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Von Cello 

Post No. 507
11/27/2006 01:08 PM
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The plot thickens

So, what are you saying? Are you saying that everyone in the world should attack everyone that they think might attack them? Are you basically saying that W.W. III is already on and it's every man for himself?

Post No. 506
11/27/2006 10:14 AM
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i dont think its only israel. ALL countries could be eliminated in 1 blow even the exploding biological briefacse in kansas would wipe us all out in 4 days. All countries can easity apply the ISRAELI idea of ,one hit on us is one too many.I think the whole world is now able to destroy the whole world and that worries the big democracies.. In the past big democracies not fearing being destroyed forced a vision that WE dont attk until we are attked..but now even the big guys see that one blow could takeoutthe usa the vision changeds to preemptivity but this runs counter to cristian values of fairness trial evidence and proof....Aaron, the argument is that we all need to eliminate the kill power cause if the usagot it then the OTHER guy wants it too. We feel weneed it cause we dont trust him andhe feels the same...theonly solution is WAR before they get it....ITS ME OR YOU is the way sounds greedy and selfish egotistical even maniacal butitsour reality. WE ARE ALL ISRAELIS
Von Cello 

Post No. 505
11/27/2006 09:33 AM
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Survival of the first strikers

Good points. This was mentioned. But here was my point. The U.S. is a very big country. We could afford to lose a city or two by taking a first strike and we could still retaliate, destroy our enemy, and survive as a nation (even if a much different nation). But Israel cannot afford to take even one nuke. One nuke on Tel Aviv could wipe out the majority of the population, and the radiation might wipe out the rest of the country. So, unfortunately, for Israel to wait until it is hit, to hit back, is suicide. Israel is in the terrible position of having to strke first in a nuclear confrontation. Well, actually, what it has to do is to strike to wipe out the possiblity of a nuclear bomb being built by countries that have as their goal the destruction of Israel.

That is the core of the argument that got our friend to say, "I'm glad YOUR finger's not on the bomb". Yet what was his answer? "You should not attack another country unless you are attacked first". So I said, "So Israel should allow itself to be obliterated, and THEN it should attack?"

He had no answer for that point so he just kept repeating his idiotic statement, "I'm just glad your finger's not on the bomb". Until I finally said, "Fine, so let's let another Holocaust happen. Brilliant idea!"'s a difficult situation. But it has to become unacceptable in the world for countries like Iran to threaten to destroy other countries and also try to obtain nuclear capability. It should be a no brainer. If you want to destroy another country, that country has the right to destroy you first. Simple as that. Sad but true.

There is a talk show host here in New York, Mark Levin. One day he started talking about how sick he was of hearing from Iran that Isreal has no right to exist. He starting screaming, "You know what Iran, I think YOU don't have a right to exist. I would like to blow YOU off the face of the earth. How do you like THAT?!"
fred and murry 

Post No. 504
11/27/2006 03:50 AM
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clean lil secret

zionism is judaism yes!
u r right that jews must be aggressive and stop problems before they occur....Id suggest u keep this idea inside as it reallyisnt very acceptable to many jews;the idea that we eliminate future nazis befor they are nazis...sounds like declaring oneguilty without a proper trial. or without evidence .Evidence to some is he has to have killed at least 1 jew.To othersits the talkabout killing jews,the moveto establish a political party where racism is part.I think many american jews have the truth justice and the american way of seeing evidence and it just doesnt work in reality..preemptive strike works better but changes the level of evidence needed to justify action.This jus doesnt fit well with jews andnonjews in the usa and abroad....this is the heart of your are a 21st century jew talking to 20th century people.. The usa too has lowered the bar on evidence wehn it entered iraq for those wmd.Not finding any wmd has made preemptive attack look bad and adds weight to that guys argument about waiting till higher evidence is presented. but i still think preemptive is the only workable least for jews . However its not piblicly discussed cause it does run contra everything we were tsught as kids about justice and evidence.......
Von Cello 

Post No. 503
11/26/2006 11:21 PM
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Like sheep led to slaughter

Here is a whole webpage dedicated to that phrase and how it applies to the Jews:

I think overall, the Jews of Europe did not believe that their fellow Euorpeans were really going to commit genocide on them. Even when they were being led into the gas chambers I don't think they could grasp what was really happening. That is why I feel that Jews (and all peoples) must be vigilant today. And when a leader like Ahmadinijad says to our faces that the Holocaust never happened, and that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth, and that he intends to get nuclear power...we must not go into a trance like our forebears did in Europe. We must take the threat 100% seriously, and plan how we are going to stop him.

This was the precise conversation that became so heated at my cousin's Thanksgiving. One guest, a Jew, basically started insulting me for proposing that we take the leader of Iran at his word, and start considering how to destroy him before he destroys us. He kept saying, "I'm glad your finger is not on the bomb". And finally I said to him, "So you would allow another Holocaust!" Then he called me a "Zionist", as if that was a dirty word. And I said to him, "Zionism is Judaism, you are a Jew hater".

Well, at that point everyone at the party kind of jumped in like referees, and suddenly people were standing up and putting on their coats! Then I walked over and shook the guys hand and said, "I don't know why everyone is freaking out. We were just expressing our opinions". He agreed, but I guess the atmosphere just got too intense for turkey day. I suppose we should have been discussing what we are thankful for, rather than whether or not we should nuke another country before they nuke us. But that's really where things are at today.

Gobble, gobble.
fred and murry 

Post No. 502
11/26/2006 02:21 PM
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maybe this explains why so many jews went like sheep to the gas chambers instead of fighting..they believed theyd get a reward in heaven and the nazi would pay in hell
In such a case i prefer they would have been aethiests and put up their balls and fight. like turkeys they went in almost as accomplises
Von Cello 

Post No. 501
11/26/2006 11:31 AM
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Dying to live, or living to die?

That is the conventional wisdom, but We are talking now on a apiritual level. The belief is that souls can see things that the mind can't. It is taught in Judaism, for instance, that souls can see God plainly, but when they are put in bodies they become blinded. So the soul knows more than the mind. On a scientific level they talk about other levels of consciousness, where the subconscious mind sees things that the conscious mind does not. So, on this level, it is possible that animals, on a subconscious or "spiritual" level, realize when they are being slaughtered in a kosher way, that they are fulfilling the will of the creator. Whereas, if they are killed in a non-kosher way, then they are indeed in pain and have no spiritual exstacy in their death.

It may be hard to believe, but who knows what really goes on in the soul of a turkey?!
fred and murry 

Post No. 500
11/26/2006 02:41 AM
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aaron i have to say you must have had a bit too much J&B when you wrote that last thing that the turkeys would line up willingly to die blessed rather than as roadkill
i think that you better jus say that we eat meat and the animal died in pain even if killed kosher style and didnt want to die

Dont sweat it buddy! we are savages ,killing and hurting in order to EAT MEAT. theres no way around it.We take life
Von Cello 

Post No. 499
11/25/2006 03:43 PM
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Gobblers for God

One rarely thinks of Thanksgiving from the turkey's perspective...but I did once ask a Lubavitcher Jew about this concept. I asked him if it would not be more spiritual to be a vegetarian than to be a meat eater, which is the way of the Jew. He answered that in most cases killing an animal is a selfish act. You want to eat the animal, so you kill it. But when you kill an animal through the kosher laws, then the animal is dying as part of the performance of a mitzvah (commandment). In that case, the animal is actually thrilled deep within it's soul. Rather than dying as road kill, or as the food of some selfish other animal or human, this animal gets to have a blessing said over it, and it gives it's life in order to help perpetuate God's law. This is a rare oppourtunity for an animal; to be elevated into the service of God.

Now, you may say that animal probably in reality does not want to die, even if it is in the service of God. But look at it this way...look how many Muslims are happy to die in order to fulfill what they believe is the will of God. Why would you assume that a turkey has any less desire to please the Lord?
fred and murry 

Post No. 498
11/25/2006 02:14 AM
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i think you need to first ask the turkey! i mean here you are a jew and a catholic?debating kosher turkey and comminuon. Did anyone here ask the turkey about his feelings? Im kosher? asks the turkey. maybe he sees you both as savages. And ask the vegetarian. Hed say you are beasts exploiting the OTHER animals cause your book says a guy GOD? put you here to manage them.
Von Cello 

Post No. 497
11/25/2006 12:37 AM
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I Insist

Well, that was kind of my point. Using the word "insist" is a little out of place when it comes to communion as it is when it comes to eating kosher. Just as a Catholic yearns for the communion, an Orthodox Jew yearns for kosher food. I once heard an Orthodox rabbi who went on a mission to the Soviet Union to educate Soviet Jews about Judaism. He spoke about the struggles they had just to not starve! There was no kosher meat around, so they had to live on vegetables and fruits, but often those things were not available either. They also could not eat off of non kosher plates, or drink from non kosher cups. So there were days when they couldn't eat at all, and there were times when they almost starved. But they LOVED it. For them it was a great opportunity to show God how much they loved His laws and how much faith they had that He would keep them alive despite the difficulties. So, as in communion, it is not so much that they insisted on keeping kosher, but they love doing it.

In much the same way, Muslim suicide bombers love being given the opportunity to kill other people as they blow themselves up. Faith does drive people to do very strange things.

I never heard of an American almost starving, or agreeing to commit suicide in order to eat a turkey...but then again, maybe that is one of the great things about being an American.

Post No. 496
11/24/2006 08:49 PM
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Hey, this wasn't in the brochure!

Von Cello wrote: "Why do Catholics insist on taking communion?" Or why do Americans "Insist" on eating turkey? These things are part and parcel of the identity of the people who subscribe to these groups. Jews don't "insist" on being kosher, it's just part of the curriculum".

Well, as a Catholic, I wouldn't call communion as "just part of the curriculum", nor would i say Catholics insist on taking communion because we some how feel we "have to". We take the bread and wine at communion to remember Jesus' sacrifice. For Catholics, this communion, or Eucharist, is the most important and spiritually symbolic part of the mass. We belive the bread and wine we consume transforms into the savior's body and blood after the preist says the blessing over it. This is our way of remembering. So I wouldn't say we "insist" on taking communion, we "wait" for it, "yearn for iy, we "relish" the opportunity to re-live Christ's life and sacrifice in the Eucharist, as we do on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, on the occaison of our first baptism and on many other feast days in the Church year.

Now why do Americans "insist" on eating turkey? Becuase we love to eat! We wouldn't have it any other way.
fred and murry 

Post No. 495
11/24/2006 01:08 PM
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im steve my pda logged me out so i shouldkno that my computer is a palm fon wioth internet. like a cell fon but a lil bigger and 24 7 online. you yanks callem blackberries.we callem treos...
turkey came and came.We ate last night at 10 and continue wit leftovers........
Von Cello 

Post No. 494
11/23/2006 10:26 PM
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Talking Turkey

Where did that expression come from anyway?

I had kind of a weird Thanksgiving. I guess it was weird because we went to my cousin's house and among the guests were a lot of her friends. So I got into a long conversation with one of the friends which became more and more contentiious. So rather than having a warm family gathering, it became a battle of wits.

Just one more thing about the kosher laws that I think is really be kosher a land animal must have a split hoof. That seems kind of arbitrary, doesn't it? But not when you understand Hebrew. Because the word for hoof has the same letters in Hebrew as the word "curtain". So it could be intepreted that a kosher animal must have a split curtain. Now, what does that mean?

Kabbalah teaches that humans have two souls, not one. One soul is the divine soul (put there by God), the other is the animal soul (put there by nature). These two souls are in conflict. The animal soul only cares about it's animalistic desires. The godly soul only wants to reach out to God. Anyway, in order for a person to become a moral person, the godly soul must be able to influence the animal soul. Therefore the animal soul must have an opening in its "curtain" so to speak. So, getting back to the idea of "you are what you eat", if you only eat animals that have an opening in their curtain, that will teach your animalistic soul to keep an opening in it to allow the godly influence of the divine soul.

Now, you could argue that one could allow his animal soul to be affected by his divine soul without keeping kosher. But, if keeping kosher is a commandment from God for Jews, then if they don't follow it, they are closing the curtain to that commandment. So, even though I am not kosher observant, I still agree that for a Jew to fully follow the commands of God and be totally open to godliness, he must be kosher. And that is why Jews "insist" on keeping kosher.

I guess one could ask, "Why do Catholics insist on taking communion?" Or why do Americans "Insist" on eating turkey. These things are part and parcel of the identity of the people who subscribe to these groups. Jews don't "insist" on being kosher, it's just part of the curriculum.
Von Cello 

Post No. 493
11/23/2006 12:12 PM
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Have a Kosher Thanksgiving!

There are kosher laws concerning birds. They say you are what you eat, so birds of prey are not kosher. For instance, you can't eat an eagle or a vulture. But turkey is kosher! I would not be surprised if the turkey was picked for Thanksgiving partly because it is kosher. After all, they could have made a tradition of roasting a pig or a non kosher bird.

There are kosher laws of the sea. It says in the Torah that only fish with fins AND scales are kosher. That is why a dolphin would not be kosher. Neither are shell fish. One of the amazing things about the kosher laws is that they contain "miricles". In the Talmud the rabbis (2,000 years ago) asked, "Why did the Torah have to specify that to be kosher an animal had to have scales and fins?" Interesting question, isn't it? They point out that it turns out that every thing that has scales HAS fins. So why add the fins and not just say scales? They answer, "To make the teaching great and glorious".

But what is so great about that? The rabbis answer with a question..."Was Moses a great seaman?" In other words, how could Moses, who wrote down the Torah about 2,000 years before the Talmud was written, at the dawn of history, know about all the fish in the sea? How could he know that whatever had scales had fins? The only way he could have known is if God (or some being of a higher power) told him. So they see in this kosher law evidence for the existance of God.

Of course, you could argue that the rabbis were reading into the text that Moses was saying that whatever has scales has fins. And that may be true. But then the rabbis made an amazing statement. Because in the past 2,000 years, with all of our sea explorations, we have never found a fish with scales and no fins. This is but one of the amazing things that you learn from the kosher laws.

So, to answer your quesiton, "Why do Jews insist on eating this stuff"'s not that they insist on it, the Bible says that Jews should do it. And Jews have found that in doing it, they are also passing down a lot of very interesting insights.

With that in mind, have a kosher Thanksgiving!
Von Cello 

Post No. 492
11/23/2006 12:59 AM
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Throw the book at 'em

Yes, I actually wrote my book about ten years ago, and recently edited it again. I wrote it at a time when I was feeling that my rock music career was ending and I had the time to devote to writing something of intellectual value. But then the idea for the Von Cello Band came up and the book got put on the back burner. I am plan to try to get it published again.

It's a book that basically explains the rationale behind Orthodox Judaism to a non-Orthodox world. I think it is an important subject, considering that the whole world may blow up in a nuclear Holocaust related to Israel and the Jewish religion. But the problem with getting it published is that secular publishers don't want to publish anything religious, gentile publishers do not want to publish anything Jewish, Reform and Conservative Jewish publishers do not want to publish anything Orthodox, and Orthodox publishers don't want to publish anything from a non-rabbi (Is there such a word?) That is why I couldn't find a publisher ten years ago. But, hey, it's worth another shot.

I myself am not Orthodox, but I feel that the Orthodox are the ones who are passing down the purest form of Judaism, and it is important for this knowledge to be understood by a wider audience. After all, the majority of the people on this planet are members of religions that are outgrowths of Judaism, so you would think that people might want to know what Judaism really says! Yet most people not only do not care, but are hostile to the message of Judaism. Isn't that odd?

As for Thanksgiving...that is an American national holiday so Jews have no problem celebrating it. Most Jews also celebrate Halloween in a secular way, though Orthodox Jews tend to not celebrate it because it is really a Christian holiday. In the case of Christmas, it is hard to miss that CHRIST-mas is a Christian holiday! So Jews don't celebrate it formally. Though these days many Jews attend Christmas parties, etc.

Kosher foods have a few characteristics, most notably that the animal has to chew its cud and have split hooves. That is why horse meat and pig meat are not kosher. Many people think of these laws as outdated, but there are actually spiritual meanings behind them. I personally do not keep kosher, but that does not mean I don't respect the laws. I just find, for my life, that it is a very hard thing go do, and I choose to focus on other aspects of the law. But I am not suggesting that others follow my limitations.

By the way, Thanksgiving is really based on the Jewish holiday of Sukkos. Sukkos is a holiday of thanksgiving related to the harvest. It occurs usually in October. Part of the holiday is to eat a festive meal in a tent (Sukkah), that is adorned with hangings of the harvest. One of the little known features of Sukkos is that the prayer service recounts the way the Jews used to do sacrifices in the Temple for all the nations on the earth during Sukkos. This is interesting since Christianity claims that the sacrifice of the blood of Jesus is necessary to gain forgiveness, yet before Jesus appeared the Jews were already sacrificing animals in a God given ceremony to gain forgiveness for all mankind. I discuss this in my book.

I really hope it gets published. As you said, rock stars are generally not into deep thinking, or at least not writing books on heavy subjects. I guess Bono is an example of a deep thinking, socially concerned rock star. Zappa was another. Did you know that the great composer Telemann wrote more music than anyone, and also had the time to write several books as well! I want to follow in his mold.

Post No. 491
11/22/2006 10:22 PM
Email eaburke81  
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Book 'em, Dano!

Von Cello has written a book? Is this for real? If it is and had I known about it I would have encouraged my listeners to purchase a copy during my interview this summer. I've got to say, Aaron, if you have not written a book yet but are thinking about it, you certainly have plenty of knowledge and experience to pull it could definately write about the Jewish diaspora and their treatment since the conclusion of WWII. you could also write asking "Where the youth went" in terms of the popular, 21st Century western music, film and television scene. You could also write about your feelings on drugs, politcs, food, music and anything else randomn like that. Zappa covered it all in his autobiograhpy and proved that not all rock stars are mindless, greasy automatons who have nothing more on their minds but drugs and sex. If you wrote a book, then maybe your audience would grow and you'd become a bit more popular.

On another note, talking about food - tomorrow is, of course, Thanksgiving Day for millions of Americans. Related to this, I have always wonderd about eating kosher, which many Jews adhere too. What makes a food item kosher? Why do Jews insist on eating this stuff? Do you personally adhere to this?
I hope you yave a Happy Ihanksgiving, if you and your family celebrates it, that is. If not I guess I'll send along some early Chaunnukah wishes. Happy holidays!
Von Cello 

Post No. 490
11/22/2006 09:31 AM
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So, as I was saying...

It is unfortunate that there is all of this institutional anti-Semitism out there. After all, many Christians are taught that the Jews killed Christ. Of course, some will say that it was the Romans, but others will argue that the Jews were the ones that demanded he be killed. That is what the New Testament says. But is it true?

An objective person will realize that the New Testament is not an historically accurate document. Some things are accurate, but others are not. For instance, there are various accounts of events in Jesus' life that contradict each other. There are also contradictions between what the Jewish Bible said and what the New Testament said. One example is that the Torah say that 70 souls went down to Egypt with Jacob and the New Testament says 75. (It may be the other way around, I forget off hand.) So obviously this is a mistake in the New Testament. And this gives you just a glimpse of the many inaccuracies that exist. Therefore, how can we be sure that the Jews really did call for Jesus to be killed? In fact, in the Gnostic Gospels, that were banned by the Catholic Church, the story is told exactly opposite. It says that Pilate wanted to kill Jesus and the Jews said, "His blood will be on your hands", as opposed to the New Testament which says that Pilate didn't want to kill him and he said that quote to the Jews!! So who is right?

The fact is, there are many stories in the New Testament, as well as writtings that make the Jews look bad. After all, they did not accept Jesus as the messiah, so right there there is a problem. Were they correct? If so, than the Christians are following a false messiah. Were they wrong? If so, the Jews rejected the son of God and are lost. The later is the way the New Testament looks at it. So the Jews go from being the chosen messengers of God, spreading the truth to the nations, to a lost group of idiots who killed God! That is the root of anti-Semitism...turning the Jews from the Chosen to the Damned.

Fortunately, certain Christian leaders, like Pope John Paul, have tried to move beyond these problems. But the negativity towards the Jews lingers in the air, and comes out in many ways. It comes out in Prime Minister Zapatero supporting the Arabs over the Jews, it comes out in Ahmadinijad of Iran calling for the destruction of Israel, and it comes out in a Floridian accusing someone of "Jewing" someone down. I dare say it comes out in the calling of the tiny jaw harp, a "Jew's Harp".

On the other hand, as you also pointed out, this adversity strengthens the Jews and holds them together. In fact, the secret that the Jews' enemies never seem to get is this: if you want to destroy the Jews, leave them alone. One of the main things that keeps Jews so strong in their identity is their need to band together to protect themselves from unending waves of anti-Semitism.

It says in the Torah that God would punish the Jews with hatred from the nations. But it also says that He would never let them die out. Anti-Semitism can be seen as the glue that holds the Jews together. Yet, the Bible also speaks of a day when "nations shall not learn war anymore" and all will live in peace. That is the day that Orthodox Jews pray for 3 times a day, every day.

One interesting new twist is that there are Christians and others who are joining with the Jews, not as converts but as Noachides...followers of Noah! There is a movement starting in Israel that is growing every year. There is even a website. Check it out:

It is a fascinating development!
Von Cello 

Post No. 489
11/22/2006 08:51 AM
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A lot said in a few words

You just said enough to write a book, yet you did it in a few words. You indentified the problems:

1. anti-Jewish attitudes that come from the Church
2. anti-Jewish attitudes that come from ignorance
3. anti-Semitism as a type of adversity that helps give Jews an identity.

I deal with all those subjects in my book, "Beyond Faith". More later...

Post No. 488
11/22/2006 01:51 AM
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ok i see fox only on simulcast net
zapatero is like al other spaniards, a bot from THE PUEBLO the church and they will never see jws positively but they will if educated live and let live
thats the most we get from anybody even americans. antisemitism hit me in florida at college wen a goy said DONT JEW ME out of my change and a friend thought jewstake advantage ..of others wen they are down
i think in awat , jews need antisemitism to be jews to make our backbones...without it wed be......THEM!!!
Von Cello 

Post No. 487
11/21/2006 05:41 PM
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Foxes are cute

Hey that's not fair, you just copied and pasted your last post again! Unless somehow I did that by accident in the administration page.

So, anyway, you're saying that Europeans are not anti-Semitic. They are anti everyone but themselves. Gee, that makes me feel better!

And I really don't buy iinto this anti-Fox stuff. I watch FOX almost every day. I also watch MSNBC and CNN, as well as PBS and network news shows. I think that they all are sometimes really objective and other times not. MSNBC often has hosts who are pro Democrat and anti administration, like Chris Matthews and Keith Oberman. CNN seems to walk a more neutral line but has been known to be biased against Israel and pro Arab, especially from some of their special report crowd. Remember the scandal when it came out that CNN covered up negative reports about Saddam Hussein because their reporters were threatened. Wow, that makes them trustworthy! PBS tends to be reasonable, but often airs on the humanistic, non religious side of things.

On FOX you do have your Sean Hannity types, who tend to be antagonists of the right, but you also have as commentators Juan Williams and Mora Liasson, both who come from NPR, a rather liberal radio organization. Even on the Hannity show you have him balanced out by Alan Colmes, who is liberal. So, in fact, I think FOX is pretty balanced compared to the others.

And for some reason, FOX seems to have the foxiest female reporters. I wonder if they do that on purpose. FOX = fox!

Post No. 486
11/21/2006 02:49 PM
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actually i think you are like fox network exagerating things to makeapoint.
yes theres antisemitism in europe but these things u talkabout are bent out of shape. I live here i know here and theres antijew as well as antiblack antiindian anti anybody not hispanic here. europe is monogenetic and they arent accustomed to imigration FROM other gene pools.However im sure theres more antisemitism in the us army than in all of spain in fact i went to a dinner at the us embassy in madrid where zapatero spoke and the reporter jew was there and there was friendly after dinner talk .
i recall an israel here in spain telling folks that he would stay in israel cause the bad antisemites were in europe but the worst were still to come out of the closet in the usa.
Von Cello 

Post No. 485
11/21/2006 02:06 PM
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Not a Fox

Well, it's not me exaggerating. I just quoted an article I saw. I noticed on the webpage that there was a lot of feedback about it. Some people were very offended at the notion of calling Spain, or any European leader, anti-Semitic. The main gist of the posts was that it is not anti-Semitic to criticize Israel. But according to this article Zapatero does much more than that. It claims he publicly sympathized with the Nazis and also criticizes Israel without also criticizing the Arabs. I don't know. I don't live over there, so maybe this article is full of false charges. Or maybe it is true but is not widely publicized in Spain. I recently read that Chavez in Venezuela has been making anti-Semitic comments as he aligns with Iran. Maybe there is a Spanish, anti-U.S., anti-Semitic thing happening around the world.

I don't know. I'm just passing things around.


Post No. 484
11/21/2006 01:51 PM
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actually i think you are like fox network exagerating things to makeapoint.
yes theres antisemitism in europe but these things u talkabout are bent out of shape. I live here i know here and theres antijew as well as antiblack antiindian anti anybody not hispanic here. europe is monogenetic and they arent accustomed to imigration FROM other gene pools.However im sure theres more antisemitism in the us army than in all of spain in fact i went to a dinner at the us embassy in madrid where zapatero spoke and the reporter jew was there and there was friendly after dinner talk .
i recall an israel here in spain telling folks that he would stay in israel cause the bad antisemites were in europe but the worst were still to come out of the closet in the usa.
Von Cello 

Post No. 483
11/21/2006 12:26 PM
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I was just talking about European anti Jewish attitudes and then I discovered this from a Spanish reporter:

Ignacio Russell Cano Published: 07.20.06, 14:21

Madrid: Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Prime Minister of Spain and Secretary General of the Socialist Party, arrived to power at a time nobody expected, not even inside the Party.

Keen on populist tirades against the United States "Dickhead Bush" and "Ketchup Queen Kerry", his whole campaign did not bring much attention until the moment Al-Qaeda decided to blow up Madrid trains, killing almost 200 people and bringing to an end Spain's membership of the West.

From that moment on, everybody knew nothing would be the same, and Spanish Jews knew there were hard times ahead. Prime Minister Zapatero has not disappointed them.

Although many experts had foretold of the imminent disappearing of European Jews, nobody expected such a virulent explosion of anti-Semitism in Spain, not even under a Leftist government.

The first signal came on Monday, 5 December, when during a dinner with the Benarroch family, Zapatero and wife began claiming what Vidal Quadras, member of the European Parliament, described on the radio as "a tirade of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism".

By the moment the Benarroch couple had left the table to express their regrets, Zapatero was explaining his lack of surprise about the Holocaust: according to the people present, Zapatero claimed to understand the Nazis.

The recent clashes with Hizbullah, however, have promoted the longest and hardest diatribes against Israel, forcing Zapatero to loose a cover for what it was long known in Spanish politics: His hate towards Israel, Jews and Zionism.

In the third day of such rants, before a gathering of the Socialist Youth Movement and a day before a demonstration against Israel, Zapatero showed at last his true colours: At the closing of the meeting he let the teenagers take pictures of him wearing a Palestinian kaffiyah.

Although according to Zapatero, Hizbullah and Israel are the same thing, he offers no words of condemnation for the Party of Allah, spending 100 percent of the time explaining, in a rather twisted way, that Israel should let Hizbullah kill Israelis.

Much of the theory belongs to controversial Spanish FM Miguel Angel Moratinos. EU envoy to the Middle East before and sinking in rumours of links to Hamas long before he left, Moratinos arrived to the foreign ministry cleaning the Elcano Institute up, firing the most prestigious experts and bringing in a group of friends of the oppression theory.

Since then, amid support for Castro and Chavez and mysterious support to Bolivia in order to bring Evo Morales to power, the Spanish FM has proved he has nothing to envy in terms of anti-Americanism, but nobody ever expected an explosion of anti-Semitism in Spain this big. It seems once more that the Jews are the canary in the mine, and the United States should take note.

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