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Post No. 1382
11/14/2007 09:43 AM
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Just to get my creative juices flowing, this may be a tad funnier:

Oh, you better watch out,
and bathe in holy water,
Memorize scripture and
Get your crosses out,
Satan Claus is comming to the mall.

Post No. 1381
11/14/2007 09:39 AM
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thanks a bunch!

I saw you had posted an explanation as I was writing my question, Aaron. Thanks for clearing this whole thing up.

Post No. 1380
11/14/2007 09:34 AM
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So are you using that scripture passage to argue that the Lord does in fact create evil? I guess we need to have a difintion of "evil"'s so broad a term.
And what does Santa have to do with the existance of evil in the world? Has Saint Nicolas been the Antichrist all this time without me knowing it? Hmm... guess I must not have caught on. I can just imagine what some one might over hear in the malls this holiday: "Hello little (boy/girl ), You want a (insert favorite toy here )? Sure, you'll get one Hell! HO, HO, HO"!

Oh, You better watch out,
you better not cry,
you better not pout,
I'm tellin' you why,
Satan Claus is coming to the mall.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1379
11/14/2007 09:27 AM
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eaburke wrote: "A lot of people - some Catholics even - speak of both Heaven and Hell, but personally I don't believe in Hell, because I don't believe that God is capable of creating evil in any way, shape or form. The so-called "evil" in the world only exists because us humans make choices which ultimately may hurt ourselves and others, not because some evil spirit has some sort of sick control over us."

I generally agree. I don't believe in some kind of evil spirit, call it Satan, or whatever, that torments people for all eternity, or even that has control over living souls causing them to do evil (although the second one seems more believable than the first). But I would not say that God is not "capable" of doing that. I think part of the concept of God as the All Mighty means that God can do anything. I just don't believe that God is evil in His core, and to torture people for all eternity strikes me as evil. Just as in human courts, the punishment must fit the crime or the judge will be looked upon as evil.

Yet, I do believe that God can do evil...or what we perceive as evil. We perceive it to be evil when a flood wipes out a village, or when a tornado destroys a home. But is it really evil? I forget the name of the book, but someone wrote a novel about a group of pilgrims who were on a brige that fell and they all died at that moment together. He then traces their lives and how it all led to that moment. There is so much that we do not see, so something may look evil that really is good. For instance, one of those people might have been on the way to committing a murder. Suddenly the "evil" bridge collapse looks like a blessing.

In Judaism it is taught that the destruction of the Temple and the exile of the Jews was also a blessing in disguise. While some Christians, and later Muslims, interpreted this as proof of God's rejection of the Jews, the Jewish sages (as recorded in the Talmud) said that this was God's way of spreading His knowledge around the world. So, in the end, it is taught that not only is God only good, but evil does not really exist. Everything that happens is ultimately God's will, and therefore, since God is good, everything that happens is good.

This is a hard concept to really accept. Can we say the Holocaust was "good"? And yet, the exile of the Jews from Israel by Rome was just a brutal as the Holocaust. Maybe the Holocaust was necessary, because it created that moment of sympathy that allowed the nations, through the United Nations, to vote to allow the Jews to fiaally return to the land of Israel. Who knows for sure why anything happens? But Judaism, in its purest form, tries to instill in people the mindset that there is no evil, only good. That is why it is said that "God is good".

Years ago, in a junior high school in Brooklyn, Aaron Minsky said, "7SPE1 is good"! That became the class slogan. While other classes said, "We are the best", or "We're number one", the actual number one class in the school said, "We are good!"

I found that very funny at the time, and it still makes me smile.

Von Cello 

Post No. 1378
11/13/2007 07:48 AM
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(Isaiah 45:7, KJV) - "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things."


Post No. 1377
11/12/2007 09:54 PM
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The afterlife and a side of freebie fries

Well, as a Catholic, I sincerely hope there's a heaven and that I will end up there when I die. I'm talking about not a physical place, but more of a metaphysical state where my soul exists with God, and all the souls of all my dead loved ones and friends. A lot of people - some Catholics even - speak of both Heaven and Hell, but personally I don't believe in Hell, because I don't believe that God is capable of creating evil in any way, shape or form. The so-called "evil" in the world only exists because us humans make choices which ultimately may hurt ourselves and others, not because some evil spirit has some sort of sick control over us. Again, God is not capable of creating evil. To me, Hell is just a plot device in books, art, movies and the like....though "What Dreams May Come" staring Robin Williams is one of my favorite movies. There are very interesting artists' conceptions of Heaven and hell in that flick.

Actually, on the subject of heaven, I was talking to my mom the other day and another one of my philosophies happened to come up; "when life brings me freebies, I take them, because this isn't heaven. So if I can do a little something to experience heaven for even a few minutes I'm gonna take that opportunity".
i can't remember what specific freebie had come up for me that day, but hey, "freebie" is just a really cool word, what can I say? I have a bunch of favorite, random may be seeing a list of them on this here guestbook sometime.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1376
11/12/2007 11:34 AM
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The Living End

Isn't it kind of weird that all these cultures have legends about "the end of time". I must plead guilty for the Jewish culture. But you hear about this from all over the world. Hmmm...

Isn't it kind of defeatist in a way? In all honesty, I find it hard to imagine that the day will come when time will just...end. Seems kind of anti-climactic. All this...for what?

My grandmother used to say, "You work hard, you work hard, and what do you get in the end? A kick in the ass!"

Good ol' Grandma!

Post No. 1375
11/11/2007 09:25 PM
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Acts of piracy and segues......

Von Cello wrote:

"Weren't the pirates of old actually Muslims? Those pirates off the Barbary Coast, I believe were Muslims from northern Africa. If that is the case, they probably did not dress or act like the "pirates" we find in story books, shows, and movies".

hmm....I'm pretty sure there were pirates among every walk of life back then; I don't think they claimed origin of just one, specific ethnic group....anyone can choose the life of a sea-worthy buccaneer. Besides, pirates didn't just frequent the Barbary Coast, there were pirates in almost all parts of the British Empire, and all around the world, back in their hey-day....not exactly sure what century this was, but...hmmm, lost my train of thought here. Vikings were pirates as well when you think about it, always pillaging and conquering and drinking....I'm listening to that great viking metal group TYR again. They have two albums out right now: "Eric the Red" and "Ragnarok" (which somebody recently told me means "The End of Time" in Old Norse), from Napalm records. They sing in both their native danish, and English and are perhaps the most melodic metal band I've ever heard. I play the band's music frequently on my show. This has just been a "Seamus" plug! Thank you.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1374
11/11/2007 02:39 AM
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What a difference a minute makes!

One minute that could change your life:
Von Cello 

Post No. 1373
11/09/2007 04:41 PM
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Speaking about pirates...

Weren't the pirates of old actually Muslims? Those pirates off the Barbary Coast, I believe were Muslims from northern Africa. If that is the case, they probably did not dress or act like the "pirates" we find in story books, shows, and movies. They probably wore Muslim garb, and instead of saying things like, "Ay matie", they probably shouted, "Allah Akbar".

Maybe we should have a holiday called "Hallowpirates ". People could dress up like pirates, go door to door collecting "loot", and walk around with swords. I know it sounds totally senseless and ignorant., as well as being an it is perfect!

Post No. 1372
11/09/2007 10:04 AM
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Word for the Day

I saw I had misspelled a word in my previous post (wellm actually, I missepelled alot of words), so I thought I'd make up a defintion for one today:

Ilses: (proper noun, plural. Pronounced "Ill-says").

The term for a group of islands, or island countries, whose people carry out strange rituals fueled by ignorance from long ago. The people who frequent countries desginated as ilses freuqently drink hard apple cider and put large, organge vegetables with horribly ugly faces carved into them all around their house. This is meant to ward off such evil spirits as the dreaded "mail man" or the wicked "Jehova's Witness". The intoxicating effects of the cider acts to make the home owner just as ugly and scary as the large, orange vegetables are. While the most notable Ilses have been Great Britian and Ireland, in recent years Haiti has been famous for it's peoples' re-encactment of old voodoo human sacrifice rituals.
Commenting on Haiti's voodoo holidays, Irish playwirght, and son of an Antheman, Oscar Wilde had this to say: "I'd take the cider over a shrunken head any if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go practice my cello; Jeez louise, my parents rule me with an iron fist, I tell ya".


Post No. 1371
11/09/2007 09:22 AM
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Hooray! It's Ignorance Day!

Von Cello wrote:

"Isn't it a bit like having a Flat World Day when everyone dresses like a seaman from the middle ages and talks about the world being flat? I that we know better, why carry on a tradition from ignorant times"?

Why carry on a tradtion from ignorant times? Well, we are only human of course...and superstion can be fun!

And "Flat World Day" to me sounds like a spin-off of "Talk Like a Pirate Day".
(Wanring! Shameless plug comming up:

About that neo-nazi Halloween story....I can't imagine what that must have felt like. I can't even imagine why, apart from human ignorance, why anybody would want to carry on all the philosophies that Hitler preached....I guess our modern society really hasn't learned anything (read: what not to do) from the Holocaust. All neo-nazis do is perpetuate an unjustified hatred. If we're gonna keep living on this Earth for a few more thousnad years we gotta learn how to live along side our neighbor and love them unconditionally. We may have our little arguments from time to time, and, true, our neighbors may do things tht bug us. But we're both human, we both have a need for land, food, water, clothing, shelter, work and amusement (read: fitness, music, drama, art, crafts, poetry), so really, what makes us that different? Sure, we may have different-colored skin, a different religion, different customs, a different language and varying degrees of wealth, but we all are related to one another as "Earthlings". To say that one group of people is inferior to another and must be destroyed seems to blast our moral world back to the Dark Ages
Von Cello 

Post No. 1370
11/08/2007 12:53 PM
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You see...this is what I love about the guestbook. I learn so much. Being from a Jewish family I never knew anything about the original pagan roots of Holloween. I mean, we used to have pumpkins and we went out and did the trick or treat thing...we even put on costumes, but it was just a fun "American" thing to do. Who knew about its roots among the Celtic peoples? Well, obviously people of that background knew, but I don't think many Jews know much about that.

Tradition is a weird and powerful thing. Back in those days those people actually believed in evil spirits and actually thought they could scare them away by dressing in scary ways. That seems so primitive now. Yet, people still carry on the traditions of that day. Isn't that kind of strange? Isn't it a bit like having a Flat World Day when everyone dresses like a seaman from the middle ages and talks about the world being flat? I that we know better, why carry on a tradition from ignorant times?

I guess very often it is the carrying on of things that don't make a lot of sense that makes a culture. Perhaps even when the fear of spirits is gone, the fun of making costumes and scaring each other lives on.

It is amazing to me to compare the Jewish view of the fall with the Celtic. The Jewish view of the fall is that it is the best time of the year. It is the time of the harvest, the time of gathering the fruits of your labor, a time to dance and sing. There is nothing evil orgies of death and destruction.

In the Jewish religion it is the spring that is the scary time. There are three weeks after Passover called, appropriately, "The Three Weeks", during which religious Jews do not get married or have large gatherings. This may sound supersticious, like Holloween, but the reason for this is that historically there were a lot of attacks on Jews in the early spring. I guess for some of the gentiles, after being cooped up all winter, they felt it a good time to get drunk and terrorize the Jews!

Maybe it was because the Jews had so much real horror and death in their lives that the idea of celebrating that kind of thing never appealed to them.

I once took a hike by myself in late October in an isolated spot about an hour north of NYC. It was getting late, dark and cold when I ran into a guy on the trail who started telling me that there were some Neo Nazis around there who hated Jews. I didn't know why he was telling me that. I wondered if he knew I was Jewish. Anyway, as I came out of the woods I passed houses with straw stuffed dead, headless bodies on their lawns, grave stones that said R.I.P., spider webs and jack o' lanterns. With the comments about Nazis still ringing in my head, and feeling very alone and vulnerable, I suddenly got a pang of fear. I wondered if that guy might not be one of those Neo Nazis he was telling me about. And I wondered if he might come back with some "friends". I started to walk very quickly to get into the more populated area. After several minutes I did, and the fear subsided.

I guess that was a REAL Holloween scary story!!

Post No. 1369
11/08/2007 10:16 AM
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Goth any fives? Go Fish!

Yesh, goths have always confused me too....though after this halloween I can kinda see why they obsess with death and darkness so much....those things are basically what the Samhainn (pronounced "Sow-an"), or the Celtic New Year, is all about.
Old pagan harvest rituals exist in The British Ilses to recognize the death of the old year and the birth of a new one trhough the symblism of agriculture. The people of Ancient and Midieval Britian and Ireland believed that the samhainn was the itme when evil spirits were most active, and se they would shut their doors and windows and make their houses dark so the spirits wouldn't see them. they also dressed them selves up hideously so the spirits would be "scared away". In Irish lore these certain spirits are reresented my mischevous faeries, one of them being the Puca.

So that's my account of how Halloween started, from various sources here and there. Interestingly enough, Halloween wasn't celebrated here in the US untill the 1800's when Irish imigrants came over here to escapse the potato famine.

So the whole goth movement, yeah it's weird, I dont' get it myself, but I can see where they're comming from.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1368
11/06/2007 01:10 AM
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"He who knows the truth will never find it." - Von Cello

I did a google search on that quote and nothing came I guess I am the one who came up with it! Hopefully, if anyone ever searches for it in the future, they will find it here.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1367
11/05/2007 01:26 PM
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Von Goth

I don't even mind the thing about Von Cello playing goth, but the part about Von Cello being a female duet...

Whoever wrote it must have confused us with Rasputina!

I used to watch this show on TV called "Dark Shadows". That was a goth soap opera. That's about as far as I went with goth. I don't really get the turn on with it.

When I lived in Venezuela, the colors people wore were bright or sometimes pastel. You'd see blues, and pinks, and yellows. Everything was alive and "allegre". You never saw people walking around in all black, with images of skulls and such on their clothes. It seems like this kind of dark fantasy comes from the north lands of Europe.

Wasn't there some comedy show about a goth kid who was constantly getting beaten up by his older brother? I think being into goth is just another dead end in the maze of young adulthood. But then again...if you can make money off it, then it's a living!

Post No. 1366
11/05/2007 08:25 AM
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Wicked Wiki!!!!!

As Von Cello quoted from an article: "A cello belongs to the violin family, in which it serves as the lowest-sounding instrument".

I think they forgot the bass viol, or "double bass", or "contrabass". I'm sure that's the lowest instrument in the violin family. (Just as a bonus, I happen to know that the lowest instrument in the mandolin family is the joke, there is an actual "mandocello").

So did this article come from wikipedia, or from somewhere else similarly mis-informed? it just reeks of on-line, teenage misinformity, which I love to laugh at.

"The Beatles is a band from 1950"? "Von Cello and Goth"? Come on, kid!

But if you want mis-information, how about getting it from an actual, internet satire?
Von Cello 

Post No. 1365
11/04/2007 06:30 PM
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How Rumors Get Started

Von Cello 

Post No. 1364
11/04/2007 08:58 AM
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NYC Marathon

What: Von Cello at the NYC Marathon

When: Today 11 - 1

Where: Marcus Garvey Park stage
120th St. and 5th Ave.

See you there!!!!!!

Post No. 1363
11/02/2007 01:06 PM
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It's a cat-astrophe

"Then on the other hand, do we really need to have kids throwing balls at each other as hard as they can? Hmmm..."

And does Ted Nugent really need to play a guitar that's also a gun, too? Does Sammy Hagar really need to distill his own tequilla?
And does the army really need to make war sound like one big video game? (As they have in recent commercials for the National Gaurd). God, do we ever live in a violent society! Why can't we emphaize peace, contentment and level-headedness? let us take an example from the common, domestic house-cat: she sleeps soundly and purrs quietly as she stretches awake when you open the can containing her food. She rubs against your leg as you scoop her food into a dish and then she happily eats her fill as you watch her lovingly.......but try to take her dish away from her and you get a claw to your leg! This kitty's pissed!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1362
11/02/2007 10:19 AM
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Hair on your chest...

I don't know if that was a Brooklyn thing, or a New York thing...but when I was a kid, if my grandfather or some other older relative gave me something to eat that was bitter (like olives or sour pickles), or gave me something to drink that was strong, and I made a face or coughed or reacted in some other way that showed I was distressed, they would say, "Don't worry kid, it'll put hair on your chest". Then I used to think to myself, "Do I really want hair on my chest? And if this stuff really does put hair on my chest, how much does it put?"

I guess it really means that it is part of growing up to get used to stuff that is bitter or strong. Today kids are largely sheltered from the bumps and scratches that were considered part of growing up. They have even taken Dodge Ball out of many schools. At first I thought that was terrible. First of all, it was a fun game, and secondly it taught you that you had to be fast and aware or you might get a big bang on your back or head. Then on the other hand, do we really need to have kids throwing balls at each other as hard as they can? Hmmm...

I guess it's okay, but only if it puts hair on your chest!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1361
11/01/2007 01:58 PM
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Snicker, snicker...

Post No. 1360
11/01/2007 11:56 AM
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Von Cello has "mounds" of wit!

Von Cello wrote:

"Go to Edwards house and get those dark chocolate bars with the fruit. They may taste like crap to a kid, but they'll make you strong and put hair on your chest!"

Ha ha! You always know exactly the right words for any situation.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1359
11/01/2007 09:58 AM
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What would Jesus post?

You've heard it asked, "What would Jesus do?", or "What would Jesus say?", but I'd like to know, "What would Jesus post on the Von Cello Guestbook?" I bet it would be a good post!

Halloween in Canarsie...hmmm...let's see...

Well, if you made it home from school without getting creamed by eggs...and you made it home without getting a mark on your coat from one of those socks filled with crushed colored chalk...then you were ahead of the game. Oh yeah, if you didn't get beat up that day, you were also doing well.

Of course as little kids it was a fantasy, as just on our block alone there were something like 50 two family houses. That makes 100 pieces of candy per block...unless someone gave you a few pieces. So figure about 120 pieces per block. Then times that by about 10 blocks, and you would come home at the end of the night with about 1200 pieces of candy in about 5 shopping bags filled to the brim! Wow, that was GREAT for out health!

By junior high school I was going door to door collecting for UNICEF. That was considered the responsible thing to do on Halloween. No, I don't give the UN a penny, as I have very big problems with the institution, especially the anti-Semitism that pervades it. So if I had a kid, I'd say, "Go to Edwards house and get those dark chocolate bars with the fruit. They may taste like crap to a kid, but they'll make you strong and put hair on your chest!"

Post No. 1358
11/01/2007 09:20 AM
Email eaburke81  
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Oops! Time for another definition, brought to you by yours truely!

Pbulic: (adjective. Pronounced "pa-bew-lik".

Describing policies passed by politicians who believe they are communicating with some sort of higher power. These politicians also frequently endorse the wearing of t-shirts with words or pictures on them, which will ultimately contribute to a whole society of what guitar god and avant-jazz rock composer/political satirist Frank Zappa termed as "insignoramouses".
Zappa would also say that Jesus thinks these such politicians are "jerks".

"Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk" from "Broadway the Hard Way"

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