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Post No. 1607
02/22/2008 08:58 AM
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"Lent" me explain it to you.....

Wow, Aaron! That was your most scholarly post to date! If I was Dean of a major, ivy-league university I'd hand you a diploma right now! You continue to be my intellectual DO you do it?

Now for something un-related (what? un-related on this guestbook? Never.....)

Well it's another Friday in Lent and for Catholics like myself, that means another day not to eat meat.
More and more, I'm realizing that Lent is not such a time of darkness and despair, but of hope and re-birth. We make little sacrifices here and there that are symbolic of, and helps us to remember, Christ's ultimate sacrifice of his life on the cross. Thias happens for forty days and forty nights- the same lenght of time that the New testament (our good friend Matthew) gave for Jesus' temptation in the desert. we also use Lent as a time to examine our lives and be grateful for all that we have, instead of being envious of others and what they have...this is a big one for me. Gratitude is the key to self-acceptance.
As soon as Lent ends and Holy Week begins, we're able to re-live the story of Jesus' death and re-birth and we come into spring an improved person then when we stated Lent. Fortunately not only are we somewhat changed when Lent is over, but the seasons start to change too...winter into Spring. And lemme tell ya I can't wait for spring. That means I can ride my bike again.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1606
02/21/2008 03:52 PM
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Do his friends call him Matt for short?

(Actually I doubt it because then he could be named after Matthew, the New Testament author, whereas he is actually named for the father of Judas Maccabee of Chanukah fame.)

Yahu is a common suffix for Hebrew names. For instance Elijah in Hebrew is Eliahu. Jeremiah is Yermiahu. I wonder if that is where they got the English word Yahoo?

Maybe those cowboys were Jewish?

Zouk is a good name for a dog. "Come here Zouk", "Good boy Zouk", "Fetch the ball Zouk".

Maybe that bass player named Z is actually named Zouk.

Here a zouk, there a zouk, everywhere a zouk, zouk...


Post No. 1605
02/21/2008 01:58 PM
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Zouk: your word of the day

Zouk is the term of a genre of music played in Haiti, Martinique, and other Carribbean Islands. it's a mix of traditional music of the Carib tribal people, musical traditions from Europe, and electronics....kind of like a "tropical techno". The genre "soca" is very much the same and it is played in basically the same regions that Zouk is played but it's a mixture of soul, calypso and reggae with electronics.

And you're looking for Matisyahu , not "Mattasyahu"....not that it matters much.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1604
02/21/2008 10:28 AM
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I know a big black bass player whose name is "Z". I also know a sexy female black bass player whose name is "ZZ". She calls herself Double Z. She dressed in a pair of tight jeans with chains hanging on them. She had a nose ring, and a leather jacket, and if my memory is correct, her bass was fire engine red!

I played a gig with her when I was in the string section of a band. One violinist, a very straight girl from Pennsylvannia named Patti, said to me, "Wow, I wish I had a name like Double Z! I'm just plain old Patti. She's sooo cool!"

I never listened much to Mattasyahu. I've just seen a few clips here and there and I get a kick out of a guy dressed up like a Chasid (which he is) and singing with a Jamaican accent about Zion. It's like a Jew saying, "Hey man, we are the people of Zion, so why can't we sing about it?" Indeed, there are many Jewish songs about Zion, but they never get on the radio. But if it is done to a Reggae beat, then for some reason it becomes acceptable to the American public. I don't know why that is the case, but a hand it to Mattasyahu for figuring out a way to get his message out there. And I hand it to the Lubvitcher sect of Jews for supporting him in this somewhat risky venture.

Anyway, back to Z. What the heck is a "zouk"?

Post No. 1603
02/21/2008 09:43 AM
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Word up!

I'm a fan of Matisyahu as well, though I've heard some his more recent albums and I tend to think his earlier stuff was better. On his latest album he did a nice cover of The Police's "Message in a Bottle", but then he produced a remix of his version of The Police's song and I thought it "sucked" to put it mildly...why would an artist re-record a cover of somebody else's song when the original cover version really didn't need re-mixing?

I'm also a fan of the word "Zion". I like words starting with "z" or "x", or "q"...any of the later letters of the alphabet.
zipper, zebra, zoology, zouk, xerox, xylophone, xenon, x-ray, quorum, quagmire, quicksilver, quicksand, q-tips....

Why do I like these words? I like them because they're different; and I'm different....different is good.

Post No. 1602
02/21/2008 08:31 AM
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its free
Von Cello 

Post No. 1601
02/20/2008 07:24 PM
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Give my regards to Zion

I find it interesting that the Jamaicans would be so taken by Zion. As a Jew i feel some pride in that. I guess the image of the Hebrew slaves leaving Egypt for freedom has been inspiring people around the world for centuries. I guess it also makes sense that there is now an Orthodox Jewish Reggae star, Mattasyahu. After all, if Zion is such a big thing in Reggae, why not have a star who is from the people who brought you Zion!

And now a word from our sponsor...


Post No. 1600
02/20/2008 09:16 AM
Email eaburke81  go to the Homepage of eaburke81
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Give My Regards to Broadway

Believe it or not, Burlington, Vermont is becomming more and more diverse as well, with people of African-American and Asian descent (mostly college students) comming to try to learn English and land a steady career here in the states. I think Burlington also has the highest percentage of artists in all genres living there then in any other part of the state....I heard from someone the other day that you can't walk on Church St. (Burlington's "main drag") without tripping over an artist.
And I haven't been back there much, but I still think Jericho, Vermont has more pick-up trucks (or cows) then people.
What a great "melting pot" America is!Though for a while I think all Vermont had was the "pot"....weed, mary jane, cannabis, herb, ganja, sensmilla, marijuana...(hey, when you've been through college you know all the nicknames). My nickname for a while was "Ganja Guy"...not becuase I smoked pot (and I didn't) but becuase I listened to alot of reggae. My first ever radio show on campus ("Zion Planet") was primarily a reggae show.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1599
02/20/2008 12:36 AM
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His name is Josh Whiley. I mention it so that if he does a search on his name he may find his way to this site!

My cello etude "Broadway" was meant to reflect the sounds one might hear on a trip down Broadway, which is stil the "Main Street" of Manhattan. Most people associate Broadway with the theater, but Broadway starts north of the city, comes down through the Bronx, and then all the way through Manhattan. In its northern part it goes through Latin neigborhoods, hence the Latin feel at the beginning. Then it goes through Harlem, hence the Afro sound of the middle section. As it goes further south it goes through white neighborhoods, hence the rock style that comes next.

I didn't realize it at the time, but it really is a "snapshot" of the city in the late 80's. Today the composition of the neighborhoods are changing. Harlem is getting much more mixed for one thing. I suppose one day it might not even be a black neighborhood. So Broadway may become a work of audio art through which people may be able to get a glimpse of a historical time period in New York.

Post No. 1598
02/19/2008 10:17 PM
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Broadway the Fuzzy Way

I saw that You Tube as well. The picture quality sucked, but I too thought he did a good job...he added a cool slide at the end there.....though that was a nice touch.
I gotta say that's a superb peice you wrote,'s got some real pep to it. Your music makes me see and hear classical music in a whole new light. Good luck with "Celtar" and your classical peices waiting to get published and performed by others.

Now if I could just learn "It Comes Around" on the jaw harp or thumb piano....

Post No. 1597
02/19/2008 10:08 PM
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Actually, I was mistaken My Bad. The real name of that Spanish bagpiper is Jose Angel Hevia, which is much different then "Juan Carlos Garcia" to be sure....what WAS I thinking about when I wrote that post? (Must have pictured myself drinking sangria with 26-year old Spanish girls).
Von Cello 

Post No. 1596
02/19/2008 12:16 PM
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Something for Steve to get involved in?

Von Cello 

Post No. 1595
02/18/2008 10:08 PM
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Garcia to Minsky

Juan Carlos Garcia...didn't he play guitar for some San Francisco jam band from the 1960's?

How about this news bulletin...

Some kid from Australia just put a video up on Youtube playing my cello etude "Broadway"! How cool is that? He does a pretty good job with it. I like how he adds some touches that make it his own. I hope he starts a trend. Imagine kids around the world posting their performances of Minsky etudes on Youtube!

Check it out:


Post No. 1594
02/18/2008 09:33 PM
Email eaburke81  go to the Homepage of eaburke81
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Me gusta Espanol!!!

I also understand Spain has a region of peoples with Celtic heritage: Galicia in the Northwest corner of the country. There's a great bagpiper and flautist from Galicia named Juan Carlos Garcia. We have two of his albums in the station and play them regularly....I usually open my shows with a bagpipe peice so Garcia's music works out fairly well for me.
I've found traditional tune from other Celtic regions (Galicia, Brittany, Wales, etc...) to be so much more melodic, rich, and exotic then those from Ireland and Scotland that I'm so familiar with.
So all you fans of Shillelagh Safari can expect more Breton and Galician music in the near future. In the meantime, I might buy a bottle of wine and put some fruit in it for sangria. (I had a tasty glass of it up in Montreal a few years ago).

Post No. 1593
02/18/2008 03:25 PM
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.bullfights, sangria, flamenco, Don Quixote

actually we have fiber optic internet
budweiser beer
don knots reruns
spain has the things u mentioned too
Von Cello 

Post No. 1592
02/17/2008 11:57 AM
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I vote for wierd to be the word of the day.

"Wierd" - a word that is used to describe when something is weirder than weird. Indeed, the thing must be so weird that it requires a weirdly spelled word.

Post No. 1591
02/16/2008 05:30 PM
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"They're Comming to take me to Spain, ha ha......."

Von Cello quoted from a song:

"I said a bird, bird, bird. Bird is a word. Bird, bird, bird. Bird is a word".

gee...maybe "bird" should be the word of the day.

My Dad played that song for me when I was younger and it used to scare me....that voice was wierd; I had not ever heard a voice like that lead singer had.

And Napoleon's "They're Comming...." is a great song...dementia music at it's finest!

And rented a house in Buffalo, NY? I've never been there but I've heard it's cold there for most of the year...kinda like Vermont. Well, I hope you enjoy your time over here in the states.
I hope I get myself over to Spain someday...bullfights, sangria, flamenco, Don Quixote, picking up my Spanish again, I want to do all that!

Post No. 1590
02/16/2008 03:06 PM
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what r u smkin?

i think youre going a lil crazy upstt ny
.too much green? spain we are gtn ready for this summers 2 mnths in
drumroll please
buffalo niagara
thats right
my wife will rent a house in buff city for 2 mnths..

dont ask y buffalo!!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1589
02/16/2008 12:24 PM
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They're Coming to take me Away!

Believe it or not, I actually met the guy who produced that song. His name is Jerry Love. That is one of the most original songs to ever become a hit on the radio. My favorite verse is this:

"You thought it was a joke and so you laughed, you LAUGHED, when I had said that loosing you would make me flip my wig. RIGHT? I know you laughed, I heard you laugh, you laughed and laughed and laughed, and now you see I've gone completely out of my mind. AND..."

This song is up there with one of my other all time favorites: Bird!

As in, "Bird, bird, bird. Bird is a word. I said a bird, bird, bird. Bird is a word. I said a bird, bird, bird. Bird is a word. Bird, bird, bird. Bird is a word. Have you heard about the bird? Everybody knows that bird is a word. I said a bird, bird, bird. Bird is a word. Bird, bird, bird. Bird is a word."

Gee, they don't write songs like that any more!


Post No. 1588
02/15/2008 10:33 AM
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"They're comming to take me away, ha ha...."

After Aaron's post there I am picturing Paul Simon on an old episode of Saturday Night Live (back when it was much funnier) in a turkey suit singing "Still Crazy After All These Years".
Von Cello 

Post No. 1587
02/15/2008 10:21 AM
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Word of the Day

The word of the day is fear. Or should I say FEAR!!!!!

What kind of world do we live in when politicians can send billions and billions of dollars overseas to fund a questionable war, while complaining that we can't "afford" to fund health care, schools, prisons, the arts? What kind of American government sits on their hands while the president abolishes habeus corpus and other protections for our freedoms?

I was identifying with the Conservatives for a while there. I think Churchill said, "If a young man is not a liberal he has no hear. If an older man is not a conservative he has no brain". But now I read that Churchill was a globalist and maybe not what he seemed to be. It seems like nothing is what it seems to be anymore. The internet is either A. opening us up to the true reality that has been hidden by our media, or, B. making us all crazy.

I would say, "If a young man is a liberal, or if an old man is conservative, both are crazy!" So maybe the word of the day should be crazy.


Post No. 1586
02/15/2008 09:24 AM
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Word of the day

"troopsover": (verb, pronounced: troop sawver").

A political term used to describe the collective actions of elected officials who pass policies which peddle more money into other countries rather then into their home countries.

Example: Senator Joe Somebody, (R-TX) troopsovered social security and universal health care for all Americans, in favor of shipping tanks, guns, beer, and bagels and lox, over to Iraq. It should be noted that Sen. Somebody is a big douche becuase of his insesant troopsovering.

Post No. 1585
02/15/2008 09:12 AM
Email eaburke81  
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I second that, now pass the toast and fish!

Von Cello wrote:
"If there was a draft, then maybe we'd see a REAL anti-war movement".

I would have to aggree with you, VC,a nd you make a good argument.
I only oppose the draft because I don't think war or violence is the answer to anything, and sending more troopsover to Iraq would only complicate things and increase the world's the level of hatred for America. I'm pretty sure you can be sure of this.

Another thing that's for sure, you're still on top in the election for Edward Burke's "Intellectul Inspiation", though people like Ralph Walso Emerson, Robert Burns, Dr. King, Mahatma Ghandi and Hunter/Garcia all come in in a close second by a thin margin of votes.

Mmmm....margin....Margarine! Here I go making myself hungary again.
My mom and I buy "Smart Balance" brand buttery spread. It tastes like margarine but with a hefty dose of Omega 3 without all the bad's the only thing we put on toast before spreading jelly or peanut butter. For bagels we use cream cheese and lox, of course...only we don't call it lox....we call it salmon. Us catholics, we're a crazy bunch, lemme tell ya.
Happy Lenten Friday!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1584
02/14/2008 07:30 PM
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Getting drafty

The draft would be the greatest thing that could happen. The reason the younger generation has been so quiet is that their lives are not on the line. In the Viet Nam days kids had a choice, "Will I go to Viet Nam to kill innocent people and have a good chance of getting killed or maimed myself? Or will I go out in the street and protest, and maybe risk arrest or a billy club over my head?" The choice was clear. If there was a draft, then maybe we'd see a REAL anti-war movement.

In the meantime, look at how our rights are being dismantled. It is very scary:

Post No. 1583
02/14/2008 10:15 AM
Email eaburke81  
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You're in Hot Water now, Mr. Bush!

Von Cello wrote:

"My father used to say, "The plans of mice and men oft go astray". I'm sure he got the quote from Milton or someone. He didn't usually use the words, "oft" and "astray".

I think you're looking for "The best laid schemes o'mice and men gang aft agley". That's from a poem entitled "To a Mouse" from 18th Century Scottish poet Robert Burns. We just celebrated his birthday last month on the 25th: Burn's Night. "To a Mouse" is an ode to a mouse thayt Burn's almost killed while plowing a field. It starts off addresing the mouse with the phrase:

"Ye timourous, cowrin', wee beastie..."

I like the way those words flow together off the tongue!

And about the election, I did not hear about Hillary dropping out either. Last time I checked she was still in the race. My vote is still for Obama, but Hillary is a close second for me. I used to like McCain the best out of all the republicans on the hill, but not so much anymore. He's talking about bringing the draft back, and he thinks that we might have to stay in Iraq for a hundred years, maybe even many young, innocent American lives have to be sacrificed for the sake of Iraqui oil and a strategic American foothold in the Middle East? The countless millions of dollars which have been fed into the War could have been put to this country's own medical, education, and veteran care systems where it is sorely needed. How can Bush not see that his own country is in shambles at the same time we're diminishing Iraq to shambles? He need look no further then the nightly news on any TV station to see that the Untied States is just as big a mess as Iraq is; there are innocent, young Iraqui citizens who are being killed by the thousands.
Not to bring Reagan into this too much, but of course he said the famous quote which reads "Mr. Gorbechav, Tear Down This Wall"!
I send a similar plea to our current President:

"Mr. Bush, Let's End This War"!

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