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Post No. 257
09/16/2006 09:34 PM
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"Like a Black Fly in your Chardonnay...."

Von Cello 

Post No. 256
09/16/2006 09:54 AM
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Isn't It Ironic?

I got that wrong. The pope quoted a ruler, not a former pope. But in any case, the news out now is that the pope has "apologized". But what he said was that he was sorry his words offended Muslims, not that he was sorry for what he said. The question is whether or not, through violence and destruction, Muslims around the world will be able to intimidate the pope into say he is sorry for quoting from another leader saying something about the violent nature of Islam. The news is that Muslims have already attacked a couple of Catholic institutions.

How ironic. It reminds me of the tough guys where I grew up in Canarsie (the hitters). If you asked a hitter, "Why are you so violent", he would say, "So you think I'm violent? I'll punch you in the face!" And he would!

That's what's going on here. The Muslims are saying, "You think Islam was spread through violence? We'll burn down your churches and riot in the street and kill your people, unless you say you're sorry!"

What does this irony have to do with music? Alanis Morisette sang a song called, "Isn't It Ironic?"
Von Cello 

Post No. 255
09/15/2006 11:11 PM
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Modest and Outrageous

If you do the math you'll see it's not that hard. Let's say I placed ads in ten places and I get one girl a week from half the ads, that would be five a week. After three weeks that would be fifteen girls. Don't forget, I was also in the "New York market". When I placed ads upstate I got very little response compared to when I placed them in the city. I got my best luck from a phone service where men and women could place ads and people could answer your ad, all over the phone with voicemail boxes. Computer dating was not really happening much back then....well anyway, I didn't have a computer. But today I'd be checking that out. I got it to the point that I had dates with two or three new girls each week.

Thanks for playing Von Cello cuts on your show. I'm going to meet with Scott Guberman in about a week to start recording for a new duo CD. When we have some material worked out, maybe we can come up your way.

I know you're trying to get away from the mid east talk, but the new pope made the news this week when he quoted an earlier pope who said that Mohammed was basically evil and spread his religion by the sword. Now Muslims around the world are outraged and are demanding an apology. Notice, they don't get outraged when one of their's beheads someone and makes a video. I'm sick of the double standard. You know something, I'M outraged by their outrage! How about that?!

Post No. 254
09/15/2006 07:31 PM
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Well Aren't We Modest......

Von Cello wrote: "I had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of where all the girls were contacting me from. It became like running a small business".

You sure you're not embellishing or exagerating anything here?
So am I safe to conclude now that it takes brutal honestey AND kick-a### cello playing to find true love? I don't think your giving me the whole story here, Aaron.

BTW,I dedicated "Bach to the Future" and "Jump...." to you tonight....I also told my fans where they can find you on the net.
I have so many of them I need to make a spreadsheet!!!
Von Cello 

Post No. 253
09/15/2006 02:07 PM
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Try just a little bit harder

I think Joplin sang that (Janis, not Scott). But that's the key. When I was doing the ad thing, I put out so many ads in so many places that I had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of where all the girls were contacting me from. It became like running a small business.

Here are Von Cello's tips for placing personal ads:

1. Be totally honest. If you think you are fat and ugly and are seeking a tall and skinny girl, say, "Fat and ugly guy seeks tall and skinny girl". Most girls will laugh, but if there is a tall skinny one out there who likes fat, ugly men, then she is the one who will call you!

2. If that doesn't work, still be honest, but more tactful. Perhaps say, "Unattractive, superficial guy seeks tall model type".

3. If that doesn't work, still be honest but emphasize something else, like your personality and the inner qualities you want from a girl.

4. Answer all responses right away.

5. Be kind to EVERYONE. First of all, it is bad karma to hurt other people, especially ones that were nice enough to answer your ad. Also, you'd be amazed how many single people know each other. And word gets around.

6. You have to really want to meet someone, and be ready for a serious relationship for this to work. On the other hand, if you are looking for fun, or someone to talk to, make that clear to. In any case, keep trying and don't give up.

7. The most important thing is honesty. And if you can fake that, you got it made!

Post No. 252
09/15/2006 12:57 PM
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hopeless romantiscism and a Vermont tourist attraction

I've posted a personal ad in the paper before, and I actually called a girl I was interested in. She never got back to me, needless to say, nor did anyone else contact me for the two or three weeks my ad was running in the paper. I have been told by many of my friends who happen to be girls, that love will find me if I'm lucky enough or when I least expect's not something I should try for, it will just happen.

I can't play guitar, but I can play the dumbek, and thumb piano, and I can play the ukulele's the thing though, I think I look terrible naked. I would not be surprised if I see some brave soul (hopefully it's a female soul), walking in the buff down Church Street sometime - urban people-watching is perhaps Vermont's un-official tourist industry, as I'm sure it is in NYC.

Check out my radio show on webcast today at 5:00pm E.S.T
Shillelagh Safari W/DJ Seamus
Call in with requests at 1-802-654-2887
Von Cello 

Post No. 251
09/15/2006 11:37 AM
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Things that make you go hmmm....

Here is a video questioning some of the 9/11 reporting. I am not saying it is true, but I'd be curious to get your reactions. Sooner or later the government is going to have to confront this type of information.
Von Cello 

Post No. 250
09/14/2006 11:19 PM
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So many questions, so little time...

Wow, so many things to respond to.

1. If you read the biblical account of Ishmael, you will see that Isaac's mother sent him away, even though he and Isaac were both children of Abraham. The Talmud explains that Ishmael was shooting arrows at Isaac, and Sarah was afraid for his life. So, if anything, the Bible teaches us that Ishmael (and the people he represents) were not going to live peacefully with the children of Isaac. Some people look to the Bible as a book of love, but it also contains a lot of cold, hard observations and lessons that we can learn from. Whoever wrote it had a keen understanding of human nature.

2. Christians believe that Jesus died to relieve humanity of the original sin of Adam and Eve. Jews believe that we are actually born sinless, and when we do commit sin, we alone have the ability to repent for ourselves. The punishment for the sin of Adam and Eve was that they would have to die. This punishment still affects all of us to this day, whether we believe in Jesus or not. As for eternal life, Jews believe that that was available to us before Jesus, and that Adam and Eve did merit eternal life in the world to come. Overall, however, Jews believe in a lot of what Christians believe.

3. The difference with Muslims is that there is a substantial group within their ranks that does not believe in peacefully co-existing. They believe that killing people like us actually gets them special sexual delights in heaven (72 virgins). Until that belief is eradicated from this world, we will continue to have problems with the Muslim world. So, this will probably go on more or less forever, or until there is a nuclear war. That is why the Bible has prophecies about a horrible war at the end of time, with people having their flesh melt. Sounds a lot like nukes. Hopefully we can avoid this, but its hard to see how.

4. In all honesty, Karen and I met through an ad. I used to think that the only "manly" way to meet a girl was at a bar, through a friend, or through actually picking a girl up somewhere. But the ad thing can be good because you have the potential to meet so many more people than you can just walking around. Plus, when a girl answers your ad, assuming you have been totally honest, you know right a way that she is interested in you, and vice versa. So it takes away a lot of the games. So, if I were single now, I'd look into internet dating, phone ads, newspaper ads, etc.

Of course you could also play the guitar naked while walking down the commons in downtown Burlington.

5. The drums in "Jump on that Train" can be thought of as annoying...but I prefer to think of them as the sound of the train on the tracks! In that piece, I was more into trying to create the sounds and feel of a train, than trying to make the most beautiful sounding recording. It was more conceptual than commercial.

6. I wrote a book called, "Beyond Faith". In it I argue that people should move beyond just believing things, and really investigate and compare religions. If we could all just drop whatever we have been told from our childhoods, and examine the great religions objectively, I think the world would be a better place. I'm still hoping to get it published. I'm going to meet with someone this weekend who might be able to help.

7. Speaking about music, I played two gigs on Wall Street this week. The one yesterday was at Federal Hall, which the the spot where George Washington was inaugerated. Talk about inspiration!!

Post No. 249
09/14/2006 08:08 PM
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WWJD? And I Want Out!!!

Reading the article below I am reminded again of a topic I posted several weeks ago:

Do not the Muslims understand that their Ishmael was brother to Issac, descendant of the Hebrew people, and that both brothers were born of Abraham, the patriarch of Judaism, Islam AND Christianity? I guess it's safe to say that the Koran does not include Genesis.
(Check out the song "Two Brothers" from songwriter Roy Zimmerman on "Peacnick" which explains this in detail.

It is not shocking at all, but thoroughly dis-heartening, to hear that Hamas attacked a group of Christians. Whithin Christanity, of course, lies Catholiscism. Am I and my fellow worshipers next? When is this voilence and hatred to end? Through my experiences at Mass, I have come to understand, or believe, that Jesus would not want the violence in the Middle East to last any longer then it has....he must be shedding tears in heaven right now for Muslims, Jews and Christians alike. Jesus is a kind soul and loves everyone equally...if he didn't, would he have willingly sacrificed his body and blood on the cross to save us from Adam and Eve's original sin?
Jesus esepcially loved children, and I weep for all of the youth of the Middle East who have to and have had to grow up with hatred. There must be a solution to all of this...we haven't found it yet, but there must be. Will a solution be found during my lifetime? Right now that looks like it's not meant to be...The truth is I just don't know what to say or do any more about the Middle East.

How about a new topic?
Aaron, how did you and your wife meet? I am trying to find that special someone for me....any man-to-man advice?

Not as important, but what's up with that weird drum riff on "Jump On That Train"? I have to confess, I don't like it, but the rest of the "Breaking..." album is quite good.
Von Cello 

Post No. 248
09/14/2006 06:09 PM
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Von Cello 

Post No. 247
09/14/2006 04:53 PM
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I Scream for Ice Cream

Well...isn't that anti-U.S.? I think there are people everywhere that attack others to get what they want. But in the case of the Militant Muslims, they have told us again and again, in videos, on websites, in books, in their actions, that their GOAL is to utterly destroy us. The Indians did not want to destroy us. So you could argue that we were wrong to attack the Indians, but are right to attack the MM's.

I find it amazing how people try to lump every situation together. It is different when you attack a group of people who does not want to destroy you, or when you attack a group that admits that it does.

Post No. 246
09/14/2006 04:33 PM
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afain we are back to the idea of why we are there. To get oil or to stop its sale which leads to money used to attack us. Thers no way to kno the truth. History is full of painting he who has what one wants as evil and threatening, as using this commodity for power.Jus the mere fact that he has wat we need gives him power,,and thats enough to begin the paint job. Indians were painted as killers by the cavellry, in order to kill them cause they had land and that was seen as a power group within the usa .We can analyse the possivle hiddeen reasons forever but the rule is, americans want their ice cream so if haagen daz were made only in denmark, wed be attackin dare they!!!
Von Cello 

Post No. 245
09/14/2006 04:20 PM
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Arabian Tea

I think overall one country should not take the resources of another. But if a certain country is making money off a certain resource, and using that money to arm itself with the intent of attacking another country, can you blame the other country for wanting to seize the resource? If the intention of Bush was to control the oil for profit, then I agree: no war for oil. But if the intention was to drain the terrorists of their source of funding, can you not see some validity there?

Again, I'm not saying he did do this, or that he should have done this. I am just trying to explore the concept. Most people have a knee jerk reaction against going to war for oil. All I'm saying is that one should have an open mind. LIke playing the cello like a guitar. Most people say that is wrong. But I say, have an open mind. Explore all the ramifications before coming to a conclusion.

Post No. 244
09/14/2006 02:57 PM
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wat about wars on or above your land? can we be attacked cause we have fertile land? or cleaner air? or more fish in my river? oil, fish air fertlie land,,,,all as important..... its easy to see wat we need and they have as IMPORTANT number one...but i gotta tell you its a great dream but wed lose in the end cause we have more to offer that they need(land water air cattle, chickens fruits ) than they have (oil, gas)i think food is more than oil..but i don see africans attacking our frontiers
Von Cello 

Post No. 243
09/14/2006 11:56 AM
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Bessie, Bessie, Bessie, Bessie, Bessie, camelion. You come and go. You come and go-oh=oh-oh.

Well, I think that's the whole problem here. We went into Iraq for oil, but we can't say it. But I think we should say it. We should say, "If you want to get to play with the gooey oil, you have to behave like a good boy and not throw it at everyone".

Look, the Militant Muslims feel they have the right to attack us because we play instruments and let our women walk around without permission. And we feel that we can attack them to grab control of their oil so they can't become more powerful. I think a lot of what we are seeing in the world today is people acting out of fear. Anyway, who says that a certain group of people are entitled to a certain piece of land? And who says they are entilted to what's beneath it. In Alaska you can claim unclaimed land...even today. You can go way out in the tundra and find a spot and put up markers and the government will recognize that it's yours. HOWEVER, you are not entitled to what is under the ground! So if oil or gold is discovered, it is not yours. Why can't we do that all over the world? The oil should belong to all of us, not just to the few million people who happen to live above it.

Hey man, didn't John Lennon sing, "Imagine all the people sharing all the world"? And don't the Muslims want a one world goverment controlled by them? Well, why should it be controlled by them? Let it be controlled by "the people" and let "the people" share the oil. I say, let everyman have two buckets of oil for free! One for him, and one for his cow!

Post No. 242
09/14/2006 10:25 AM
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All cows have legs.
Bessie is a cow.
Therefore, Bessie has legs.
(or does she?)

Post No. 241
09/14/2006 02:39 AM
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using that logic then others should attack the usa cause we have a threatening military.What id a country attacks us cause we destroy forrests which everbody needs for air. attacking us cause we destroy forrests which everbody needs for could one day go against them so they shouldnt wait. If another country has your needed resource ,its theirs and they can do wat they want.
YES WE WILL ATTACK but we never say its for the resourse,,that sounds bad and uncristian...we invent an excuse like dictator or wmd or antidemocratic or anything that fits well into sunday morn church song...but going for the oil? that sounds greedy like WE fucked up being too dependent and ol cristian values do say that if its under his feet, its his...
i wonder wat we got in the usa that others might see as needed in their country thus making us attackable under von cello logic which i agree with.
Von Cello 

Post No. 240
09/13/2006 11:27 PM
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Oil, black gold, Texas tea

When you go on the internet it is powered by electricity...but what is fueling the power plants? Oil! That's why I said oil is related to communications. Again, I am all for finding new fuels. It shold be a national priority, the number one priority. But for now, oil powers the world. If apples became the fuel of the world, then, yes, people would be fighting over apples.

My point goes like this...if oil equals money, and money equals power, and power equals dominance, then do you really want the Arab countries in control of the world's oil? You may say, "But it's theirs. It's under their soil". And I would say, "So when they start making nukes and bombing your cities are you still going to be so dogmatic about that?"

I'm not saying that we should take control of their oil, but I don't buy the argument that just because a resource is under the soil you inhabit, you deserve to have total control of it. After all, if whoever lives over a resource should control it, then that would argue for kicking people off of land and then controlling the resource. The bottom line is this, no country who has strength enough to fight is going to sit back and let another country get rich off a resource under its soil, if its goal is to use that money to get power and destroy the other country. It's like, if you discover a gold mine, and then you take the money you make and buy weapons to attack me...I'm going to seize your gold. It's the law of karma.

Karma karma karma karma karma camelion. You come and go. You come and go oh oh oh.

Post No. 239
09/13/2006 07:02 PM
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My computer takes "un-leaded"

Aaron - you were probably only joking, but it would be vertually impossible for anyone to blow up the sun, or to "attack the sky". The sun will die out on it's own in a billion years from now. But we will always have the sun and we will always have wind too....water, well, we'll have that for a long time unless the ozone layer weakens from all the oil we're burning, and the heat from the sun evaporates the oceans. I find it hard ot belive that oil fuels our communication -Electricity and telephone wires are making it possible for us to talk on this forumn right now. (Which has been quite a highlight for me these last few weeks). Of course it takes no fuel at all, except for a little elbow grease, that is, to write a letter. To say that oil fuels our communication is ludicrous, unless you're talking about communication of a different kind, whcih is likely becuase I don't often grasp the real point when reading an article or a'd think college would have taught me how to do that.

Anyay, Neal - if we could power cars with apples, that woudl be cool. I vote as well for bio-mass (essentially old vegetation), olive oil (not the good stuff from Italy or Morrocco, obviously), and garbage....what do the major U.S. ports do with our garbage? They ship it out to sea in huge, gas-guzzling barges, and it collects in large, floating garbage "islands" resembling either a large, swamp-ish Jabba the Hut, or some of the more industrial areas of New Jersey (My apologies to all from NJ)....and we wonder why we find all those "treasures" on the beach while on summer vacations. (Check out the Coen Bros. movie "The LadyKillers for a visual example of this).

Post No. 238
09/13/2006 02:12 PM
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so if tomorow some country invents an apple fueled car, it can attack the usa for its apples.apples would be power! or if hollywood movies seem unstoppable and enter a foreign culture via emule and the net is seen as influencing or destroying a foreign culture then that country can take over the net militarily.Many things are needed and thus give others power.Can we attack the fon company cause we depend on it and it seems too expensive
Von Cello 

Post No. 237
09/13/2006 01:54 PM
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What if...

What if we switch to solar and they attack the sun? What if we switch to wind power and they attack the sky? What if I got hemeroids and had to sit on a metal chair and play the cello for five hours? Ouch!

If the conpiricay theories about 9/11 are true, Bush would not only be our worst president, but he would be liable for war crimes against the U.S.A. But, on the other hand, if there is no conspiracy he may...and I say "may"...go down in history as a great visionary. Frankly, I doubt it, but it is possible. Assuming that the official story of 9/11 is more or less true, he was the first president to recognize that we have been under attack by militant Islam for several decades, and he was the first president to truly strike back and "take the war to the terrorists". Also, his idea about democratizing the Arab world may prove to be a big folly, or it may prove (perhaps 100 years from now) to have been way ahead of its time.

I do fault him big time for not making alternative energy a big priority. I am in total agreement that that is the way to go. But, for now, oil is a lot more than a cookie in the cookie jar. Basically, you need oil to send an army to fight. You need it for the planes, boats, cars, Humvees, housing, submarines, communications, etc., etc. Also, whoever controls the oil will get billions of dollars to produce bombs, and all the things needed to win a war. Oil is power. Forget about the fact that it is black and gooey. That is just its physical appearance. Oil really is bombs and rockets, aircraft carriers, propaganda campaigns...oil is the key to survival or destruction. We are not fighting for some black goo. The fight for oil is a fight for world dominance, for whether the world will be forced to listen to Madonna and Bon Jovi, or have all our instruments confiscated and only be able to listen to men chant the Muslim call to prayer.

Hmmm...hard to tell which is worse!


Post No. 236
09/13/2006 12:12 PM
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what if they attacked us for our corn cause usa is number 1 producer and corn is ethenol.? what if we offer to sell and they say our price is too they attack us?

Post No. 235
09/13/2006 09:54 AM
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That's MY OIL! Gimme! Gimme! All Mine!

To me, watching our government going to war for oil seems as stupid as wtaching young siblings fighting over who gets the last cookie from the cookie jar.
Sure oil fuels our economy (excuse the pun), but why waste our time with oil, when when we have the possiblity of using water, wind, or sunlight for power? There already plenty of people taking advantage of solar power, but they are planning on building a massive, solar cell-studded tower somwhere...I forget where, to power all the homes over a large area....when I heard this, I thought "oh great, it's just another large target for Bin Laden's Cronies to crash into". What we need is a solar cell on each individual house so that if one house's power goes out there are still several others which are juiced up", as it were, and neighbors can seek shelter with neighbors untill the problem is fixed.

I don't want to know what would happen if the hole in the atmoshpere gets bigger as a result of our "addiction" to fossil fuels.

But back to the war....i have not research any of the 9/11 documentaries since I'm getting over it but not forgetting the whole thing, but I am sure that George W. will be written in the history books as our worst president if the 9/11 conspiracies are proved to be true. One thing I'm sure of, is that the Bush family has ties with the Saudi Royal Family. Which international "man of mystery" was originally a Saudi? Who but our old friend Bin Laden. One need only watch Michael Moore's 9/11 documentary to find this out.

What a truly, crazy, mixed up world this is. The best we can do is to dispell the the notion that "Life sucks, then you die", and then go on living the best lives we can, all the while playing a lttle music and talking about the healing power of music with our friends. Von Cello, you are are welcome back up here any time....I would love to get you and Scott G. for a live performance...I request a cover cover of "Uncle John's Band"!!!
Von Cello 

Post No. 234
09/13/2006 09:39 AM
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If all the girls were across the sea...

Good point. They used to go to war for women, didn't they? But today we realize that the supply of women is infinite, but the supply of oil is limited. Plus you can drive a car without a woman, but not without gas. So oil is considered more valuable.

There is this concept that just because a certain group of people live on top of a certain resource, that that resource is "theirs". But did God give it to them? Why should they have control over it just because of dumb luck. It could be argued that important resources should be controlled by those most likely to conserve them, or make constructive use of them, or spend the profits in the most beneficial way to humanity. I don't see why the simple fact that it is under the soil someone happens to inhabit at a certain time means that they own it.

Didn't John Lennon sing about "sharing all the world"? Maybe that means we should all own everything no matter where we live.


Post No. 233
09/13/2006 05:46 AM
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war is good for nothin, i mean for oil

wgat about going to war for women? what if the other guy has more woman and we want em. Thats happened in history you know. Oil, woman, food ,land, water etc.... and one day .....air.....

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