knit.

america is made up of tight knit groups each moving up as a group but being person for the job be he she jew or not.all except the cristians an catholics
they infact arent tight knit ...

Post No. 2014
07/07/2008 01:18 AM
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jew wanna make something of it?

in FAMILY GUY theres an episode where the kid fails at school . his dad asks who got the high grade and the kid says it was markowitz in math goldberg in science and shwartze in literature. The dad then reads that geltman bought the town shoe factory .
dad decides to make his kid smart he must make him a jew. he sings a song about send me a jew. he bar mitsvas the kid at the end.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2013
07/05/2008 04:06 PM
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More Jewish Humor

A Jewish School decided to field a rowing team. Unfortunately, they lose race after race. Even though they practice and practice for hours everyday, they never manage to come in any better than dead last.
Finally, the team decides to send Morris Fishbein, its captain, to spy on Harvard, the perennial championship team. So Morris schlepps off to Cambridge and hides in the bushes next to the
Charles River, where he carefully watches the Harvard team at its daily practices.

After a week, Morris returns. "Well, I figured out their secret", he announces.
"What? Tell us! Tell us!" his teammates shout.
"We should have only one guy yelling what to do. The other eight should row."
Von Cello 

Post No. 2012
07/04/2008 07:47 PM
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How's by you?

Same here in the good ol' USA. There are women in the army carrying guns. How about that woman in Abu Grab prison forcing the men to pose nude?

What happened to this country?

As Jerry Garcia used to sing, "Raise that flag. Raise it wide and high. Summertime come and gone. My oh my!"

Post No. 2011
07/04/2008 12:22 PM
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an argument?
i would have said we pik match sticks...
Israel woman fly fighter jets and 17 yr old israeli children carry uzis.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2010
07/04/2008 11:50 AM
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Rabbi Lederman Stikes a Serious Note

Happy Independence Day everyone!

This from the rabbi's lastest newsletter:

"Listen now, O Rebels..." (Num 20:10) Moshe was punished for referring to the Children of Israel as Rebels. Even though they were rebelling at the time, they should not have been perceived as rebels. The Torah expects us to love each other, see the good in each other and perceive each other as good."

This brings up an interesting point that many Christians miss. Anywhere in the Bible where anyone insults the Jewish people they are punished. In this story the greatest Jewish prophet, Moses, just calls the Jews "rebels", and even though they were rebelling at he time, he is still punished. Many Christian preachers talk about how the Jews, or the "Pharisees" as they call them, were rebels or worse. They say they were short sighted, money lenders, power hungry, inconsiderate, even stupid and evil. But if you study the Torah carefully, one who calls the Jews names like that is going to be punished.

It always bothered me how the Jews get penalized by some non-Jews for the fact that they were honest about their history. Most groups try to portray themselves in the best light, but the Jews have as their central book a Bible that talks about their many flaws as well. But this is not an excuse for non-Jews to jump on these portrayals and say, "You see, this is why they were rejected by God", etc. Just because a parent disapproves of a child's actions, that does not mean they are going to stand idly by and let others insult or hurt their child.

Anyway, that's enough religion for a holiday day. Let's go outside and blow things up!

Von Cello 

Post No. 2009
07/04/2008 07:42 AM
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So I guess if you were on the Titanic and they said, "Only women and children in the life boats", you would have given them an argument.


Post No. 2008
07/04/2008 01:46 AM
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o baby

your talkin to a guy who adopted such a child
my girl was left on a highway abandoned by hunger poverty.Worse than havin her parents killed by a terrorer
shes doing fine and knows what happened

i think murder is murder baby mom dad newborn....first we say humans are more important than cows and we eat them
we say whites are more important than blacks and we enslave them
we say men more than woman and we dont allow them to vote

even mentioning woman and babies makes it sound like one wouldnt mind if it had been an old man killed.

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