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Von Cello 

Post No. 1057
06/24/2007 03:27 PM
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Manhattan Diner

There's a diner in Manhattan on 57th St. called The Brooklyn Diner. When I first saw it I thought it would be nice to get a little taste of Brooklyn so I went inside. First off, it didn't look like a diner least not from any part of Brooklyn I ever knew. Then I saw the menu! Everything was at least double or triple the price of a real Brooklyn Diiner. So I sez to the owner I sez, "Hey, whatayadoin wit dez prices here? Heh? Whatareyatryintodo? Kill me?" And I punched the fucker in the face and split!!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1056
06/23/2007 08:18 AM
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Brooklyn Diners

Speaking about diners...anyone have memories of diners from your youth? In Canarsie, around the South Shore area, The Arch was the big diner. But there was also the famous Venus Diner! Over in Neal's part of town there was the Seaview Diner. There was another one in Flatbush that I remember going to often too but I forget the name. Diners were definitlely a part of the cutture.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1055
06/21/2007 04:00 PM
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Mount Kisco Diner

That's it all rlight!

Here's some inside information. On the video they are coming in though the side door that no one is allowed to use!

Post No. 1054
06/21/2007 10:36 AM
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Link to Clinton Video
Von Cello 

Post No. 1053
06/20/2007 11:06 PM
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That's my table!

There is a new video out there made by Hillary Clinton. It is a take off on the final episode of the Sopranos, and features Bill Clinton. Why do I bring it up? Because it was filmed in my favorite diner, The Mount Kisco Diner. That is the diner closest to my house! In fact, the Clintons are filmed sitting at the very table we usually get!

So, if you can find it on the internet, you will be able to see where Karen and I eat a few times a month.

If anyone finds a link for it, please post it.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1052
06/20/2007 05:59 PM
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Sonny one so blue...

I had heard that Sonny was Jewish. I think perhaps his mother was Jewish. He was a funny kid. I remember actually going to his house once. We became friends because we were both into Johnny Winter, the blues guitarist. Sonny was a harp player (harmonica), so we had music in common. But I remember that sometimes I felt we were friends and sometimes I thought he was going to beat the crap out of me. I talked to Perry and he said he felt the same way. (I think it was Perry.)

I just realized something! That was his problem...he was half Jewish and half Italian, so one minute he was a nebesh, and the next minute he was a hitter! He probably wanted to beat himself up too!
sonny mano 

Post No. 1051
06/20/2007 02:43 PM
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italian over jew

Im sonny mano
we used to beat the shit out of you jew whimps.we took your milk money. Youw ere all freakin whimps cause your moms raised you that way...dont hit! Be nice! they told you.. except for that ronny oved the israeli kid..he hit,,,,,,, we left him alone......

Post No. 1050
06/20/2007 10:18 AM
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Also, the hitters really didn't "hit" much. Of course, there were some fights and violence, but very little as I remember. It was more about the terror, scaring those poor little middle class smart kids, so the big bad dumb hitters could feel better about themselves. Hmm, sounds like terrorism again to me. At least, there were no suicide bombings.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1049
06/20/2007 12:48 AM
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Ever notice that Hitter and Hitler have almost the same spelling?


Post No. 1048
06/19/2007 10:05 AM
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I believe that evil does exist. And I believe that you can't negotiate with terrorists, and hitters, too.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1047
06/18/2007 05:37 PM
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Hey You!

First fhings first. Steve, that is a really cool webpage that you developed. I was happy to see myself on the same page as Hillary Clinton and other famous people! I look forward to checking out the videos that you recommend.

Now Neal, yes, I think those of us who grew up in Canarsie got an early glimpse into the mentality of terrorists. We saw evil up close and personal. I am constantly running into people who are idealistic and don't believe that there is such a thing as evil, or that people can sometimes be impossible to negotiate with. So often, for instance, Israel gets blamed for not negotiating with people like Hamas, but as we see time and again, they are not the type to compromise. And when what they want is your demise, what choice do you have but to oppose them in any way possible?

Post No. 1046
06/18/2007 04:21 PM
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Okay, so the hitters say "got any money"? you say "no." They say "all i find i keep". Do you think they were the terrorists of our day?
sonny mano 

Post No. 1045
06/18/2007 09:34 AM
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summer is almost
Von Cello 

Post No. 1044
06/17/2007 12:01 AM
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Meeting the Eye...

Today I played at a club in Connecticut off of Rt. 84 near Candlestick lake. It was great to play quartets while watching the sun set over a lake with mountains in the background. At the party there were a lot of girls with tatoos and men with pony tails. Not the kind of thing one usually associates with Connecticut. Apparently there is more there than meets the eye!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1043
06/16/2007 08:48 AM
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Clowning around

You seem to remember most the times in Canarsie when we were around 11 - 13 years old. I tend to remember most the times when we were 14 - 16 years old. Like I never think about Reed or Jerry. But that is interesting that you bring them up.

Jerry was a great athlete. We had an on again off again friendship. Because we lived next to each other there was a certain bond. On the other hand, he was competative with sports and I wasn't that way so we would have tension during games.

One of the reasons I liked music is that everybody wins. In sports there is a winning team and a losing team. Usually the losers feel very bad. The winners gloat over the losers. That always struck me as terrible. If my team won, I felt bad for the losers. I thought, "That could have been me". So whether I won or lost I was not particularly happy. When a band plays a good show, everyone is happy!

This weekend I'll be playing string quartets out in Lawrence Long Island, one of The Five Towns There is a college there called Five Towns College, but the kids there call it Five Clowns.
sonny mano 

Post No. 1042
06/15/2007 03:45 PM
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amy finkel

and then marcus the c shows up with a new basketball ball and we play ball. Then your dog comes out to play and reed shows up next door with jerry,,,your report card says 9spe1 and the whole summer is ahead...Mary tyler moore is your crush and suddenly the girls all have huge butts,,,,,youre 14 again but you think ILL NEVER BE 20,,,like the old ones.your dads 44 and moms just 42.
its knock knocks the plaza just opened
Von Cello 

Post No. 1041
06/15/2007 01:30 PM
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Well, it's getting a little lonely here at Sometimes I feel like the last kid sitting on the fence on the corner of E 81st Street. It is getting late and you slowly come to realize that none of your friends are going to come out to hang out. Finally you head back to your house, head hung low, and crawl into bed.


Then you start to dream...

You dream about Linda Ronstadt.

You think about being alone with her on a beach in Long to a fire...listening to Jackson Browne...

Suddenly these hitters appear out of nowhere and they say, "Hey, you got any money?"
Von Cello 

Post No. 1040
06/15/2007 01:56 AM
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Come to think of it, that face on Mars looks a lot like Linda Ronstadt.
sonny mano 

Post No. 1039
06/14/2007 03:25 PM
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[URL=[URL=]hello[/URL] ji ]h[/URL]
Von Cello 

Post No. 1038
06/14/2007 02:19 PM
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You're no good

Can you believe it? There are 32 albums on this page all from Linda!

Remember this hit?

"You're no good, you're no good, you're no you're no good."

Does that get the point across or what?
Von Cello 

Post No. 1037
06/13/2007 11:51 PM
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Linda baby

Isn't it Ronstadt? I don't know. You never hear about her anymore. I was never particularly into Linda. Ya know? I mean I could not call myself a "Linda freak", or a "Linda Head". I don't remember going to parties and being asked, "Hey, are you into Linda?"
Von Cello 

Post No. 1036
06/13/2007 10:43 AM
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On The Record

Ever hear of the B 52's? How about Linda Ronstat? Well, this week I recorded at a studio that recently made CDs with both!

We did string parts for a singer/songwriter who is like a jazzy version of Joni Mitchell. Meanwhile I am also moving ahead ever so slowly on the new Von Cello CD.

It's weird but lately I have developed a new level of appreciation for Joni. By the way, is anyone named Joni anymore?
Von Cello 

Post No. 1035
06/12/2007 04:05 PM
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We Come in Peace

I don't see why people should panic if there is clear evidence that there was once life on Mars. If we contacted actual human beings up there that would be different. But I find it intriguing to consider that there once was an advanced civilization up there. Does that mean that maybe we are all Martians? In any case, it shows that there is a whole other history to be uncovered out in space. I would think that would be the headline of the century!
sonny mano 

Post No. 1034
06/12/2007 03:35 AM
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we are all on the menu

i suspect that such info could cause worldwide panic.Govts try to keepthis info under wraps..imagine if we discovered that we are in a matrix..or all really robots or livestock on a giant farm where at night some are chosen for slaughter....
Von Cello 

Post No. 1033
06/10/2007 10:55 PM
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Mind blowing

LIFE ON MARS?: New Scientific Evidence now on DVD, complete and unedited.

MIND-Blowing! An Awesome New Look! Scientists announce the discovery of startling artificial Megalithic structures found among recently released NASA / JPL photos taken by the Mars Global Surveyor and that these artificial structures are stunning proof that Mars was once inhabited by an intelligent civilization.

Includes a spectacular collection of new photographs presented by Dr. Tom Van Flanders, former Chief Astronomer for the United States Naval Observatory. See remarkable monuments, "T" shaped craters, gigantic glass tube systems, ancient forest remains and grand edifices that will leave you speechless.

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