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Post No. 1357
11/01/2007 09:09 AM
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Great stuff all around

He who thinks he knows, doesn't know. He who knows that he doesn't know, knows.

~ Joseph Campbell

That's a great quote, VC, and some good comments on the state of politics and the media's all one big popularity contest; both parties want power at the expense of their opponents.
hmmmm....Irish catholics/Irish protestants, Israelis/Palestinians.....sound familiar?
Perhaps state is merging to much with church? This can never be good...just look at the current debate over condoms in public high schools - religion is playing a big part in pbulic policy these days and it may not be good for us.
Now when halloween candy is made from dark chocolate....that's a good thing. Dark chocolate has antioxidents, and I've heard it can even reduce the risk of heart disease. (Red wine does the same thing, which is good news for me). I handed out dark chocolate mounds bars and milk-chocolate-covered raisins*** dressed as a pirate to kids yesterday night. Then I broadcasted a spooky radio show with my friend "the Hurricane" as a pirate as well. (Von Cello's "Go To Hell" was played among such classics as "Monster Mash", "Witch Doctor" and "The Cockroach That Ate Cincinatti"). Then I went to bed. So that was my night....hope everyone's Halloween was a good one. I can only imagine what Halloween must have been like in Canarsie from what I've heard of the place. Until next time, DJS

***"yeah, that's what kids want in their candy, fruit". - Stewie from Fox's "Family Guy"
Von Cello 

Post No. 1356
11/01/2007 08:13 AM
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In ter net

That is what is great about the internet. You can get other information that what CNN, FOX, ABC, etc. are feeding people. It is amazing, for instance, to watch the early reports on 9/11 and see how different the were than the "official story" that you hear all over the major media today. Same with the Kennedy assassination. Look at the early the one with the spokesman who points to the front of his head and says Kennedy was shot in the head. Later the government put out the story that he was only shot in the back!
sonny mano 

Post No. 1355
11/01/2007 05:05 AM
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cello player or noise maker

to the guy on my left Im a conservative
to the guy on my right im liberal

To the rich man in the tank driving into my town Im a terrorist
To the poor Im a fighter using whatever weapon i can get entering anyway i can

you are what they think you are.but who controls thinking?
the media
fox cnn
Von Cello 

Post No. 1354
10/31/2007 11:53 AM
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Who knows?

He who thinks he knows, doesn't know. He who knows that he doesn't know, knows.

~ Joseph Campbell

Von Cello 

Post No. 1353
10/31/2007 11:48 AM
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Left - Right - Nowhere

I am getting tired of all this left - right nonsense. I was emailing back and forth with someone who said, "Don't you get it? I'm a conservative". What the hell does that mean? Is opposing abortions conservative? Who says? Is one conservative because they follow the dictates of the church? Then what about one who follows the dictates of the mosque? Is he a conservative? He learns that a woman should be covered from head to toe. So then, is a follower of the church "liberal"?

I'm so sick of these stupid names that really make no sense at all. They are just teams that people can join who have a high school mentality and want to root for the blue team or the red team. My mind is so open that I can't even relate to labeling myself a this or a that.

I read a great quote lately. It said something like, "He who thinks he knows everything will not learn the truth".

Von Cello 

Post No. 1352
10/28/2007 12:27 AM
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Von Yankee!

That is the link to Von Cello Central on You Tube. From there you can watch all the Von Cello videos including the two Yankee videos uploaded today. Hurray!

I noticed that Crazy Chicks got 100 hits today. That is incredible. There are a lot of wacky people out there!!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1351
10/27/2007 03:22 PM
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Von Cello & The Yankees1

Go to the Von Cello page at You Tube. There are two new videos of Von Cello playing the National Anthem at Yankee Stadium!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1350
10/26/2007 12:50 AM
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Not Bad

Actually I just saw that Crazy Chicks, Pt. 2, has 50 hits. Not bad for four days! I even got a comment from Marcus and a couple from Chaunce, an old Canarsie friend and guitarist. I am really glad that he got to see it and enjoyed it!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1349
10/25/2007 09:24 AM
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High School Musical

So I'm playing a wedding this weekend and the bride wants this song, "You Are the Music In Me" from "High School Musical". I found it on You Tube and went to the page. It already has over 7,000,000 hits! All of my videos on You Tube together have maybe 10,000 or so! Wow...maybe I'm playing the wrong kind of music.

You know what it is...the money in the music business has always been in the entertainment of kids. People started to realize this during the days of Elvis and the Beatles. We, of the baby boom, like to think of that music as "great", etc., but nevertheless, it was geared towards kids. That is why we liked it and most of our parents didn't. Bach and Beethoven were writing for adults. Their music is usually appreciated more by adults than kids.

In jazz, they weren't writing for kids, but they were generally writing for young, sexually active, adults. In other words, the songs were about "you are my baby", "you took my baby", "I lost my baby", "baby, baby, baby". Some jazz standards dealt with later life...but none, or almost none were written about dealing with old age, facing death, wonder at the vastness of the cosmos, etc. If it's not about sexual love, its about remembering love, missing love, feeling love, almost like being in love.

Classic rock actually took on some of these themes. The Dead had that song "Black Peter" which was about someone dying. "To Lay Me Down" was about one's own death. I guess Jerry dealt a lot with death...which is pretty unusual and commendable. I think it was Aerosmith that did that song "Sing River" or something like that. That song talks about seeing the lines on one's face in the mirror. There were also those great protest songs in rock that came out of the folk tradition.

Von Cello 

Post No. 1348
10/21/2007 06:24 PM
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Crazy Chicks, Pt. 2, Grateful Dead Jam

Just uploaed a new video to youtube.

This is a continuation of the jam called Crazy Chicks and features Von Cello (that's me) and Perry Seigle jamming on some Grateful Dead tunes. Eventually we get into some amazing sounds. Enjoy! !:
sonny mano 

Post No. 1347
10/21/2007 06:06 AM
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can i see

do spanish fly?
Von Cello 

Post No. 1346
10/20/2007 12:03 PM
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With Mitt (or is it Mit?) Romney running for president, there is much about Mormons in the news. Last night there was a show about his missionary past, and how he brought more converts to Mormonism than his peers.

What do you get when you mix a Mormon with an atheist?

Someone who knocks on your door but has nothing to say!

Post No. 1345
10/19/2007 08:08 PM
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Hmmm....that reminds me of a joke:

Q: What do you get when you mix holy water with pepto bismol?

A: A religious movement!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1344
10/19/2007 01:21 PM
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Underground Movement

Von Cello is indeed an underground movement...but I won't say what kind of movement.

Actually, it might be an above ground movement for that matter!


Post No. 1343
10/19/2007 11:47 AM
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Word of the day

approachabl: (adjective. pronounced "app-raw-cha-bul")

A personality trait personifed by a cello-player or other such species of musician (see: Antheman) which gives the bearer an ultimate advantage over all the other musicians. What causes this strange behavior, you ask? Approachabl cello plyers seem to have a different genetic make-up down at the cellular level while other cello players who may not be as approachabl do not.
Though ultimately rebelling against his parents and refusing to learn the cello in favor of playwriting, Oscar Wilde was indeed, (as quoted by Winston Churchill) " approachabl a play writer the likes of whom I have never met before, neither on land, nor sea, nor in the sky". Churchill himself had no time to be approachabl since he was too busy fighting the Germans on all fronts.

Post No. 1342
10/19/2007 11:14 AM
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Oops, that should be:

Post No. 1341
10/19/2007 11:12 AM
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RE: Von Cello Newsletter #79

Well, this is a fewdays late but I thought pop in here. I gotta say I enjoyed the newsletter quite a bit this time around, and not just becuase I was mentioned in it! I think it's great that you are so open with your casual and dedicated fans alike....not all musicians are as approachabl as you seem to be. I also like how you put the word "Von" beofre nearly every topic. This would make it seem that Von Cello is more then just a person, it's a way of life, a state of mind, an international, underground movement!

(Kinda like Just click there and you'll see what I mean).

Just as the people maintaining that website are trying to convice the world to talk like pirates, the Von Cello phenomenon might just inspire guitar players to become cello players, and about that young kid who approached you at the yankees game? What a great moment to read about! In general, your movement may make more musicians willing to open up to their fans and love their craft a lot more.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1340
10/17/2007 01:28 PM
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Brave Chickens

Hey Howard, thanks! I always laugh when I watch that video. And I've seen it about 100 times! Tell Russel and anyone else who might enjoy it. You never know what can become a hit on Youtube. Usually it is something really stupid and crazy. So who knows...maybe this one will take off!


Post No. 1339
10/16/2007 06:33 PM
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Just watched the You Tube of you and Perry. Made me laugh like Hell. It did make me wonder if the idea for the Chicken Clucking did not originate when you all feared the "Hitters"

Just kidding. I think all of you were brave beyond words for your devotion to your Music.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1338
10/15/2007 03:09 PM
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Von Cello Newsletter

I just sent out Von Cello Newsletter #79. If anyone wants to comment on it feel free.

Von Cello 

Post No. 1337
10/14/2007 11:34 AM
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Good deed of the day

Here's an easy way to do some good:

Von Cello 

Post No. 1336
10/14/2007 11:19 AM
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Speaking words of wisdom...

Von Cello 

Post No. 1335
10/14/2007 11:12 AM
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Shell game

That's a good philosophy. After all we are all human.

I have heard that term "Christian God" before and it always strikes me as a weird phrase. I know it is just a manner of speaking, but it has a pagam ring to it, as if we are back to the days when there were many gods. According to the Bible, there is only one God, as it says, "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one". So there is no Christian God, or Muslim God, there is only God. It's just that Christians worship God in a Christian way, i.e. through Christ, etc.

I know that's what you meant, but I just took the opportunity to point out why that phrase has always sounded strange to me. Jews don't think of God as the "Jewish God", God is the God of all people, that's what the story of Jonah is all about.

I once talked to an atheist who said there was no God. So I said, "Everything that you think is not God". God is the force that animates the universe, and He is also the physical substance that makes up the universe. I think, to some extent, it is all semantics. It's funny but Mike Savage recently said that in America the people who think they are the most religious are usually the least religious, because true relgion is more than just saying "I believe", its about helping the poor, caring for the environment, etc. As long as someone does good works, he has found the truest essence of religion. Belief is important too, but I believe that the prophets made it clear that belief without works is like an empty shell.

Post No. 1334
10/13/2007 10:23 PM
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I love you, man.

Well, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Jain, pagan, voodoo preist or priestess, Satan worshiper, atheist....I am brother (and sister) with all the peoples on Earth; I belive in that strongly. I worship, and belive in the Christian God above all else, but I am connected to everyone on this big, beautiful blue planet of ours.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1333
10/13/2007 11:58 AM
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Speaking about history and knowledge, I have heard it said by some Orthodox rabbis that Buddhism also comes from Judaism. After all, in the Torah it says that Abraham had more sons after the death of his wife Sarah, and he "sent them east". What is east of Israel? You guessed it...India, China, and other countries which practice Buddhism or its older brother Hinduism.

The Blble also says that he sent them "with gifts". But in the same sentence it says he "gave all he had to Isaac" who was his Jewish son. So the rabbis ask, "If Abraham gave everthing he had to Isaac, what were these gilfts?" They conclude that the gifts contained "nothing"!

Now, you may ask, "What kind of a stinking gift is nothing?" But then, think about Buddhism. What do they meditate on? Nothing! And what state are they attempting to acheive? Nothingness! So one could argue that Abraham was also the father not just of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, but the Hindus and Buddhists as well. As it says God told him, "You will be the father of many nations", and "all the world will bless themselves by you".

Now, are Buddhists going to like Jews more because of this? No. It is just information to be used as people see fit. I just find this stuff fascinating. As a guy who loved looking for clues in old Beatle albums...the Torah is like a thousand Beatle albums in one!

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