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Von Cello 

Post No. 2504
01/26/2009 04:00 PM
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I dunno why Facebook is particularly bad. But check this out:

Who knows? Maybe Youtube made this video in order to keep people from going to their competitor. I would bet, like you said, that every move anyone makes on the internet is tracked by someone. The world is a scary place the more you know about it. On the other hand it was scary before Facebook too.
G O D 

Post No. 2503
01/26/2009 02:55 PM
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you dont need to join youtube or facebook to be listened in on,you got that right here....its all just zeros and ones...

whats the differnce between here and facebook or yt
Von Cello 

Post No. 2502
01/26/2009 09:30 AM
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Face the book

Do a search on Youtube for Facebook. There are videos claiming that it was funding by groups linked to the CIA and that basically, whatever you upost on there goes into data bases that help the government and corporations to know who your friends are, what groups you identify with, and other things. The video also said that in the agreement you must sign to join you give them the rights to use anything you post there, including photographs, for whatever use they may want forever. Sounds pretty sinister.

As to your point about the Jews, I agree that we have a long history of people turning on us. I agree that we can't trust that non-Jewish nations will never turn on us again. But I think you should realize that taking the moral high ground helps us survive. Just use logic - who would you rather help, Ghandi or Hitler? Good people will always want to help other good people. And I think the majority of people are good, otherwise the good and moral people and nations would not survive.
G O D 

Post No. 2501
01/26/2009 08:22 AM
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its ok to be an optomist but not a hypnotist,,i think today people living well love us but if one day there a big crisis and people lose jobs houses i mean middle class folks,,theyll take it out on the age old scapegoats//the jews..they are not our friends come rain or come shine,,come rain they use us as umbrellas .im no umbrella..btw if you got a foto of my bildersee class 9-1 leme haveit..i remember debbie my 4th grade class...amart kid>. so many went sp and skipped a year...others in sshs skipped 12th grade and went instead to suny like friedman,,she was spe then 10th 11th then oughta join facebook cause alot of folks from the can are there,your sister ledermans sister me .bruce lum?ferrick. craig weiss..jus sign up and join every canarsie group there is..takes a sec and your book beyond faith is listed and reviewed
Von Cello 

Post No. 2500
01/26/2009 07:49 AM
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Beacon of Hope

There is always the possibilty that any small country can be isolated. You are right that if Israel lost the support of the U.S. it could find support with the Russians or the Chinese, but if all three withdrew their support? Look at Iraq. Who came to its defense? No one. Saddam was such an evil character that no one felt that he was worth saving. He was one who believed that might made right and being strong was the only answer.

Good leaders also get overthrown, but generally countries that behave are left alone. Could you imagine someone trying to take over Switzerland? How about Norway or Sweden? Everyone leaves them alone. Granted Israel cannot be like them because it is surrounded by sick people who won't stop attacking. But even in this bad situation the more moral Israel acts, the more friends it will have.

The world looks to Israel to be an example of morality. Many people know deep inside that the Jews are still a beacon of morality in the world despite their many enemies and detractors.
G O D 

Post No. 2499
01/26/2009 02:34 AM
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united we stand divided we stand also maybe

a countrys ability to protect itself is basically its strength to hit any hitters. the guarantee of being in back makes you well having frinds forming gangs is essential..jus like in canarsie israel joins uo with the usa .if one day the usa goes arab ,then israel might join up with china or france ..alone you must be able to show strength and ability to cause pain if you are attked..but as a gang you are even stronger..
Von Cello 

Post No. 2498
01/25/2009 03:38 PM
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Morality is the greatest weapon

Here the Israeli army broadcasts in Arabic to the people of Gaza showing the morality of its actions.

The Israeli army knows that guns alone will not solve this problem. You have to change the hearts and minds of people.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2497
01/25/2009 03:25 PM
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Oh Great Marcus

Oh Great Marcus you have a good point. But tell me this, what happens if the U.S. stops shipping arms to Israel? And what if no one else takes their place? And what if the U.S. and its allies start giving all the Arab neighbors tons of weapons, and all kinds of special training. In fact, suppose the U.S. led a coalition to put an embargo on Israel and virtually starved its citizens. In other words, if Israel ever would lose the pipeline through which it gets its military weapons and its support, then where is your argument about might makes right?

I agree that Israel should be strong. I agree that Jews must fight their enemies just like any other people. But I still believe the moral answer is the stronger one in the long term. The Jews are still here today, not because they were stronger than everyone else, but because they had a strong sense of morality and therefore always had many non-Jews who would help them against their enemies. And in the future, I believe it is Jewish morality that will protect the Jews from destruction. All the arms in the world could not protect such a tiny nation if the world organized to destroy it. But there will always be those who will help the Jews because of all the good the Jews do in the world.
G O D 

Post No. 2496
01/25/2009 09:46 AM
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your making me into gangas kan,im just a guy who woke in israel to reality in rabbis just tanks no bibles just fantoms..we bet our money on the worst case scenerio..if not all jews would be required to be 3 yrs not in tsahal but in bible school..talmud or torah training.
i think people are secure with my attitiude of i will respect your strengh and you respect mine.wen u drive a car you could easily be killed by the guy goin opposite direction headon..but your not scared at all cause you trust his desire to live to be equal to yours.we respect each other cause we know if he wants to kill me he too will die.most people are like this and jews are repspected for people on this good earth have the power today to wipe out all others without the pcssibility of their being wiped out as well. this is good this is right, this is marcus
Von Cello 

Post No. 2495
01/24/2009 02:02 PM
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Sympathetic vs. Pathetic

If there was no sympathy, then why did the U.N. vote to give Israel to the Jews? I would agree that there were those who thought that the Arabs would wipe out the Jews. I'm sure there were others who thought they could use the Jews to get a foothold in the mideast. But I also believe there were those who looked at the history of the Jews, looked at the Holocaust, and decided it was about time the Jews were able to go back to their homeland to govern themselves. Don't forget there were people during the war who risked their lives to save Jews and to rescue Jews. So there was clearly at least some sympathy.

You seem to believe that as a Jew you are hated by virtually the whole world. Yet you have ideas that would not endear yourself to many people. Why would anyone feel sympathy for someone who says that might makes right and whoever has the power to kick someone's ass should do so? That is why I think it is more effective to talk about morality and doing what is right. In the end force does not seem to win, but winning hearts and minds, that is where the long-term victory lies.
G O D 

Post No. 2494
01/24/2009 01:13 AM
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at end ww 2 there was no sympathy for jews,that all was built by hollywood movie makers .after ww2 people wanted to forget the jews. they hated us.even today theres no sympathry.wat are you talkin about?
you saw shindlers listand felt pity for the stupid jew who was only a victim and didnt know how to fight..thats reality right after ww2 until now,they conrinue to see us as weird.and theres no sympathy..if sympathy worked the poor in africa would be eating..theres more sympathy for them then the jews..
Von Cello 

Post No. 2493
01/23/2009 06:06 PM
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Been around a while

Totally true. But even among those who know there were always Jews in Israel (Palestine) there are people who say the Jews were a minority and therefore had no right to "take over" the country. But notice that these people never bring up the fact that Jordan is ruled by the minority Hashmonites, and they have no long history of being in Jordan like the Jews have in Israel. There are many other examples around the world where a minority rules.

Post No. 2492
01/23/2009 05:51 PM
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Who lived in Palestine when the land was waste?

Oops - there have always been Jews living in what the Romans called Palestine. I donot know how the Turks called it from 1517-1917, but I just learned that e.g. at the end of the 16th century, there were 20,000 or 30,000 Jews in Safed.

It is important, because people who oppose the Jewish state often claim there were no Jews, only Arabs living there. Of course, they also conveniently forget that in 1948, the UN defined any Arab who had fled from "Palestine" but could prove he came to live there no later than 1946 (sic!) got the status of Palestinian refugee. Imagine, some of them were indeed very "new kids on the block"! Not less so then the Jews who had come and built the kibutzim, I'd say.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2491
01/23/2009 05:27 PM
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Your right, I'm right

You have a point, it wouldn't have happened without a lot of effort by Jews lobbying. I'm sure many who voted for it also had ulterior motives. But think about this ... the Jews were out of Israel for 2,000 years. Why didn't this happen 100 years ago, or 200 or 300? I submit that it was the sympathy generated right after the Holocaust that created this momentary opening in the cosmos of history through which the Jews, like going through a star-gate, were able to return to their roots.
G O D 

Post No. 2490
01/23/2009 04:39 PM
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sympathy? it was the lobby in the usa.the usa saved our butts cause hitler went for the gold and had too murcha power.israel was not the original place but south america or no place at all. only after the usa lobbied to send us to israel didd we go there,and that was cause some rich jews paid them lobbied them.
blacks marched but were hung and fought and became a threat to peace so were given the vote.
you say jews were given israel back?jews had to plead with america to lobby the uno to send us theatre theres alot behind the curtain going on..
according to your theory,a jew should have been in the white house before a black...
Von Cello 

Post No. 2489
01/23/2009 01:21 PM
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All you need is love ...

Marching and protetsting is different than arming and killing, wouldn't you say? The women didn't kill anyone, and neither did the blacks. It was non-violent struggle.

And, by the way, the Jews got Israel back in a non-violent struggle. It was given to them by a vote in the United Nations. The Jews got Israel back, not because the fought and killed people, but because the Nazis fought and killed them! It was out of sympathy that the majority of countries agreed to give Israel back to the Jews. But according to your logic, the world should have voted with the Nazis because they were stronger. The fact is it was non-violence that led the Jews home!

Sure, once they were given the country they had to fight to defend their land. But defense is much more justifiable than aggression. Israel is a living example that love, persistance, and patience has its rewards.
G O D 

Post No. 2488
01/23/2009 09:18 AM
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rights are paper dreams

in america the ignorant get arrested and the public defender defends them..but in the world ,theres no pd.if you know your rights you must be your own public defender.. the blacks got ahead by marching fighting kiking ass .they were freedas slaves cause the northern factory owners wanted them as chesap labor and they were being held tightly by the southern plantationn slave owners so lincoln freed themm. you are rewriting our history into one of love logic and rights . even the usa enteredd ww 2 to stop hitler cause he got too powerful.. no body gave a crap about jews or body felt guilty so he she opened the fridge to share.. tell the guy in africa whos hungry that he has the right to eat and he will ask you wheres the food?
the loveboat was a fantasy.
love american style was bolony.
even woman got the right to vote cause they marched and fought. no love just female balls..
Von Cello 

Post No. 2487
01/23/2009 09:04 AM
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Ever hear of ...

Ever hear of Martin Luther King? He didn't lift a finger. Yet 40 years after he marched despite the insults and the attacks a black man is president of the United States.

If the blacks decided to act like the Palestinians and strap bombs to their children, I don't think there would be a black president today. The blacks in general are living much better than they did. Yes, there is still poverty, but for many their lives are much better, and it all came about without kicking anyone's ass!
G O D 

Post No. 2486
01/23/2009 08:53 AM
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rights without force are llike bagles without a knife

having a right doesnt mean others are obligated to then give it to you. theres no court of 'right" hungry in africa have a right but they die and we do fact we overeat!!
your right is yours to defend.unlike the nypd theres no international police anymore..
spaeaking like this online strengthens israel as it tells others we are a people. andwe will defend not our right but our desire to be!!
if you base it all on right ,then like all rights..'the right to keep slaves,the lack of right for woamn to vote ,the right to collect tax from the american colony without representation" then that right can be taken away or i thhink youre wrong to say israel has a right may but its all based on desire to be and defending your desire with have the right to a fair trial but so many never really get one ..rights are crap!!hunger in africa poverty in s america..if the poor know they have the right to food but they needd to make it happen if they want to eat..rights alone dont put food on the table..its desire to take the food...admit it already!!!
Von Cello 

Post No. 2485
01/23/2009 07:54 AM
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I think you should get better at expressing your thoughts. I think what you are trying to say is that Israel has the right to defend itself and that by being strong it gains respect. I agree. But when you say things like "the strongest one deserves to rule" you are using Nazi terminology. And when you say whoever can kick the other guy's ass deserves the land, you are moving into rhetoric that will only hurt you in the end. Because by that mentality you are saying to the enemies of Israel that they should arm to the teeth and build up their strength and destroy Israel, because there is no morality, its just whoever kicks ass wins.

You also hurt Israel in another way. Because if people read your posts they can say, "You see how Jews think. They believe might makes right. And since they have no morals why should we have any regarding them?" Your antagonistic and xenophobic statements can be used to justify even more aggresion on Israel.

It is better to say that Israel has a moral right to the land of Israel. For instance, the Arabs have a few dozen countries, the Chistians have many countries, but there is only one Jewish country. Just by fairness the Jews should have the right to at least one country. Then when you add in the fact that Jews have been persecuted all around the world and expelled and killed, there is even more of a moral justification as to why they deserve to have their own country. And then when you add in the fact that Israel was a Jewish country for 1,500 years before the Jews were brutally expelled by the Romans, and the fact that there have been Jews living there for thousands of years, and the fact that the Jews never gave up their claim on the land and kept this claim alive through daily religious prayers and ceremonies, there is a good case for keeping Israel a Jewish country.
G O D 

Post No. 2484
01/23/2009 01:19 AM
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im falling in love ..

i think israel wants peace but thru is an illusion.israel sees jewish freedpm and peace by having an army that can kik ass..and thats brotherly me is ok.but fear me is better and if i fear you too then we get along just god no love just respect each others left hook...and thats reality..a strong israel is a loved israel.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2483
01/22/2009 05:53 PM
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Dodge Ball

You know what I mean. If you were a non-Jewish German, would you support the Nazis? I don't see why you would not since you said that whoever is the most powerful deserves to rule. That was the Nazi belief too. Whereas the traditional Jewish view is that the most moral deserves to rule. You are on the side of the Nazis in this argument; are you not?

I don't believe there is ANY comparison between the Nazis and Israel. To say so is obscene to me. The Nazis believed that they had the right to conquer the world, to kill anyone they wanted, to commit the most heinous crimes, because they didn't believe in the Jewish code of morality.

Israel, to the extreme contrary, does not want to conquer the world, it does not want to kill anyone, and it tries to act morally. It only fights in self defense, as it is surrounded by people who are committed to its destruction. The Nazis were a worldwide big bully. Israel is a regional small fry trying to protect itself from the bullies that surround it. If Israel had its way all the people of the world of all nations would live together in freedom and peace. If the Nazis had their way, all the people of every nation except for Aryans would be exterminated in death camps, and they would rule the people who were left with total domination and a total lack of Jewish morality.

Do you not understand this?
G O D 

Post No. 2482
01/22/2009 03:34 PM
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war games

you juxtapose jews to germans..but most jews killed were germans.

no. if i were a german jew id support the jews.
israel is muscle its headquarters its security for a people who need to protect themselves as all people do..from other tribes...
Von Cello 

Post No. 2481
01/22/2009 09:09 AM
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What lurks in the minds of men?

So if you think there is a thin line between Israel and the Nazis, why do you support Israel? And if it is because you were born Jewish, if you were a German would you support the Nazis?
G O D 

Post No. 2480
01/22/2009 07:42 AM
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its a thin yet clear line between nazi and israel wanted to wage war to gain power the other wanted to gain power by waging war//

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