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Post No. 882
03/17/2007 09:11 AM
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orange you crushed

ok no crush just curiosity.Have u ever looked up an old crush via google ? i recall finding an old university girl friendand she remmbered me.She was livin in ft lauderdale married kidsetc..Ill admit my heart did a lil jump when i got her email ...made me feel like a kid again. my friend glen ,after his divorce lookedup online his ol crush, nota girlfriend, just a secret crush, .shewas divorced too and in phili..
He drove tosee her and told her he hadhad a crush on her ...They are now livin together in Lancaster penn...
Von Cello 

Post No. 881
03/16/2007 05:28 PM
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Don't crush me!

I don't have a crush on her. She was a friend from Canarsie, so naturally I'd be curious to see where she is now. At the end of high school we played cello sonatas together. It was my first experience playing classical music with someone outside of school orchestra. Of course, we became friends as we had a lot in common at that time. But then I went off to college in Boston and I didn't see her again until we both ended up at Manhattan School of Music. We never "hung out" but were always happy to see each other. After we graduated we totally lost touch. I heard she married a psychiatrist and became a piano teacher in New Jersey. But after that...who knows?

Post No. 880
03/16/2007 04:00 PM
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crushes never die

i haveasked nieca about her understanding that u and she had a connection back wen..Ill stay on it........ hey, Im still into janet kraidman and ellen bashist i understand
Von Cello 

Post No. 879
03/15/2007 08:15 PM
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Born uncle was a doctor!

Hey do you remember that joke about Born Free? Do you remember the song? It seemed like the biggest hit of all time. Now you never hear it. Never!

I guess it went the way of the Macerana and Theme from Titanic. Isn't it weird when songs get soooooo big and then fall off the face of the earth? I wonder what that says about us.

Speaking of falling off the face of the earth, have you tracked down Helene? For a serious and quiet girl she seemed to be very well known in Canarsie. Our lives crossed a few times in public school and college.

Post No. 878
03/15/2007 02:33 AM
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top bildersee alumni

you recalla nieca goldberg? she was good friends with gorelik helene...I got an email from her yesterday. Shes a doctor at lenoxhill cardiologist.... wow!!!! she did well.

Post No. 877
03/14/2007 09:58 AM
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well are u goin to get a camera?
my camera
Von Cello 

Post No. 876
03/14/2007 07:55 AM
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Blue Tooth

I always wondered where they got that name. Blue Tooth...Blue Beard...Blue Moon...Blue Bird...What's with all the blue?

BTW, ever listen to the Joni Mitchell album called, "Blue"? It was the first one I bought, and I think it may be her best. Although I also love Hejira, even though I hated it at first. I might have liked it better if it was called, Blue Hejira.

Post No. 875
03/14/2007 03:24 AM
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if your video camera with hard drive has BLUETOOTH just put it next to the computer and the movie will JUMP into your computer. the pc willDETECT the nearness of its kin and suck up the film. Then upload to you tube. blietooth is the nameof wireless technology invented by the norway people. Their famous admiral was named mr bluetooth. REALLY!!

Post No. 874
03/13/2007 04:58 PM
Email eaburke81  
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Canarsie wrote:

"then connect via vlietooth or cable and up to your pc then up to you tube".

Sounds complicated, also sounds as though you're pretty tech-saavy (an area in which I seem to be lacking). I know what pc is, though, and by "tube", I think you mean "", "Cable" I definately know since I take pitcures with a digital camera and then upload them to my lap-top through a cable, and oh yeah, I watch alot of cable as well (The Simpsons, Family Guy, Who Wants to Be a millionaire - standard TV fare).

But the only thing I have not heard of is "vlietooth", or did you mean "viletooth"? That would be a good name for a heavy metal band.

"Viletooth": the band your dentist warned you about! Comming to your town this Summer on the Cavity-a-Palooza Tour 2007. Brush and Floss!

Post No. 873
03/13/2007 04:09 PM
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spelling corrector

goto any jewish manhattan 47th street foto and buy a video camera with a tape no cd no dvd jus recording on a harddrive like an mp3 does for music . then connect via bluetooth or cable and up to your pc then up to you tube

Post No. 872
03/13/2007 03:34 PM
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goto any jewish manhattan 47th street foto and buy a video camera with a tape no cd no dvd jus resordin on a harddrive like an mp3 does foer music . then connect via vlietooth or cable and up to your pc then up to you tube
Von Cello 

Post No. 871
03/13/2007 01:34 PM
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Modern Times

Good idea. Is there a camera that also takes video, or do I need a separate camera and video camera? Any recommendations? As you can see, I have not caught up on this aspect of technology.

Post No. 870
03/13/2007 11:08 AM
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why not vid a bit of your performances so we can all enjoy these gigs?...Ill chip in for your new camera and you jus ip it to your you tube group.VC fans worldwide can get down......
Von Cello 

Post No. 869
03/13/2007 10:27 AM
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I had a gig last weekend in Morristown, New Jersey at a place called the Sushi Lounge. We were a duo of acoustic guitar and cello, doing standards and a lot of Dead tunes. It was a cool place...comfortable, with great aromas circulating about. Many people commented on the music. "Awesome" was how one person put it. I guess you don't get to hear an acoustic guitar and cello playing classic rock tunes every day.
Von Cello 

Post No. 868
03/11/2007 11:09 PM
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Over 1,000 hits!

Post No. 867
03/11/2007 07:35 AM
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Von Cello 

Post No. 866
03/10/2007 11:39 PM
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Mit Romney - Private Eye

Love it! Great post.

Where is everybody? Mit Romney is running for president for crying out loud! He was also the governor of Massachusets. That's not TOO far from Vermont! And he's running as a Republican, so the issue of him being a Mormon is a big deal because it seems the Christian right are not fond of Mormons. He also has movie star looks...better than Ronald Reagan, so he has been getting a lot of media attention. But maybe not in Vermont. LOL! Maybe you guys were too busy shoveling snow the last few weeks. Heard you got a few feet!

But Anna Nicole has gotten more meda play than good ol' Mit. By the way, I saw a picture of him campaigning in front of a sign that said, "Mit Happens"! So we know he has a sense of humor. But I digress...

George Harrison did get suprisingly little media coverage. But I was in my twenties when John Lennon died, and I have to say, it was even bigger than Anna Nicole. it really was huge. For one thing he got shot...right on a New York City street. It was a shock, and it was sad. All you heard was Beatle music on almost every radio station for at least a week. There were big gatherings in Central Park. Lots of articles, shows, etc.

When George go so little attention it made me realize that John WAS the Beatles! Of course, that's not true. But he was the leader and the one who really got involved in the culture of the sixties. He was more dimensional than the others. He had also just come out with the best solo album of any of them. He would have certainly made some amazing music since then, but at least we had Anna Nicole for all these years. And we still have...Mit!

And who could forget Charley the Unicorn?

Post No. 865
03/10/2007 09:51 PM
Email eaburke81  
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Long time no chat, Anna Nicole, T-Shirts and "Detective Romney"

Hey Aaron - sorry that I haven't written in a while - been busy with my job and my theater group. You raise soem good points as always on the Hezbollah-Nazi connection, Catholicsism, Judaism, and the late Mrs. Smith. But first of all, I do feel I should ask you this:

Von Cello Wrote:

"Now as for the Mormons...let's not bring Mit Romney into this!"

Mit Romney? Who is he? That's a cool name....he could be somekind of film-noir character.
"A quiet night in a city who knows how to keep the Sabbath holy. And in one soltary cathedral on fundamentalism street, one man still prays to God for answers to the age old question: "Why is mormonism so lucrative"? I don't talk much, I just pray and provide voice-overs. That man is me, Mit Romney, Private Catholic".

Where was I? Oh yeah, I don't belive I've had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Romney - who is he?

And about Anna Nicole Smith - I'm sorry she's dead, but shouldn't the families or friends of celebrities beable to grieve, and decide legal matters without media scritiny? Sure, someone rich and famous (or famous because she was rich) died, but people die everyday. I heard the other day that 1 child dies everyday from HIV...there is no way you could wake up tommorrow morning and think that a child with HIV will be sprared...we just don't have the technology, nor the cure yet to help HIV patients recover.
But my point is, people die, no matter how rich or newsworthy they are; the media has a really wierd obsesion with remembering the people who, as I paraphrase an idea you had Aaron, had a lot a lot of looks, but not a lot of talent; or a lot of money, but not a lot of heart. Talk about talent and heart, the late George Harrison had both and then some. When he died, Beatles fans definately took note. There were stories in the newspaper, and on VH1, of course, more than likely there was some coverage on the big three (CBS, NBC, ABC), but I would not be surprised if Anna Nicole's death is getting way more air-time then George's passing, or even John Lennon's demise several years ago recieved. Like you said, Aaron, the media and entertainment industry seems to not recognize and respect true talent when they see it or hear about about the actual GOOD singers on American Idol; not the ones Simon Cowell thinks are good, but the ones who get booted off the show but end up a meager, but honest life for themselves songwriting? What about the innovative ones, I should add, who work tirelessly to bring new instruments to the level of accepted, rock/pop reportoire? They are the true American "Idols"....not that we should worship them above God, of course, but let us give praise to the working class hero, and the struggling artist.
I've heard enough about Anna Nicole and her bones, and her baby, and her many suitors, and burial plot in the Bahamas. As I said in an earlier posting, let us make t-shirts and stand outside FOX headquarters. These shirts will say "She's Dead Already...Get Over It"! Yeah, that's right, don't weep for Smith's family....they're doing alright for themselves. Let us instead, weep for the lower middle-class family who wonder where their next meal will come from and when, or how about weeping for New Orleans, and then actually acting on it and assist with the clean up down there! Man, we live in troubled times. That's my rant for today, I'm gonna go make myself feel better by listening to a bit of Celtic music, maybe I'll accompany it with some spoons! Good night and God Bless America.
Von Cello 

Post No. 864
03/08/2007 08:51 AM
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Did you read the article? She was not an actress, a singer, a model or anything that would traditionally make someone famous. She was just:
Anna Anna Anna Anna Anna Nicole!

Post No. 863
03/08/2007 02:28 AM
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but who was she? was she a famous actress? singer?
Von Cello 

Post No. 862
03/07/2007 02:20 PM
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What Can We Learn From Anna Nicole's DNA?

Wow! Her death dominated the news here like Lady Diana's! It was the most reported story on FOX, MSNBC and CNN for days. All the people involved in fighting over her body, her baby, and her money are now famous. Even the judge is now famous! Yet she is someone with no obvious talent. That is why I wrote the article about her life, and what we can learn about music from it. Let's see if it gets picked up on a lot of sites.


Post No. 861
03/07/2007 12:38 AM
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who is nicole? once again Im sure that folkls livin outside the usa don kno what is goin on in the usa and likewise....It was a surprise to me wen i first came to spain that noone knew CARSON,get smart miami vice or Mr T..Now i see it as normal. Id think the internet would spread spain culture everywhere cause its online but no... outside spain, noone knows most of it..
Von Cello 

Post No. 860
03/06/2007 06:51 PM
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Anna Anna Anna Anna Anna Nicole

What would Von Cello have to say about Anna Nicole?

Check it out:

Von Cello 

Post No. 859
03/06/2007 02:03 PM
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The Circle Game is one of my favorite songs. The other song is one I wrote called We Go Forward. Both are about how we advance in life and are unable to go back to what we had. Joni Mitchell's song only speaks about this life. Mine aludes to the afterlife, or death if you prefer, "We go onward, never to return". As for the Sinatra speaks for itself.

Post No. 858
03/05/2007 02:43 PM
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i wanna kno wat u r drinkin

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