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Post No. 457
11/16/2006 10:04 AM
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All things phoney, and the "Orchestral Smack-Down"

Von Cello wrote:
".....they [democrats] are the feel- better party"

If the democratic ticket is the feel-better ticket, then Dean should have picked up more votes then he did....he was a doctor, and a darn good one at that!

But I know what you mean about Bush being phoney. Many things American are phoney....take wrestling for example. Greco-Roman wrestling, now that's a real, honest-to-god sport. But the WWF on the other hand, as far as I'm concerned, is just a bunch of big, sweaty guys in tights beating the $#$&^ out of each other on national television.

"Tonight on Pay-per-veiw, it's an all-orchestral smack-down, as Von Cello, the "king of strings", takes on James "the Pain" Galway and his feindish flute of ferocity. There'll be Chills! Spills (of blood)! And an endpin to the head as these two chamber-music mad-men take it to the bridge". (I got my money on the cello)!!!

Where was I? oh, yeah:
In fact, most things European are given an "American" twist. Take St. Patrick's Day, for example.
Every March 17th, for example, We Americans wear cheap, green plastic beads shaped like shamrocks and bright, over-sized flourescent green leprechaun hats, drink green-tinited budwieser till we're green in the face, and we dance on tables. In Ireland, as I saw from a news broadcast last St. Patrick's morning, the people SIT at a bar table rather then dance on it and they drink regular, un-colored beer (Guinness) or whiskey, and they wear their regular clothing, all the while singing and playing the music of their homeland...I wouldn't be surprised if there is a mass to remeber old St. Patrick as well.

Let me close by saying I love my country, and am proud to be an American, but we do some pretty assinine things from day-to-day, wouldn't you say, Aaron?
You're lucky to live in Spain, inflatablecello, that's all I have to say.

BTW: Speaking of flutes, Jehtro Tull has released a Christmas album . I listened to it in the store the other day and the interpretations of classic carols are awesome, but the title has got to be the least original one I've ever heard:

"The Jethro Tull Christmas Album".
This guy made the flute an accepted rock instrument, for God's sake, can't he come up with a creative title for a Christmas album?
Von Cello 

Post No. 456
11/16/2006 09:33 AM
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Lest we forget...

And this is one that many people overlook, but the guy who killed Robert Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan, was a Palestinian. And Kennedy was pro Israel.

Connect the dots.............

And let's not forget the attempt at killing Pope John Paul by guessed it.

This is not to say that all Muslims are killers. Far from it. But there is a trend...or more accurately, there has been a trend. The war began around 40 years ago, but most Americans are still asleep. This is not your father's Viet Nam.
Von Cello 

Post No. 455
11/16/2006 08:17 AM
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Here, There and Everywhere

There have alrealdy been several attacks on Jews by Muslims in the U.S. Remember when Rabbi Kahane was killed? Then there was that yeshiva student, Halberstram. They named a stretch of roadway after him by the Brooklyn Bridge where he was shot by a Muslim. There was the attack by a Muslim on El Al in L.A., and recently a Muslim drove a car into a crowd at a college killing some students. There have been quite a few incidents but the papers try to downplay them and very few people have connected the dots.

But there real problem of a Hitlarian nature is the president of Iran who denies the Holocaust took place, while calling for Israel's destruction, while trying to obtain nuclear power. In English he acts like he wants peace, but on the Glen Beck Show they had translations of his speeches in Arabic saying, "Death to Israel. Death to America", etc. He is a Hitler on the rise, yet many people are ignoring him, much as Hitler was ignored until it was too late.

Post No. 454
11/16/2006 01:39 AM
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yes the worls will let it happen cause thats nature
israel will take matters into its own hands
i think it wont be a hitler though in germany , a political leader
it will be a gang and then a disappearance of jews in lets sat milwakee then a dead jew in miami then a bomb in a mall in jersey then and then and then
i dont think a politician will lead the way like hitler but itll happen in a more cell way..small cells doing what they want.
I thinkitll start in the usa cause thats where the antijews see jews as powerful and vulnerable.....or maybe it already started..........
Von Cello 

Post No. 453
11/15/2006 10:47 PM
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Believe it or Not

I saw the Glen Beck Show about Arab propaganda. It showed scenes from an Arab TV series that showed a young Arab girl getting her eyes cut out by Jewish doctors in Israel. The show, presented as a documentary, claimed that Israel cuts the eyes out of young Palestinian children. They showed the girl screaming, "I don't want to lose my eyes". And then in the next scene you see her with big patches over her eyes!

It showed another series that acted out the old blood libel scenario, claiming that Jews kill gentile children around Passover and use their blood to make matzah. There was also a news show presenting as fact a conspiracy in which Pepsi supports Israel in an anti Muslim crusade. It claimed that the name PEPSI stands for Pay Every Penny to Save Israel. The news show claimed that several of the large U.S. companies are in bed with Israel. The idea being that Arabs should not support these products.

Then there were the scenes of young children singing songs about how Jews and Christians are the sons of pigs and apes. They showed brainwashed children spouting hateful words against Israel and the U.S. And they showed a Saudi Imam instructing parents to teach their children to pray every night that they may die as martyrs "liberating Palestine".

It was said that the anti-Semitism in the Arab world rivals that of Hitler's Germany. And they quoted a Holocaust survivor who said the main thing he learned from the Holocaust is that "when someone says he's going to destroy you, believe him".

I can't believe we are living through this, but we are seeing early warning signs for the next Holocaust. I wonder if the world will continue to let it grow until it is too late, as the world did during the rise of Hitler.
Von Cello 

Post No. 452
11/15/2006 05:54 PM
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Extra, Extra, Read all about it...

Update on Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

An editorial in the November 15th Wall Street Journal provides an update:

"I Am Not Guilty"

On Monday in a Bangladesh courtroom, a judge read the following charge to a defendant: "By praising the Jews and Christians, by attempting to travel to Israel and by predicting the so-called rise of Islamist militancy in the country and expressing such through writings inside the country and abroad, you have tried to damage the image and relations of Bangladesh with the outside world. For which, charges under section 295-A, 120-A, 124-A, 105-A and 108-A are brought against you. Are you guilty or not?"

Answered the defendant: "I am not guilty."

The defendant is journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. As editor of the Weekly Blitz, Mr. Choudhury wrote articles friendly to Israel and critical of Islamic militants, and sought to travel to Israel in 2003 for a writers' conference. He never made it. Instead, he was detained at the airport in Dhaka, imprisoned in solitary confinement and without trial for 17 months and denied medical treatment for glaucoma.

Mr. Choudhury was finally released in early 2005, largely thanks to pressure from Illinois Representative Mark Kirk. But the campaign against him, official and otherwise, never abated. The offices of his newspaper were bombed and later overrun by a mob. The government continued to press the charges. If convicted, Mr. Choudhury could be hanged.

The good news is that Congress is paying attention: Yesterday, Mr. Kirk and New York Democrat Nita Lowey introduced a resolution demanding the charges be dropped. That should get the attention of a government that receives $64 million a year in American aid. The government of Bangladesh might also consider that the harm it claims Mr. Choudhury's journalism has done to its national "image" has, in fact, been wholly self-inflicted.

CNN Program on Muslim Extremism, Wed., Nov 15, 7pm, 9pm ET

Watch and tape the Glenn Beck show tonight on CNN Headline News.
On CNN's website, the promo for the show includes:
"Exposed: the Extremist Agenda"...What airs in the Middle East, the outright propaganda, will surprise you. In a one-hour special, Glenn Beck will show you the shocking images that help fuel rage against Israel and the West."

The program is at 7pm and replays at 9pm Eastern Time.
Von Cello 

Post No. 451
11/15/2006 05:44 PM
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Bush stole my curtains!

I know Abbey Newton. I guess that's not so remarkable, as the cello world is somewhat small...especially the "New Directions" cello world. We have attended conferences and played on shows together. She seems to be holding up the Celtic cello side of things.

But you'll be happy to know that I just wrote a Celtic cello piece! I am finishing up a set of etudes based on international themes and I don't know how it happened, but one day I just stumbled upon a rhythmic figure that sounded very cool on the cello...and next thing you know it grew into a cello etude!

As for Bush's comment about the curtains...I see why you took it that way, but it could have been said for a man as well. Isn't that kind of a typical expression..."Gee, I guess he'll be picking out the curtains", meaning that he (or she) will be moving in soon. I thought it was almost a concession on Bush's part that he knew the congress had a liklihood of turning.

But he does come off like a bully, and that is possibly his biggest problem. A lot of his ideas are not that bad, but it's the way he says them. He acts like a Texas tough guy, but he's from Connecticut! That is the part that gets me. People said that Kerry was a phoney, but who could be more phoney than a guy from Connecticut who was schooled at Harvard and Yale pronouncing the world nuclear as nucular? It's that phoney Texas swagger that makes him seem like a guy who's not honest and therefore untrustworthy.

The fact is, the Iraq policy is probably not goiing to change all that much, but the Democrats will make it feel better, because they are the feel better party. I mean, what can they really do? They can't really pull out now, and they can't really add a lot more troops. So I predict the status quo with a prettier face. Oops! Sorry. That might have sounded sexist.

Post No. 450
11/15/2006 05:18 PM
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Bush stole my milk money!

Von Cello wrote: "...I suppose that's his [Bush's] way of trying to appear light hearted, but it is also a way to try to disarm his critics. How angry can you be at a guy who just commented on your suit"?

You can be very angry, Aaron, especially if you are very conscious of how you dress. This "guy who just commentated on your suit" is also the guy who said that Speaker of the House-elect Nancy Pelosi will be buying new curtains for her office. This, to me, sounded like an espcially sexist remark, and a highly un-appropriate one for the Presdient of the United States to make commenting on the situation. Pelosi is the first-ever female Speaker of the House, which is a big step for America.....I'm not just defending her here beucase she's a democrat either. What, does Bush think only women can pick curtains out for a new home? Home improvement is a gener-neutral activity, and I don't feel less of man for stating so. Any person who feels otherwise is either arcane, stupid, ignorant, old fashioned, or a combination of all four. How's that for a bit of totalitarian dictator-speak for ya?

My mom has commented several times that she feels Bush is "a bully", and I would have to agree with her. Bullies take your lunch money, and Bush has invested thousands of our precious tax dollars into a war we shouldn't be fighting....he's also accepted thousands of dollars from big oil rigs and pharmaceutical companies. Bullies make mean comments on your face or hair or clothes. Meaner bullies also put down your sex, race, color, creed, medical history occupation, or IQ level.....kinda like dictators.

With all the bullies leading us in the "free world" right now it's great to be able to sit at the computer and correpsond with friends faw away, while listening to great Celtic music. I'm highly enjoying a CD of Scottish and English Christmas carols played by a host of master Celtic musicians: it's "A Scottish Christmas", feating Bonnie Rideout on fiddle, Maggie Sansone on hammered dulcimer, Al Petteway on acoustic guitar, Eric Rigler on bagpipes, Jon Quigg on snare drum, and cellist Abby Newton.

Find it on, and they're not paying me to say that! (Though they should be)
Von Cello 

Post No. 449
11/15/2006 02:04 PM
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Ha Ha

Yes, George and Dick seem to be lacking in the humor department. They don't seem to like criticism either. But Bush does act silly during press conferences, commenting on the clothes of the reporters. I suppose that's his way of trying to appear light hearted, but it is also a way to try to disarm his critics. How angry can you be at a guy who just commented on your suit?

It's funny, but having a sense of humor seems like a job requirement for a president of the U.S.A. I don't remember the presidents of Syria, Iran, or Saudi Arabia cracking too many jokes. Their idea of a joke is something like, "How many Jews will be left in Israel after we drop an atomic bomb on their heads? Answer: None! Ha, ha, ha!" It's like Borat humor.

When I lived in Venezuela the only way you ever saw the president was in a suit with a full chest of military medals. He often wore a sash from one shoulder to the other hip with the military colors. You couldn't dream of seeing him in a denim shirt, jogging shorts, or the outfit of a working man. He was always serious...someone to be feared. I would assume the same is true in the Arab world. The president is someone to be feared. If you make a joke, you risk getting beaten, tortured, or killed. Ah yes...the religion of peace.

So, here we are upset that our president is not as open to being made fun of as we would like, and over there you can get killed for saying such a thing. I recently read an article on written by an Arab about the Arab mindset. He said that when we appologize for uses of force, like at Abu Grabe, the Arab world is not thankful. They see the giving of apologies as a sign of weakness. (If you notice, you never hear an Arab leader apologize for anything.) The more we act sorry, or thoughtful, or confused, the more they feel that they will conquer us eventually.

It is hard for us to even conceive of such a mean spirited, "backward" way of looking at the world. But we should not be so egotistical as to think that our way of viewing the world is the "right" way, or even a good way. We must be realistic and understand that there are cultures in the world that are much different than ours, and we must learn to deal with them, not according to what we would like, but according to the reality of the situation.

It's like the mafia. You are not going to be able to fight them by offering them tea and crumpits, or by making some jokes. Our culture is great for the way we laugh at things and keep a sense of humor, but we run the risk of laughing while others are planing our demise. At some point we will have to sober up. But we probably wont until something much worse than 9/11 occurs.

And on that happy note...have a nice day!

Post No. 448
11/15/2006 08:44 AM
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"Fake" News time 9:40 E.S.T, I'm your host Eaburke81

Steve, let me fill you in on "The Daily Show". "The Daily Show with John Stewart", as it is known as it's full title, is a show on a 25-hour, American Comedy TV Network. The Daily Show reffers to itself as "the Fake News", yet it is a program which holds a proverbial magnifying glass to REAL, current political, social and environmental events with a sarcastic and satiric edge. Lemme tell ya, as someone who also watches Candian Televison, you don't get the Daily Show's brand of real, satiric news anywhere else on American television. A Canadian TV channel named the CBC has three, major programs with this same format, such as "This Hour Has 22 Minutes", "The Rick Mercer Report", and "The Royal Canadiain Air-Farce". All three reportedly "fake" news shows are not afraid, as we seem to be here in the US, of sticking it to high-ranking government fact all three shows even ridicule the very TV network whey're being broadcast on. From what I've seen, interestingly enough, the CBC, Canadian prime minister Steven Harper and other House of Commons officals do not seem to mind being ridiculed, in fact they seem to enjoy these light-hearted pot-shots. I can imagine that Bush and Cheney in comparison are pretty steamed becuase of all the jokes about them since they took office.......

Now for how this relates to jaw harps........I got nothin', other then I found a vendor who sells them down in Burlington yesterday...only 5 bucks a peice! At last, an instrument which works with my budjet!!!

Post No. 447
11/14/2006 02:39 AM
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jus google hisname emilio aragon . hes a clown comic owner of spains canal 6 a tv company likeCBS
i kno wat u mean
phenomenons in one country sometimes are GLOBAL sometimes not....Like the usa
About fashion; here nobody knows about spinning or the impact of usa elections last week
lo carb diets and britney spears
jaggers dad? mccartney? Yes thats europe!!!

leno letterman? Who?
daily show? whats that?
how can people be happy without these things? they must be delusional"
or maybe anti-american
lets attack them!!!!!
of course von cello is known everywhere
Von Cello 

Post No. 446
11/13/2006 08:38 PM
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Emilio Who?

I know what it's like to live outside of the country. I was in the Filarmonica de Caracas years ago. I knew things my friends in the U.S. missed, and I missed things that happened there. For instance, I missed the beginning of the Reagan presidency and had to learn about it, like a foreigner, when I returned.

I was just suprised to find out that Borat is a local U.S. phenomenon. I assumed the movie was also playing in Europe, expecially as it is so anti American. I bet Borat will come to your shores soon. Love it or hate it, it is a phenomenon. Someone said he's like a modern day Andy Kaufman. He's gone further to make a joke than anyone else around, to the point of uncomfortability. And, I guess, people love someone who pushes the envelope.

What does this Emilio do?

Post No. 445
11/13/2006 04:51 PM
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i never heard of him or sacha the jew comic who plays him
but then again you never heard of emilio aregon a spain comic

we know im american and its a surprise i never heard of borat and so now u kno that outside the usa many many are in a different waltz
i never saw sienfeld star trek voyager ally mcbeal and er
its not jus tv but culture as a whole. politics, fashion etc
outside the usa its really different
maybe thr ability to see that is the secret
theyre not nuts.theyre just livin in a different world. im really surprised u never adored emilio aregon..... each is brainwashed to see his hers as THE WAY
the other is not"" forced to see from outside the box cause i live outside....
Von Cello 

Post No. 444
11/13/2006 01:47 PM
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Christian Harps

This is from that site:

"The Origins of the Jew's Harp

The question for the origins of the Jew's Harp is very difficult to answer as it is most likely that many ancient models and variants were made of bamboo or wood and have long perished. It is generally assumed, however, that Jew's Harps originated in South-East Asia or Oceania, where archetypal variants made of bamboo are played to this day."

So here we have an ancient instrument from South East Asia, quite a ways away from Israel, yet they call this thing a Jew's Harp! I would like to know where that name came from.

I would also like to go to a mall in Spain and watch the girls who look like birds.

I would also like to express my surprise that Steve does not know about Borat. It is the biggest thing here now. He is even getting interviewed on news shows as if he is a real character. I saw him on the Jay Leno Show with Martha Stewart. She wanted hime to help her make a bed (with her products) but instead he jumped under the covers and took off his underwear! Could you imagine doing that in front of Martha Stewart! With balls like that, no wonder he is the phenomenon of the moment.

The funniest thing is that the country of Khazakstan actually started a publicity campaign to counter the image that Borat is presenting of their country as a backward place where people have sex with their relatives and drink water from toilet bowls. Could you imagine? They actually started showing ads on TV of how advanced Khazakstan is! That only made them look even more ridiculous. So after a few weeks the ads were pulled.

Then Borat went to the Khazakstan embassy and held a "press conference" to denounce the ads as false propaganda! You can't win with a nut like Borat! Best to just let him do his thing and hope he goes away.

Post No. 443
11/13/2006 01:04 PM
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"...and my tunes were played on the harp un-strung"

BTW, Aaron, jaw harps are made out of more then just metal. There are harps made out of wood, brass and even bamboo. You can find jaw haprs played all over the world, expeically in South-East Asia, China, Northern and Eastern Europe. Check out this handy jaw harp site for more info and sound samples:

p.s. The dan moi is the name of a jaw harp played in Vietnam

Post No. 442
11/13/2006 12:59 PM
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El productos de los Estados Unidos

So Spain has been bombarded by our "American dreams" as well....I'm sorry you have to experience the worst of "American"culture, inflatablecello.

On the same token, I visited Puerto Rico in the summer of my senior year of high school. Puerto Rico, despite being a U.S. territory, seemed mysterious and foriegn to me, and I use the word "foreig" in a good way: "finally...", I said, "I'm going some place free of American consumerism". When I got there I saw the old Spanish forts of San Juan, the folk dancers' masks of Loiza, the winding, jungle roads of the El Yunque rainforest, I heard the spicy sounds of local jibaro music and the old colonial city of Ponce, just to name a few. Puerto Rico, unfortunately also had a Chilli's, McDonalds, and other big, international chains. I felt sorry for the people there becuase I loved them so much....Puerto Rico has such a rich mix of Spanish and Native cultures, it should be it's own country...does it really need to be under U.S. control? Does the world really need another Walmart or Gap? on an unrelated note, if there is another McDonald's to be built, why not build fast food places in the poorest regions of Africa so the people can eat? What was I talking about again? Uh oh, more randomness!

Post No. 441
11/13/2006 10:16 AM
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I really dig those west coast girls

whats this movie?
never heard of it but ill try to see it soon on emule
spain has caught upto the usa in tv culture
we now have fiber optiv channels and 2oo at least. The usa top 40 shows are seen here in english weekly and they jus opened a mall here with walmart mcdonalds gap and chucky cheese. But the girls still take the cake on usa fatties in nikes . I really thank dog that i live in a placewhere girls are decked out like lil birds even in the sneakers or sweat suits no big fat asses.I guess its the olive oil fruit fish diet .....
Von Cello 

Post No. 440
11/13/2006 10:01 AM
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I like that...a daily dose of randomness! Wouldn't it be great if a whole bunch of people just came here every day with random thoughts. It's interesting, if not scary, to know what's on people's minds.

Thank you for calling that little device a jaw harp. I was always offended by the term Jew's harp. I may be wrong, but it seemed like a slur based on the belief that Jews are cheap, hence this tiny metal thing that you play in your mouth would be derisively called a Jew's harp.

Did anyone see that movie Barat? There is a lot of anti-Semitism in that movie. Not that the actor is anti-Semitic, but the movie shows how sick the anti-Semitism is, not just in backward parts of Europe, but right here in the good old U.S.A. Like there is a scene where he goes into a gun shop somewhere in the south and asks the salesman if he has a gun that would be good for shooting a Jew. The salesman without blinking an eye said,
"Well here's a good one. It's a baretta." Barat kept pushing, "So this one is good for shooting Jews?" And the guys said, "Yeah, this one will work just fine".

I may not have the exact dialogue right, but that was the gist of it. There were several times where he pretended to be an anti-Semite and the people he was talking to responded as if there was nothing wrong with saying terrible things about Jews. The same was true for anti Arab, anti black, and anti women. The movie is portrayed as making fun of Khazakstan, but it really is an expose of the underbelly of America. And though there are funny gags throughout, it's really NOT a funny movie.

Post No. 439
11/13/2006 09:06 AM
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So did you hear that rocker Ted Nugent is now playing a customized guitar? Yeah, it's also a 2-(or something)- caliber shotgun. Now wasn't it back in the Sixties when everybody said "Make Love Not War", and didn't they say it through music? Our soldiers are still in we really need gun-weilding wackjobs here in the states as well? To add to that, hip-hop like Snoop Dogg and P-Diddy regularly carry firearms. Should we really feel safe putting guns in the hands of hard rock stars? Will Nugent now speak as a spokeman for the NRA?

In a related topic, I may not have told you guys, but I have taken up a unique, small, free-reed type instrument called the "jaw harp". It's also called a "trump", or a "juice harp", or even a "Jew's harp". I call it a jaw harp as so not to offend anyone. It's small, made of steel, and it's got a thin, flexible metal tine that you pluck with your ponter finger. You put the frame up against your teeth and curl your lips around's as easy as that and I love the twangy, bluegrassy sound it makes!!! And if you flap your tongue up and down you can make this cool, eletronic-sounding tremolo.

Now for how this relates to Ted Nugent....while looking up info on jaw harps the other day, I found an invention was called a "gun harp". It was a jaw harp mounted on a trumpet-like peice shaped to look like an old-time elephant hunter's gun to amplify the harp. The good thing about this was that the "gun" part did not shoot anything. It was designed by hunters to mimic several bird sounds.
Yeah, I know, there's still some shooting involved with actual guns which is unfortunate, but not with the gun harp, you can be sure.

This has been your daily dose of randomness brought to you by Eaburke81.

Listen to my show on Fridays 5-8pm E.S.T on-line
Von Cello featured often!!!
Von Cello 

Post No. 438
11/11/2006 11:11 AM
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For a good time, go here...

It's Condilicious!
Von Cello 

Post No. 437
11/11/2006 10:48 AM
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You Must Vote!

You could make it a law that you have to vote. But then you'd have to agree to arresting people if they didn't vote. Could you imagine...

"What are you in for?"
"Murder, 1st degree. How about you?"
"Voting. I went on a hike that day and didn't vote."

On the other hand, you could have a tax break for those who vote, or a tax penalty for those who don't. But I guess once you do it that way, a new government could come in and reverse it, making a penalty if you do vote! I think Austrailia gives people something like $20 when they vote and almost everyone votes.

But 16 is way too young to understand the world. Even 18 is too young. Even 21 is too young. You could argue that you have to be at least 30 or 40 to vote. But you don't need such a law as young people tend not to vote anyway. But I would not go younger than 18. Old enough to fight, old enough to vote.

Meanwhile I just heard Ray Kurzweil on C Span. Ever listen to that guy? Wow! He's talking about nano robots by the hundreds that will be put into human bodies to prevent and cure disease. He's talking about tinkering with the human bio system to prevent aging. He's talking about virtual reality machines that will create worlds that will be indistinguishable by sight, hearing, touch and smell from "real" worlds. And he brings up amazing questions, like how will we view the meaning of death when it becomes optional!!

Post No. 436
11/11/2006 02:26 AM
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puss in votes

i dint think our consttution wud allow obligating people to vote
however one could agree bilaterally that if a minimum of 40 or 50 % dont vote, than its a revote until at least 50 percent vote
that wouldnt be law but would be an agreement.
id personally love the obligation to vote for all from the age of 16 cause ithink 16 nowasyas is very mature and maybe its time to bring down the bar from 18..I mean, why 18? at 16 a kid can leave school with moms permission and work fulltime. why not vote as well?
and why not have 2 presidents?
Von Cello 

Post No. 435
11/10/2006 02:03 PM
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To Vote or Not to Vote

I understand those who feel that everyone should vote. But I have also heard it said that not voting also sends a message. Actually, if they included a column for "None of the Above" then I probably would vote!

The fact is, I used to be a registered Democrat but, for instance, I had to vote for Guiliani over Dinkins. How could the Democrats support a man (Dinkins) who allowed a riot against Jews to go on for several days in Crown Heights? Dinkins even said he wanted to let the black community "vent". But would he let the white community vent by rioting in a black neighborhood?

And then when the Democrats had Jessie Jackson run for president...that was the final straw. He called New York City "Hymie Town" (an anti Jewish slur). Would the Democrats have allowed a man to run who called New York City "Nigger Town"? You know they wouldn't. So I got turned off by the double standard. I also started to see more support for Israel from the Republicans, yet Israel is the only liberal and tolerant nation in the middle east. So were the Democrats really liberal, or were they hypocrites bending over to serve certain special interest groups (i.e. blacks and Arabs) at the expense of honesty and true liberal values?

Yet the Republicans will vote to have the government decide what goes on in a woman's body! That kind of government intrusion just goes too far. They also fell over themselves to keep Terry Shivo on a feeding tube although most doctors said she was brain dead for years! That kind of cynical pandering was also something I couldn't support. So now I am a registered Independent. At least I was before I moved a few years ago. Now I'm a citizen without a party or a registration and I register my disgust with all the partisan nonesense with a vote of no confidence (I.e. not voting). So my vote is a big, fat NO!

Post No. 434
11/10/2006 11:39 AM
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"This is middle ground, we're standing on middle ground....."

You talked about trying to find a "middle ground" in politics, Aaron. My hope is that the "middle ground" will someday come from the underdog 3rd parties that exist, whether it be the Green party, the Localists, the liberty Unions or anyother party. Dems and Repubs have way too much power right now, there is no "Middle Ground" except for Bernie least here in Vermont anyway. We need leaders who embrace both conservative and liberal values, as well as someone who respects the working men and women who break their backs so that this country can thrive...they are the ones Bush's tax cuts should be going to. The "Trickle-Down" effect looked good on paper, sure, but it did not really work.

As for your decision not to vote, I do not agree with it as I feel it is not only a civic right but a duty, but I do applaud you for taking a stand for what you belive in....that's an American citizen's other civic right.
Thank you for being you!

And now for something totally un-related:
My radio show, Shillelagh Safari With DJ Seamus, will not be airing tonight as WWPV will feature a live broadcast of an SMC Hockey game. Just letting all my fans know out there so you're not dissapointed or know who you are
Von Cello 

Post No. 433
11/10/2006 10:45 AM
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Well, now that we solved the problems of the American political system, check out this link and listen to audio clips about Israeli politics:

The latest issue in Israel is a gay pride parade in Jerusalem that is opposed by Orthodox Jews. I thought Rabbi Singer made one very good point. He said, "Why don't the gays march in Mecca?!"

Isn't that a good point? The gays would not even dream of marching in Mecca. Everyone just accepts that the Muslims would kill them. So they march instead in Jerusalem because Jews are a tolerant people. But is that fair?

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