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Post No. 1682
03/17/2008 09:41 PM
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and many of the great writers of old have been may be on to something here, Aaron. Now comes the challenge of GETTING PAID for all the things I do.

Post No. 1681
03/17/2008 09:35 PM
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Edward Burke, far-flung Vermont Travel Writer Extraordinaire

Von Cello wrote, reffering to eaburke81's writing style:

"You'd be great at creating tales about the North East Kingdom and other assorted spots in Vermont that most people don't know".

Wow! Thank you Aaron for complimenting me about my writing....and it was for just something as simple as an internet guestbook post....whoudda thought a "blogger" could be recognized for having a distinct "voice"?
I could write a book on Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, but I'd have to learn to drive first.....I mean, Vermont isn't like NYC where you can take a bus or taxi everywhere, man. Most of Vermont is "the sticks", made up of "hamlets" or "townships", or my favorite word for small towns, "podunks". I think the only place I've scene of the North East is Glover, Vermont, the home of the politically-active, colorful and flamboyant Bread and Puppet Theater Company. I actually to visit there two times last summer when I was up there performing with my own theater company. My director used to be a Bread and Puppet performer herself. We got to watch B and P's Circus, and later marched with them in their parade through a large field and into a forest, and then our troupe performed our show later in the afternoon...this was back in August. Both times we visited, we were treated to a home-cooked, vegetarian meal, accompanied by rustic bread, and the garlic-liest aioli spread I had ever tasted. (This is where they get the name "Bread and Puppet").
To all those planning a Vermont vacation (and those who don't mind a bit of the liberal counter-culture; not too mention NO OUTDOOR PLUMBING), I definately reccomend a stop in Glover to see Bread and Puppet (which is basically the only attraction in town).

On a different topic - Rumplstitskin is not Irish....that's a Brother's Grimm fairy tale.....though I can picture Rumplstitskin drinking as much as an Irishman.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1680
03/17/2008 04:12 PM
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Vonnie O'Cello!

Hey Edward, it's good to hear your "cadence" again. Isn't that people can have a type of "voice" even through typing? It strikes me that you have a bit of the Mark Twain in ya. Have you ever thought about writing a set of short stories? You'd be great at creating tales about the North East Kingdom and other assorted spots in Vermont that most people don't know.

My Youtube page has become a riot. Some angry violinist, and I mean ANGRY, posted some nasty-ass comments about me. Then an old student of mine appeared and challenged the guy. Then they guy accused him of being me! Then Steve made a comment of two as Levihello. And it's been going on like that for days. The guy is so angry that it is really funny to watch him shadowbox me as my friends spin him around and around! Now if we could only get him drunk on some Guinness Stout and a few shots of Irish Whiskey, well then we might get him to do a Rumplestiltskin dance!

BTW, I finally was able to use that green posticon that looks like someone who is passed out.

I should go to a bar tonight, but I'll be at a meeting of the NY Violoncello Society. The performer will be Lynn of the most famous of classical cellists. Maybe I'll get a chance to slip him one of my music books.

Post No. 1679
03/17/2008 01:42 PM
Email eaburke81 Add to your contactlist eaburke81 go to the Homepage of eaburke81
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Von Cello 

Post No. 1678
03/17/2008 12:12 AM
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Have a good time

For a good time, go here:

For a better time, join in!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1677
03/15/2008 10:15 AM
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Make war not love!

Hey Steve, thanks for going over to my Youtube page and questioning that weirdo. (Hey, how often do you get to use the word "weirdo"?) I think you are right to question his name. Where the heck did he come up with that? What is he a Doctor? Seems to me he never got past his BS!

Keep up the good work!

In the meantime, while this weirdo insults me for engaging in "self-hyped-up forms of averageness" I will be off tonight playing my "Ten American Cello Etudes" in a performance with the Staten Island Ballet at the College of Staten Island. All are welcome. The show starts at 8:00.


Post No. 1676
03/14/2008 09:35 AM
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dont fight[URL=][/URL]
Von Cello 

Post No. 1675
03/13/2008 07:21 PM
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World War III

Well, maybe it's the phase of the moon, or maybe it's something the government put in the water supply...but World War III is breaking out on one of my youtube pages. There is some guy who keeps posting the nastiest stuff about me! An old student of mine responded once or twice but this guy is now saying that the student was really me! He is also claiming that I have been emailing him privately. It's quite hysterical!

Anyway, if any of you want to have some fun, you can post your own response. Here's the page:
Von Cello 

Post No. 1674
03/13/2008 04:29 PM
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Ludwig Van Beethoven

Don'tcha just love that name! Boy if he didn't become a great composer he would have had a hard time. But he did become a composer and that name, Beethoven, is synonymous with great music.

The greatest thing about the quartets is that they are a kind of personal diary. There isn't another body of music anywhere that so deeply and cleverly expresses the inner growth of the composer. You can actually live through his early days of macho bravura, and then the struggles as he becomes deaf. And finally, you can see how he rises above his problems, accepts his fate, and composes music "for the ages". Indeed, on cannot be truly "musically literate" if one hasn't listened to all 16 Beethoven string quartets.

I checked out that link you posted. I am so amazed, and happy to be getting great pro-Israel recourses from a European Christian! It really is ironic. And in a way, it should be a message to American Jews...why are they not on the internet posting this information?!

Have a good break. Hopefully some of the old regulars will pop up. I think either they got scared off or were just so fascinated by our conversation that they didn't want to bust in. But as everyone knows, or should know, ANYTHING can be posted on the Von Cello guestbook (except threatening posts).

Meanwhile, I'll be performing my "Ten American Cello Etudes" with the Staten Island Ballet. They are doing a wonderful job with the piece. As I left the rehearsal last night someone said, "We love your music", and I said, "I didn't know how good it was until I saw you dance to it!"

Post No. 1673
03/13/2008 05:58 AM
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Beethoven rocks, indeed!

Can't say it better than

Signing off (probably for several days), back to the cello. And about Beethoven: this weekend it struck me that all these Beethoven quartets have an immense sense of rhythm, an inescapable ongoing pulse (even in the slow movements) - one can not really sit still!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1672
03/12/2008 11:43 PM
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United Disgrace

Wow, there it is right on their site:


"Under UNRWA's operational definition, Palestine refugees are persons whose normal place of residence was Palestine between June 1946 and May 1948, who lost both their homes and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict. UNRWA's services are available to all those living in its area of operations who meet this definition, who are registered with the Agency and who need assistance. UNRWA's definition of a refugee also covers the descendants of persons who became refugees in 1948. The number of registered Palestine refugees has subsequently grown from 914,000 in 1950 to more than 4.4 million in 2005, and continues to rise due to natural population growth."

So you could have been an Arab from Egypt, Syria, Arabia, or anywhere else and as long as you happened to be in Palestine for those 2 years, puff, you are a Palestinian refugee. And not only you, but your kids...and their it's up to 4.4 million! How sick! Of course the whole point of it is to pressure Israel to accept all of these Arabs into their country and make Israel no longer a Jewish state. The UN is so disgraceful!

Post No. 1671
03/12/2008 06:51 PM
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Not shatter the complete image

Thanks for the link! I did come across his name before, maybe via The Israel Project or

Not to sneak back, rather to give praise where praise is due - in the Lane of the Righteous Gentiles at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, many Dutch families or individuals are honoured. But - so many more of them would have been needed.

In Denmark, the situation was a bit different - pre-war Denmark had about 8.000 Jews, 7.500 of whom escaped to neutral Sweden with the help of many, many people in small boats when it became clear that deportation was near. See

In the Netherlands, there wasn't an easy way anymore to get people behind enemy lines, once the real goal of Hitler became clear to the Dutch. There were overland routes through occupied Belgium and France to Spain and to Switzerland, but those were long and vulnerable. The sea route to England was considerably longer than from Denmark to Sweden. The only realistic choice was to go underground. Estimate is 25.000 Jews (and maybe 250.000 non-Jewish Dutchmen) did go underground. So here we are talking about many more people to be hidden, a more densely populated country, a government in exile in London, the Queen in exile living in Canada, a puppet-goverment already in charge, those bl... records proving in detail who was Jewish and who wasn't, there were people (opportunistic socialists) who actually sided with the Germans, but, admitted, there was a lack of all out, nationwide civil disobedience the Danish way to carry out the German measures.

I have a friend who thinks the Jews are basically Europeans who stole the land of Israel from the natives.
Natives, eh? This friend would probably be surprised to hear that "Under UNRWA's operational definition, Palestine refugees are persons whose normal place of residence was Palestine between June 1946 and May 1948"
Two years only! They never tell you this!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1670
03/12/2008 02:00 PM
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Great Danes!

Great link!

Sorry, I confused the Dutch with the Danes! Ugly American! Hmmpf!

Yes, I heard that story about how when Hitler told the Danish king to round up the Jews and put a Star of David arm band on them, the king did it himself and the whole country wore the arm bands. If the God of Israel truly exists, the Danish will have a special place in heaven.

So the Germans are still into that "authority thing"? You would have thought they'd have learned a thing or two about that during the war.

It is true that many Jews are raised to question everything, including authority. To me questioning is as natural as breathing. Yet, I guess, there are many people who are not raised that way. I have a friend who thinks the Jews are basically Europeans who stole the land of Israel from the natives. I have tried to explain to him that Jews are NOT Europeans. We are not raised like them, and we don't think like them. He would not believe me. Maybe some authority figure told him he had to see it only one way and he can't budge.

Anyway, I'm sorry the Dutch were not the ones who wore the arm bands to save the Jews, but still...they grow nice tulips over there!

Post No. 1669
03/12/2008 11:29 AM
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Shatter the good image

Canned = cancelled. Tsk. Hope it wasn't Freudian (that I first tought of the can of worms.)

I do know that the Dutch stood up to Hitler during WW II and were one of the best countries in their protection of the Jews.
Oops - now I have to shatter your good image of the Dutch. Actually our Queen Beatrix when on a visit to Israel (donot remember the year) officially also did that, which I think was honest and quite brave: of the approx. 135.000 Jews living in the Netherlands pre-WWII, about 107.000 were deported and only about 5.000 returned. That's among the lowest percentages of any European country. (Can you now see why I got into an enormous struggle after I returned from Israel in 1982 - it wasn't even only the eternal quest for the why of the Shoah, and what drove Hitler, and what squeezed itself into the brains of the average German so they didnot stand up against him, but also, very much so: why did we let it happen? Ignorance may be bliss, but indifference is the worst sin.)

There is something strange about our character, I guess - the Germans very much respect authority, and they are "gruendlich" (they often meticulously recorded all their own bad deeds) whereas the Dutch are probably less eager to respect authority, but they had all those precise municipal administrations where the religion of every citizen was registered (not anymore now), so for the occupying power it was a matter of sorting out. The aunt of a friend of mine personally took with her those records of the town where she lived and hid or burned them so they couldnot be accessed when the Germans installed themselves in that town. And this happened in lots of other places. But apparently not on a large scale, so the Germans could just find out where everybody lived from the records. Our records.

The other thing of course was that the Germans tricked the Jews into believing that they would "work" or be moved to places where there were "better" circumstances. And many believed. If only they had all left in time. If only - as did the Danes - all citizens had started wearing yellow patches of cloth in the form of the Star of David. Ah, the Danes! So yes, there were people (very often true bible believing christians) who didn't think twice and hid Jewish people they knew or whom they didnot knew, also when they were running out of food in the cities and had to feed two families on rations for one family etc., and in some cases with German soldiers occupying another room of their house or another part of the farm, but there were not enough of them, way too few. Of course, if you got caught, you knew the penalty. It put the lives of you and your wife and your children on the line. And that happened, too.

Are you aware of the whole Bilderberger thing and the involvment of Queen Beatrix?
Yes, heard about it long ago, pre-internet, but didnot read about it recently. Will read some Dutch sources.

By the way, Francisco Gil-White wrote a great article about the term "conspiracy theory" and how the ruling powers have created an envivonment where to question them makes you into a "nut".
Do you have a link? Yes, as long as you can do away with it as "nut", it means you dismiss yourself from the obligation to find out if something is true or not! Guess I better dive into the Bilderberger stuff now, but not now ... the cello is calling!

Post No. 1668
03/12/2008 09:44 AM
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y dont you put vid yourself in youtube ?
or aol vids?
or metacafe

this summer i will see you perform
ill either be in buffalo
or nyc or miami
anythings possible
Von Cello 

Post No. 1667
03/12/2008 09:29 AM
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Text Posticon

Well this time you got a different posticon. Congratulations!

I am so refreshed to hear your ideas. I do know that the Dutch stood up to Hitler during WW II and were one of the best countries in their protection of the Jews. Maybe you are a product of that.

Are you aware of the whole Bilderberger thing and the involvment of Queen Beatrix? If it is too controversial you can email me privately...although today I assume all of our emails are being read, or at least flagged. How sick. But she seems to be a major figure in the "conspiracy theories". By the way, Francisco Gil-White wrote a great article about the term "conspiracy theory" and how the ruling powers have created an envivonment where to question them makes you into a "nut".

Canned is slang for cancelled, put on the back burner, thrown overboard, hid under the rug, finished, kaput!

I may decide to discuss the details in the future but basically the director did not want to make a few changes that I insisted on, so we had to pull the video off youtube. I am still hoping he will change his mind or at least give me the footage so I can finish it. It is a very weird situation. He has my footage and we are at a stalemate.

Beethoven once said something to the effect of, "Cruel humanity pulls me down from my perch among the gods". I know how he feels!

Post No. 1666
03/12/2008 08:30 AM
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year book

canned means can.celled
vc do you have a copy of the bild 72 yearbook or sshs 75?
ill gladly pay you on tuesday--

Post No. 1665
03/12/2008 06:46 AM
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Can a can be canned?

Canned? (My English fails me here - you had posted a link, and it is canned, meaning ... ?)

Slowly working back my way through all the interesting topics touched here...

The conspiracy theorists would have us believe that the communists, nazis and American neo-cons are all really on the same side
Here we are discussing the possible overthrow of Judeo-Christian civilization by hidden Satanic forces possing as New Age enlightened peaceniks...

Maybe our human brains are too limited to understand the big picture of what is happening in our world? Those various -isms, all allegedly competing for world power ... it is clear from their ideologies several absolutely have opposing theories, and no matter how you bend over backwards, one couldnot replace the other. As a teenager, I used to think that capitalism was better than communism. And I still do. Reading Orwell's Animal Farm and Solzhenitsyn (and, for that matter, reading the newspapers) proved that. But slowly I learned that power corrupts (the mind of the one who possesses it). In the end, the one in power is a human being with all his faults, and the principles of the -ism shrink and the greed for power (esteem, name in history books, wealth/$$, whatever motivation) is what remains. And it becomes very relative whether one -ism is better than another one... Logically speaking, there must be a common factor, a common motivating force behind the scene.

My wife tells me to ignore politics and spend all my time on my music
Indeed, after reading up a lot about conspiracies for the first time and trying to understand the daily news in view of that (actually, that was late 1970s, not 1980s), at some point I have given up, though many times I have been triggered to rethink by major events happening (Camp David Accords, Afghanistan and Iran - 1981, return of mr. A (may his name be wiped out) from Tunis to Israel 1987 (how could we be so stupid!), the Gulf war, the Oslo Accords (how could we be so stupid!), the photo I could never look at: Rabin/mr. A handshake, White House lawn, with pres. C pushing them closer (or so I was told, aaaarrhghhhghh revulsive), the day Rabin was killed (how? why?), the day I accidentally hit the website of Hannah Newman, USA 9-11-2001, Gaza made Judenrein by the Israeli gov't summer 2006 (why, who forced whom?), and more). And it gets more and more complex every time.
It is hard to find out what is the truth. It takes a lot of time. Maybe your wife is right. But one cannot afford not to know, or as you put it, what you donot know CAN hurt you. Being ignorant is being lost to any influence that comes around the corner.
You know, if you are used to think a lot by yourself, when confronted with something new or different for the first time, there is ... how can I say ... inside that still voice that puts some question marks here and there as you proceed (reading or listening). And when you suppress them, they sometimes even disappear and you go along with what is offered. But when you investigate why that little question mark popped up, you find where what you are offered is contrary to your belief, or contrary to logic, or misses arguments, etc. etc. Or, on the contrary, sometimes you hit on a blinding truth - why did I never ever understand this before!
Well, for all you Jews out here, always questioning, always asking questions, never taking anything for granted, must be so ingrained, from what I learned from living in Israel, you are brought up with it. And the great thing is ANY thing can be questioned! And opposing views can exist alongside each other. Like here in this very guestbook. I had to learn that and I greatly appreciate it! E.g., I'll never forget me and my Hebrew teacher sitting in front of her TV in her kibbutz home, encouraging me to try understand the news in Hebrew, this is 1988, first intifada, and afterwards her argueing for and me argueing against mr. A ! And she was 80 years old! Oops, I'm drifting in remeniscing mode here. Painful. She challenged me to start learning Hebrew. I owe her ...
In any case, christians apparently weren't educated to question and reason like that, or how else could that false "Christian church replaces Israel"-doctrine have gained ground in the christian church? Why did it take centuries (and 1948) to wake us up?

Closing for now with two great reads:
- with ref. to the subject Satan that's in the still closed can of worms: "The Screwtape Letters" by C.S. Lewis;
- P.M. with ref. to:
The militant Muslims I don't think of as Satanic. I think they are believers in God, just very misguided.
a book by I think Elisha Davidson, but am still searching for correct English title, Dutch title translated one on one would be "Temple or mosque", but it is rather something like "Islam and the latter days".

Btw - my posticon always changes back into the blue text thingie ...
Von Cello 

Post No. 1664
03/11/2008 10:07 PM
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Dead or not dead...that is the question.

Yes, and the Nazis never really died either. The conspiracy theorists would have us believe that the communists, nazis and American neo-cons are all really on the same side. There is, for instance, a picture somewhere on the internet of Gorbachev and Reagan shaking hands at a summit using what the website calls the "Illuminati handshake". If this is true, it would indicate that the whole cold war was a cover. Some allege that by faking tension, both the US and USSR were able to increase military spending, much of which got syphoned off into "black projects"...which could mean that they went into anything from internal surveillance, to UFO research, to Swiss bank accounts. On the other hand it could be that this is not true and there are real communists still out there bent on taking over the world.

Same with the Muslims. Is there really a threat from Jihadists that want to take over the world, or are they working with the CIA to foment terror in order to justify a whole new round of raids on the US treasury? Many websites say that Bin Laden is a CIA asset. When the US wants to invade a country, the send in Bin Laden to destablize it. Then they go in to fight "terror". Who knows?

An ancient sage once said, "The more you know, the less you know". And I am realizing more and more just how wise that it. My wife tells me to ignore politics and spend all my time on my music. She is probably right. Maybe that will happen one day.

But even music if full of politics. I had posted a link here for a new Von Cello video. Now it looks like it is going to be canned. Just stupid politics, but that's life.


Post No. 1663
03/11/2008 09:07 PM
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Lagging behind

Am really running out of time, but - have listened to the whole video of Dr. Monteith and it is an impressive lecture. I think I first heard about this late 1980s, so yes I was familiar with it for many years, but things are developing faster and faster. Just look at the Middle East. Or Russia's latest actions! Contrary to what we think (or want to believe), communism never really died.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1662
03/10/2008 10:06 AM
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Play it again Sam...

Okay, let's say I get the greatest quartet in the world to play a Beethoven quartet for me. Then let's say I get them to play it again. And then again. And again. And again. Won't I pretty much "get it" after a while and want to hear something else?

I'm not saying that the piece ever loses its greatness, but there comes a point where I have gotten all I can get out of it for the time being. Maybe after a few weeks pass, or a few months or years, I will be able to hear it again and get a whole new take on it.

The same would be true for Shakespeare...even the Bible. I read the whole Torah for several years in a row. The Jewish Sabbath services go through the whole Torah each year. I got a lot out of it the first time. I got a lot out of it the second time. By the third time it was getting a little boring. Finally I stopped and spent more time reading other things. I know that would be considered a sacrelige, but again, there is so much to listen to and read out there that I for one can't limit myself to reading or hearing the same thing over and over and over.

For instance, I have begun to listen to lectures on the web from Born Again Christians. I may not agree with all I hear, but I find it very interesting. There is always something to learn from everyone.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1661
03/09/2008 11:51 PM
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I learn something new every day

I always thought he was Jewish! But I found this today:

After the Revolution, while some Jewish composers wrote both secular and Jewish music, music using specifically Jewish subjects became less common, and it was not until Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975) became interested in Jewish matters that Jewish subjects and themes were again heard. Shostakovich's interest in Jewish subjects began during the violent anti-Jewish period in Stalin's regime. This "titanic, deeply tragic figure," (1) one of the few to challenge Stalin and yet eventually dying in his own bed, used Jewish idioms far more than that of any other non-Jew in the Soviet Union. In recent years, there has been much discussion and debate on Shostakovich's stance in Communist Russia and especially on his Jewish connections. As far as is known, he had no Jewish blood in his veins, but his sympathies for the Jews living in his country are well documented in Testimony published in 1979 that purports to be the memoirs given by him to Solomon Volkov who immigrated to the United States after Shostakovich's death. (2) The authenticity of this book has long been the subject of vigorous debate, but it is now generally accepted as essentially accurate. Both his son, Maxim, and his daughter, Galina, endorse the book's accuracy. In addition to the recent books on Shostakovich and his music, there are many entries on the Internet dealing with the Shostakovich/Jewish relationship and much controversy has arisen on his links with Jews and Jewish music. With the exception of one or two critics, however, it is now generally conceded that his Jewish connections are indeed completely genuine.

Shostakovich's father worked at the St Petersburg Bureau of Weights and Measures as an assistant to the chemist Mendelayeev whose name is immortalized as the devisor of the Periodic Table of (Chemical) Elements. The family was sympathetic to Jews, and Dmitri was brought up to believe that antisemitism was "a shameful superstition" when it was steadily growing in Russian society. Testimony has many references to Shostakovich's attitude towards antisemitism that shows his revulsion to it. "But even before the war" he has recorded, "the attitude toward Jews had changed drastically. It turned out that we had far to go to achieve brotherhood. The Jews became the most persecuted and defenseless people of Europe.... Jews became a symbol to me. All of man's defenselessness was concentrated in them. After the war, I tried to convey that feeling in my music. It was a bad time for the Jews then. In fact, it's always a bad time for them." And he added that he never condoned an antisemitic tone, even as a youth refusing to repeat popular antisemitic jokes. He broke with good friends if he perceived any antisemitic tendencies in them.


Post No. 1660
03/09/2008 10:43 PM
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Not only too many threads, too little time: too complicated topics!

Opus 59:1, 3rd movement, all of it!!

That said, Canarsie, it may be the late hour, but I donot yet understand the age old problem you (or wiki) refer to? Is this new word (not world, or, maybe it is, too?) thing ... not the next attempt to try to fit the Jewish people into the concept of "people" or nation like all the other nations? I'm afraid it won't work. There's the Jews, and there's the nations. God set them apart. Wait, but you are an atheist, so you donot believe in God. But then, what is your concept of Jew?
Hey, and there will be not only antisemitism, antizionism, anti-Judaism, but also anti-Hebrewism, so won't things get even more complicated?

After adding topic "who goes to heaven" in, must put back the lid on the can of worms for now. Need to read and study first.

Shostakovitch - I have never read that he was Jewish? He had lots of Jewish friends, and wrote the songs on the texts of Alexander Blok and the Babi Yar symphony (13th) on the poems of Yevtoesjenko, with controversial texts for the USSR of those days (which were promptly "adapted" after the first performance), and used Jewish folk songs.

Beethoven quartets:
But there comes a point where you have pretty much sucked all the flavor out of the gum.
Objection! Find the right people to play them for you!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1659
03/09/2008 11:45 AM
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I checked Wikipedia and did not see what you mentioned. If you have a quote let us know. You have brought this up before about Hebrew vs. Jew. I don't really understand the need for that. A Jew can be totally secular or totally religious. Judaism is at once a religion and a nationality. If the fundamentalist Muslims have their way, they will abolish countries and have one big Caliphate. At that point being Muslim would be a religion and a nationality, the nation being the Caliphate. Christianity is not a nationality, it is solely a religion...although you could argue that the Catholic Church has a national homeland, namely the Vatican. Many Indian nations all subscribed to the same religion, so a Hopi Indian, for example, would be from a certain area and also from a certain religion. I don't see the need for Hebrew vs. Jew.

But backtracking to the music...

1. Shostakovitch's music is very dark and gloomy but I don't think that is because he didn't believe in God. Actually I would be interested to know more about his beliefs. He was Jewish but lived in the USSR where it was very hard for Jews to study or practice Judaism. So I can only wonder what he knew and what was in his heart. But in his music, while I hear a lot of darkness I also hear a lot of spirit, a lot of fighting back against the system, and a certain type of bravery. Perhaps that is a light that some people just don't see. For instance in one of his symphonies...maybe the 9th...he has a movement that sounds like an angry parody of all things militaristic, but included in this movement is a musical phrase that repeats in all kinds of ways. It is a four note phrase, the notes being D, S, C. H. Now musicians are going to wonder how you can have a note called S or H, but apparently in German S is Eb and H is B. The point is that D stands for Dimitri, and Sch stands for Shostokovitch! (The first and last two letters of his name.)

So what does all this mean? It means that this piece was a horribly insulting protest against the Soviet government, making their military look like a bunch of ridiculous fools, and throughout the piece Shostokovitch signs his name! How brave! How intelligent! How bright!

2. As for Beethoven's quartets...In listening to any great piece of music there is that initial point of discovery where you are amazed by what you are hearing. Then comes the repeated listenings where you try to figure out what it all means. Then you get to the point where you anticipate each section. Then you get to the point where you know every note. Then you might continue to get even more out of the piece with each listen. But there comes a point where you have pretty much sucked all the flavor out of the gum.

Yes, there might be a trace of spearment in there somewhere, but you are certainly not going to have another epiphany. At that point what do you do? For me, considering how much music there is out there in the world, I found it best to move on to other music. Over the years I would hear a Beethoven quartet once in a while and I would still know every note. No surprises. But now, it has been so many years that I can actually hear a quartet again and not remember what comes next! I can finally get those original feelings of surprise and discovery again. Maybe I can even finally hear something new because I am a new person after so many years.

Wow! Beethoven, Shostokovitch, Hebrews...what next!


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03/09/2008 07:01 AM
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wikipedia jew

wikipedia has suggested a new word to distinguish religion from people in the jewish world.Thus a secular aethiest jew would be hebrew and a religious jew would be jewish. It would be possible to convert thus being jewish but not hebrew. It would be possible to give up the religion thus being hebrew but not jewish.
wikipedia is the biggest encyclopedia dictionary on earth. A new word to solve an age old problem!!
jews really need to define themselves.
overlapping we are!
wikipedia has suggested this new word use and writers can use it.
New word..Hebrew.. a person of the jewish people Im hebrew raised jewish
Jewish..the religion of the jewish people.

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