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fred and murry 

Post No. 629
12/29/2006 01:42 AM
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what about a concerto vey
Von Cello 

Post No. 628
12/28/2006 01:07 PM
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Von Cello Unplugged

I was recording the new Von Cello CD yesterday in West Hartford, CT. That is where my keyboard player lives. He has a home studio with Pro Tools. We finished around midnight and then watched a DVD in which the Grateful Dead went back to the studio with their original masters and actually play with the mixing board bringing up various parts. I got home at 5 A.M. Ahh...the musician's life!

A Concerto is a piece for a solo instrument with orchestra. I don't know how they came up with that title. Then again, how did they come up with the word "symphony"? That could be an intesting Masters thesis, the history of musical terms!

The way you know what key a piece is in is by figuring out what the chord is that seems to be where the piece rests. In most cases this would be the last chord of the piece. Often it is the first chord. However, some composers purposely try to not be so obvious, but in most pop music it would tend to be obvious.

Tonight I'll be rehearsing with Omek Hadavar. That is an Orthodox Jewish rock band that I recorded with not too long ago. We will be playing two shows in Long Island this weekend. There music is pretty cool...but I don't think I'll get to play a concerto!

Post No. 627
12/28/2006 10:19 AM
Email eaburke81  go to the Homepage of eaburke81
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You Lock the door, and throw away the "keys".....

So that's an etude, but I've always wonderd about the term "concerto". Is that a classical peice written specifically for the concert setting?

Also, about music in general, how do you determine what key a song is in? I've had to ask this question of people I'm playing with so I know which jaw harp to play. Is there a way I can find this out myself? Incedenlty, I only have harps in D and E in my collection at this point in the game.......
I'm a geek, I know.
Von Cello 

Post No. 626
12/27/2006 11:23 AM
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Etude Dude!

Etude is French for study. It is a study piece for musicians. In other words, an etude is a piece written for a particular instrument that focuses in on a certain set of techniques. This means that etudes are usually dry and pedantic and not what one would really want to listen to. However, in the hands of composers like Chopin and Liszt, etudes became works of art.

It is that tradition that I called my pieces etudes. They zero in on certain techniques and styles, but they are also meant to be enjoyable pieces of music to listen to.

However, my next set of ten pieces is going to be called "Encores", to point out the fact that the intent of these pieces is for use in the concert hall, rather than in the practice studio.
fred and murry 

Post No. 625
12/26/2006 02:16 PM
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you are one cool ....
Von Cello 

Post No. 624
12/26/2006 12:01 PM
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Etudes Galore!

It is never RUDE to inquire about an E-TUDE!
fred and murry 

Post No. 623
12/26/2006 10:41 AM
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word please

JUST WHAT IS AN ETUDE'? i dont want to be rude
Von Cello 

Post No. 622
12/26/2006 10:07 AM
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Santa Brown! Ow!

Well, if Christmas is not a big deal to you because of Jesus, and if it is not a big deal to you because of Santa Claus...then maybe from now on it will be a big deal because it is the day when James Brown died! Yes, it's true, huh, ungh, James Brown died yesterday on Christmas.

James Brown will have to go down in history as the man who said more with ten words than most people could say in a novel. But aside from his sparse lyrics, he became the man who understood the groove more than anyone. I once saw him live and found that it was literally impossible not to dance. That is a certain kind of magic.

Aside from the women in his life who he abused, the world will miss "the hardest working man in show biz".

I have been recording my new etudes the last few days and will be recording new Von Cello songs over the next few, including the one I premiered on WWPV with DJ Seamus. Yeah! Good God! Hit me!
fred and murry 

Post No. 621
12/26/2006 02:45 AM
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my wife says xmas is abig deal with these hispanics but they celebrate in restaurants cause they dont havehouses or not big enough for the extended families. i think xmas isnt important anywhere. its all folkloric nowasays...even hanuka passover etc. liketurnin on the tv every tuesdat at 8 to seea favorite show but not really paying attention THATS religion
Von Cello 

Post No. 620
12/25/2006 06:53 PM
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Restaurante Centro Americano

Maybe that explains what happened to me today. Karen and I (and little Cleo). We went for a drive and then we got hungry but the restaurants were all closed. We drove by the Indian restaurant and even they were closed! Then we went into the town of Mount Kisco and guess what? All of the hispanic restaurants were open, the Mexican, the Spanish/Chinese, and the Guatamalan. In fact Restaurante Centro Americano was packed. The special was Lobster soup, and since everyone was having it, I assume it is a national Christmas dish in Guatamala.

I thought that these restaurants were open because many of the central Americans around here are men, who come alone to make money for a few years before going home. But maybe it is just that in Hispanic countries Christmas is not the big deal they make of it here in the U.S.A.

Anyway, now we know for next year that a Jew does not have to eat Chinese food on least in Mt. Kisco...that's Kisco pronounced Keesco!!
fred and murry 

Post No. 619
12/25/2006 05:14 PM
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muslim down this year, im gettin fat!

we wish jew a merry christmas
we wish jew a merry christmas
we wish jew a merry christmas
and a happy new year
jusback from xmas day lunch with the family. its wen we each get a gift from our invisible friend. I got 5 bottles of great wine and i gave an mp3 to my sis in law.its an event thats like our thanksgiving in that it lacks any reaL MEANING HERE.ITS FOLKLORIC. infact my bro in law is aethiest like me.its like tax time,everybody gets inline everybody pays but nobody is really into it.
Von Cello 

Post No. 618
12/25/2006 11:03 AM
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A Happy and A Jolly

First I'd like to wish Happy Holidays to everyone!

Now, back to complaining...

The thing that gets me about what I saw on CSPAN today is this: Muslims blew up the World Trade Center, Muslims are killing our troops daily in Iraq, Muslims have run people over in cars, shot people at airports, and shot at innocent civilians in Virginia, Muslims are trying to obtain nuclear weapons and are holding demonstrations screaming "Death to America", Muslims are rioting against the Pope, Muslims are killing authors and reporters, Muslims are forcing Christians to convert, Muslims are killing Christians in the hundreds of thousands in Darfur...yet who gets attacked today on CPAN during a call in show about Christmas...the Jews!

It is so sick! The anti-Semtism is in people's veins. It is hidden in some dark corner of their brains. It is an infection that just will not heal. Why, on Christmas, this day about love, must I hear attacks on Jews. Not one mention of Muslims on CSPAN. I guess killing Christians by the hundreds of thousands all around the world is not worth mentioning. No, it is those JEWS!


( I feel better.)

Once again, Happy Holidays!
Von Cello 

Post No. 617
12/25/2006 10:23 AM
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Hey, you know there is never a thread on this guestbook. We tend to talk about music and religion probably because I happen to know a lot about those subjects but anything is welcome. I must say, though, I got a headache trying to read that last post with all the misspellings and short cuts and abbreviations. Yow!

Today I watched CSPAN and they had people calling in about the "meaning of Christmas". It was interesting to hear people from around the country chimming in. Some talked about how the real meaning is that Jesus was born, some talked about how it's a day for family to get together, some talked about the commercialism, some talked about how it is really a pagan winter solstice holiday and that Jesus was born in the spring, an old Jewish lady complained that the only retaurants open are Chinese!

The only thing that bothered me was that two callers attacked the Jews! One went into Jimmy Carter's new book and used that to say that the Jews are controlling the media. Another attacked the ADL as a group that is attacking Christmas by asking people to say "Happy Holidays", instead of "Merry Christmas", when we all know this is the Christmas Season. That reallly offended me. Yes, Christmas is a big part of this season for a lot of people, but it is also the winter solstice, it is also Chanukah, it is also the secular holiday of New Years, not to mention Kwanza and who knows what else. So, in fact, the accurate term is the "Holiday Season", and that term includes everyone! It is a shame on a day that so many say is about love, some Christians take the time to once again attack the Jews.

Sorry, to get back on the "thread". I didn't know about Google Earth. The whole world is coming under surveillance. It has its good points. You can find your old house. You can advertise your website on your roof. You can get your naked body to be shown all around the world. BUT this technology may one day be used to hunt people from the sky. There will be no place to hide. If someone like a Hitler were to gain access to this power, the world would be an even scarier place than Nazi Germany.

Oh well, can't worry about that now. Pass the egg nog, kiss me under the mistletow, and let's hear another chorus of Jingle Bell Rock!
fred and murry 

Post No. 616
12/25/2006 02:08 AM
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i saw your underwear online (clothesline)

do u kno we have bagpipes in north west spain? it seems that many celts settled there centuries ago amd now the bagpipe is part and parcel of spanish culture as are kilts.but only in galicia .
i was on google earth the other day flying over canarsie . its really wonderful. a worldwide map where anybody can put a fotoanywhere .a pin or a 3d model anywhere and add any comment. the editors , a group of googlers insist the marker be legit, important and interesting .i found public shared fotos markers all over the place.Even took a tour around the usa on g.e. organized by someone sharing her vacation. What about a VC music tour?
israel is still outa focus on GE as its govt insists on not helpin yerrorists locate places...i wonder ifour gov should also be out of focus!...chack out murcia spain on GE.GE has wat are called LAYERS that u can turn on off. a layer might be fotos or pins or the national geographic layer run by NG . turn it on and u see only ng important places pit there BY NG.they invlude pics right over the map, videos and comments. Ot the museaum layer run by an interntional museaum org where legit museums can pit a pin on themselves with vids opics etc. Is there a musician layer? cbs hasxca layer too that they run. Im in the Open to Anybody layer as i pinned my office here and my canarsie house. by the way aaron, i found that baseball u lost in 72. I saw it on google earth yesterday.Its on yourold roof. I hear that kids wait for the google satellite to pass over monthly and they strip down to be shot naked on their roofs . Also somebody painted his email on his roof top in miami. sears also does that now on its buildings. ueeh i know. youll say steve went deep into tellin u everythin about GE andi cut the thread here. jews music arabs israel cello and dradels.....anybody wanna play checkers on line?
Von Cello 

Post No. 615
12/24/2006 01:12 PM
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Rock N' Religion

Isn't it funny, the best place to get your questions about Judaism answered is on the site of a rock cellist! It's just too bad that I haven't become as famous as a Hendrix or a Clapton. Then I could really start a revolution of understanding. Oh well...for now I'll have to stick to this guestbook, and my emails.

The letters on the dreydle stand for, "A miricle happened there". But on dreydles in Israel they change one letter so it stands for, "A miricle happened here"! The miricle is the burning of the one days oil for eight days. This is also why the menorah has eight candles (plus the one that lights the 8). But the even greater miricle was that the Jews were able to rededicate the Temple against all odds. The Assyrians were the largest military power of the day, but due to wars in other parts of their empire, they couldn't send in the forces needed to repel the guerrila band of Judas Macabee, the high priest of Israel. So, it was seen as a miricle that God set up a situation where once again the little David could destroy a massive Goliath.

To some Orthodox Jews they see the same situation today. Now it is the Arabs who are preventing the Jews from rebuilding the Temple. They outnumber the Jews at least 10 to 1. They also have the support of much of the rest of the world. Yet just as "a miricle happened there" in the past, the faithful believe a miricle will happen again, and somehow the Jews will retake control of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple, as prophecied in the Bible.

Now, why the dreydle game? It is because the Assyrians decreed that Jews could not study the Torah. So what did the Jews do? They would have Torah classes for children, but there would be someone on look out. If they saw the Assyrian police coming they would break out the dreydles! And to this day, we play with them to remind us that we have to be very clever in fighting the anti-Semites around the world who are STILL working to prevent the rebuilding of the Temple and the coming of the Messiah!


(Sorry, I got a llitte carried away there.)

By the way, I have been watching some fascinating programs on MSNBC, the HIstory Channel, and others about the life of Jesus and the lost gospels, like the Gospel of Judas. They have authenticated the papyrus to be from biblical times. Yet the story makes Judas into a hero who was helping Jesus to leave this physical world, rather than a deceiver trying to kill him. There was one scholar who said, "Clearly this is not the historical truth, but an alternative version by another group of Christians". To which another scholar said, "How does he know?"

It turns out there were around 30 gospels, but the church leaders decided to only include 4 (and condemn the rest). On what basis did they make that decision? Some have faith that it was made with divine intervention, others see politics at work.

In any case, it is very interesting that these scriptures are coming to light only now when we have the technology to verify that they are indeed authentic writings of the time. Perhaps God Himself is letting us see a wider picture now that we, as a society, are more evolved? I find these lost gospels of particular interest because some of them view the Jews in a much more favorable light. For instance, rather than the New Testament story that the Jews were calling for Pilate to kill Jesus, there is a version where the Jews are telling Pilate NOT to kill Jesus! In fact, instead of Pilate saying, "What has he done that he should be killed?", this version has the Jews saying that! Actually, knowing the biography of Pilate, who was a brutal dictator, the lost version seems much more historically acurate. So, who knows, maybe these lost gospels will help bring Jews and Christians closer together?

I know the church is officially still fighting against them, but maybe that will change in the future. With that in mind, happy holidays to all! (Especially those atheists out Steve!)

Post No. 614
12/24/2006 12:41 PM
Email eaburke81  
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Good version of the classic Channukah song....If Harry Connick junior was Jewish he would probabky record somethi g like fact the singer here on youtube sounded a bit like Harry Connick JR.

About the history of Ireland and Scotland- I don't know too much about that either, I just know a few things about Celtic music. I do have a book on the history of the Irish Catholic/Protestant "problem", so I'll have to do some studying up.
I do aggree that oppression is something that the Celtic peoples and Jewish peoples both have had to deal with over the centuries. England for the Irish and scots, and Plaestine and other oppressors for the Jews....but that is getting into a whole other can of worms, and I am trying to fit in all the articles you've sent me, Aaron.

I'll stick to music-related items for now. I enjoyed the jazzy dredyl song very much - great flute solo in the middle there - but I've always wondered what the Hebrew letters on the sides of the top mean - "nun", "gimmel", "heh", and "shin". What do they mean and why do Jewish children play this game? Menorahs I uderstand, but what's up with the dredyl and what's the history of it?

And a Merry Christmas to all Catholics and Christians!
Von Cello 

Post No. 613
12/23/2006 03:20 PM
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Sir William Wallace

I thought Edward would find that link interesting. It is not a new Chanukah song, but a new, original take on an old one.

As for cyber wars...they are already going on like crazy. There are armies of terrorists out there trying to find every possible flaw in our communications. Every now and then you hear reports about how they are targeting the banks, the military, the government. Eventually there will probably be some major attacks on the internet...attempts to shut it down, or to uncover secret information, or to figure out how to shut the power down to major cities, if not whole countries. Yes, with every advance the human race makes, there are people out there trying to use it for evil.

Speaking about war...I saw a show last night about the Scottish wars with England. Very interesting. I didn't know about William Wallace, the great Scottish warrior who lived around 700 years ago. I guess that movie, Braveheart, was based on Wallace, though they said it was very inaccurate. It is very interesting to see how the Scotts gave the English a run for their money. The English were such a dominating force, that it is a real testement to bravery that the Scotts were able to repel them. I would like to learn more about the history of the Scotts, Irish, and English. They are a relatively small group of people, yet have a tremendous influence...not unlike the Jews. And there is much interaction over the centuries between them. After all, it was the English who were largely responsible for allowing Isreal to be reestablished, and they were also largely responsible for funding their enemies too. It is fascinating.
fred and murry 

Post No. 612
12/23/2006 07:28 AM
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so jews are you youtubeable! it reminds me of a webpage for online bar mitsvas whereu study online for 5 hours then have a webcam barmitsvah....wat about online wars! can israel jus fight its enemies online in avirtual battlegame?
Von Cello 

Post No. 611
12/23/2006 12:11 AM
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Jazzy Dreydle

Here's a new take on an old tune!
Von Cello 

Post No. 610
12/21/2006 02:05 PM
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Ten (recorded) American Cello Etudes

I just sent a CD to Oxford U. Press. It contains my recording of the Ten American Cello Etudes. They have expressed interest in distributing this recording. If everyone who has bought the book would buy this recording, we would sell a lot of copies. As I said to the editor, "I cannot guarantee that it is the 'best' recording ever made of my etudes, but I can guarantee it is the most in line with the composer's intentions!"
fred and murry 

Post No. 609
12/20/2006 07:04 AM
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music trends
Von Cello 

Post No. 608
12/20/2006 12:08 AM
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Boy those spammers are fast. No sooner did I allow visitors to post that we got a spammer. I removed his test but am keeping his post so I have a record of his email address.

By the way, check this out:

Post No. 607
12/19/2006 11:48 PM
Email casinos  go to the Homepage of casinos
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Von Cello 

Post No. 606
12/19/2006 08:36 PM
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Go here:

And listen to or download the Tamar Yohah radio show called, "The Enemies Within?". It is an AMAZING eye opener. Here is the promo on the site:

Dr. Francisco Gil-White was fired from his university position because of his research on America's foreign policies. The things he discovered turned him from a supporter of the Arabs to that of the Jews. He speaks to Tamar about the absorption of Nazi scientists and intel to America after WWII, and how it has steered its foreign policy, which has been detrimental to Israel and the Jewish People. Also, his discovery of the documented Nazi roots of the PLO, which he says is just a continuation of the 'Final Solution' to murder the Jews.
Von Santa 

Post No. 605
12/19/2006 05:14 PM
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