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Von Cello 

Post No. 1132
07/24/2007 08:53 AM
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A Druid? That's funny. You don't look Druish!

So what's the deal with Celtic? I hear about Celtic music but generally not about Irish music. I think the Celts were the original people who lived in Ireland. Then what? Was it that the English took over? Or someone else? I know St. Patrick came from somewhere and got them to become Catholic. Sorry, the history is vague in my mind.

But then, why all this emphasis today on Celtic rather than Irish? Is it somehow more politically correct to use the word Celtic?

Post No. 1131
07/23/2007 08:50 PM
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and now for something else Irish.....


Post No. 1130
07/23/2007 08:28 PM
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Here is an excerpt from that book I was talking about "Irish Wit and Wisdom", by Joan Larson Kelly:

"There are many kinds of faeries in Irish lore. Leprechauns are the working faeries. They are the tailors and cobblers. Often in the evening they can be found under a hedge stitching away at a garment, or pounding a wee hammer making a pair of shoes. Speak kindly to them if you meet one for they have the power to make you rich, providing you handle them right...."

Kelly goes on to explain this process:

"....First, grab the Leprechaun tightly by the scruff of his neck. be very careful not to take your eyes off him lest he dissapear. Promise to let him go if he leads you to a pot of gold. Since pots of gold are getting scarcer and scarcer these days he might arrange instead for you to win the Irish sweepstakes".

As Kelly quotes one Irishman on the subject of faeries (including leprechauns): "I don't believe in faeries, but they're there".
Von Cello 

Post No. 1129
07/23/2007 09:34 AM
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Not Irish...but wiilling to learn...

This is indeed proving to be an educational excercise. Edward wrote:

"And those Saint Patrick's day e-cards only go to perpetuate the cheap, American vision of the stereotypical leprechaun -a stout, red-haired and bearded fellow wearing all green, and standing by a rainbow next to a wee, pot o'gold drunk on green beer."

Who knew that the portrayal of Leprechauns that we see on American television were not the same as what the Irish have? I guess I was misinformed by all those Lucky Charms commercials when I was a kid with that Leprechaun saying, "Green clovers, silver moons, yellow stars!" I figured that Leprechauns were these cute little funny guys who danced around rainbows which had pots of gold at the end of them.

Oxford didn't reject the piece of music. It is an amazing piece (if I may say so myself). It is like a wild Irish jig played celtar style with the cello held like a guitar and played with a pick. It is probably the first such piece in history ever written for the cello, and would be a landmark in cello publishing!

Oxford objected to the title, and now I am learning that the dancing, cute green Leprechuan is just another manifistation of the "ugly American". (I'm exaggerating for effect.) I guess to the Irish, the American portrayal is like this big mammoth taking a piece of your sacred culture and making it into a joke, or a funny commercial item to make money. No wonder they hate us in Europe!

The thing about Leprechuans not dancing came from an Irish friend of my wife. She asked her about the title and she said (in total seriousness), "Everyone knows Leprechauns don't dance!" (Which, I must admit, cracks me up!) First of all, has she met ALL the Leprechauns? Maybe there are a few who dance!!!!

I said to Karen, that maybe I am being insensitive. I said to her, "How would you like it is someone wrote a piece about a group of old Hassidic rabbis and called it The Dance of the Hassidic Rabbis?" She said, "But Hassidic rabbis dance!"

I guess from a Jewish point of view, everyone dances...or should dance. There are Jewish holidays, like Purim and Sukkos, where you are virtually commanded to dance! Certainly at a Jewish wedding, no matter how old and dignified you are, you are supposed to dance. It is in a sense a form of prayer, or more like a phyical demonstration of your faith...not unlike Sufi dancers. So, it is hard for me to understand why people would be offended by the idea of someone dancing, be he a rabbi or a leprechaun.

But that is why this is so interesting. Through writing this Ten International Cello Encores, it is bringing me into the dark recesses of cultures that I only have a surface understanding of.

By the way, Karen came up with, what I think is a brilliant idea. What about:


Post No. 1128
07/23/2007 09:12 AM
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As to why Oxford rejected your Celtic, cello peice....this IS England you're talking about here....maybe they were protestants.

Post No. 1127
07/23/2007 09:03 AM
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Isn't it a bit late for St. Pat's?

(Not that I don't perpetuate Irish/Celtic culture year-round on my show, that is, but you get the idea).

First off...when did I say leprechauns didn't dance? Ihe Irish people (and Irish, fairy-like beings) love music and dancing (Not to mention fine spirits, i.e ghosts, and the bottled variety).
And those Saint Patrick's day e-cards only go to perpetuate the cheap, American vision of the stereotypical leprechaun -a stout, red-haired and bearded fellow wearing all green, and standing by a rainbow next to a wee, pot o'gold drunk on green beer. I can assure you from research that the Irishman's image of leprechauns is much different...more on this later when I have the book in front of me.

And if you want to find a cool, gaelic title for your Celtic cello peice, (or just get your daily dose of all things Irish) this website may come in handy:
Von Cello 

Post No. 1126
07/22/2007 11:35 PM
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Vonny O'Cello

If Leprechauns don't dance, how do you explain this?

And this:

I rest my case!

Post No. 1125
07/22/2007 04:28 PM
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Top O'the Guestbook to ye!

Yes, it is spelled "Leprechauns"....or "The Little People", as they're known in Ireland. You're also looking for a "jig", not a "gig". As for a title for your new cello composition - this is a tough one. I wish I could give you an appropriate. (and cool-sounding) gaelic title, but don't know enough gaelic to do that. For now, I guess I'll submit "Leprechaun's Folly", or "Bottom O'the Endpin" there is a Scottish jig played at Christmas time called "Bottom of the Punch Bowl"). Just throw an "O" and an apostrophe in front of any word an it's instantly Irish (not really, just joking). Speaking of jokes:

A man walks into a confessional and says "Father, I have a problem". The priest says "What's wrong, my son"? "I don't think I'm Irish". "Well, tell me, what's your name"? "Patrick Michael Murphy".
Then the priest said: "When ye get to heaven, just tell St. Peter your name and you won't have anything to worry about".
Von Cello 

Post No. 1124
07/22/2007 11:48 AM
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Leprechauns don't dance!

It's better then the way I used to spell it: Leprekans.

From what I gather, the Irish take their Leprechauns a lot more seriously than we in the U.S. do. It says in widipedia that they take offense at the trivial happy-go-lucky portrayals that Americans use in their cartoons and TV commercials. And, as on Irish person said to Karen, "Everyone knows Leprechauns don't dance!"

Who knew?

Post No. 1123
07/22/2007 08:52 AM
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Dance of the Leprechauns maybe it was the spelling
Von Cello 

Post No. 1122
07/21/2007 11:53 PM
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Kasmirian Leprauchans

DJ Seamus...this one's for you. I submitted a set of cello pieces to Oxford. One was for celtar (picked cello) and was based on the rhythms of an Irish gig, yet it had a maniacal energy to it. I called it "Dance of the Leprauchans".

Oxford objected to the title. Can you, in your infinite wisdom of things Irish, tell me why they rejected it, and can you suggest a new title?

Meanwhile, tonight I played for the wedding of the son of the largest club date music company in New York. He had a group of strings plus guitar, bass, flute, and drums for the ceremony. One of the pieces we played was "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin! It was truly amazing, after hearing that thing about a million times over the years, to finally be performing it!

Post No. 1121
07/21/2007 10:32 PM
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Jokes, killer muslim bees and free CD's

First of all, two classic lines:

"I used to be I'm not sure".

"I'm not lying, I'm writing fiction with my mouth". - Homer Simpson

Killer, Muslim bees (in response to the Hamas children's show link): Good god, I'm glad we don't have that species of bee in Vermont. I bet these particular bee produce milk AND honey! (And have 72 fine looking fruit flies waiting for them at the pearly combs). I'm pretty sure that the bees who hovered around me were messengers from the Christian God.

Free CD's: aren't these great? I once found a free CD in the most unlikely of places: a rental car dealership. The CD was a recording of a French-language Celtic-folk/pop/Riverdance-like group from Quebec, and was sitting on a table with a free sign in back of it in the lobby. I also acquired plenty of free CD's back when I ran things for the St. Michael's College Coffee House series, but I donated most all of them to WWPV 88.7-FM, who in my opinion, was in definite need of music from groups and artists the students actually knew. (These days I'm doing what I can to make sure they know about Von Cello).

Post No. 1120
07/21/2007 03:52 PM
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glenn would

any day any time
Von Cello 

Post No. 1119
07/20/2007 11:17 PM
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VC Live

If you have a car you can catch me playing with a guitarist at the Sushi Lounge in Morristown. There may be a gig in Connecticut next weekend. I'll post about it if it looks good. Beyond that it's mostly private parties. This summer I am spending most of my musical time trying to finish the CD. But we can always get together to hang out. Maybe we can meet on E. 81st and Glenwood!

Post No. 1118
07/20/2007 06:28 PM
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ok where can i see vc
Von Cello 

Post No. 1117
07/20/2007 11:25 AM
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Joke...did someone say JOKE?

When we were in junior high school you knew you could always depend on a good joke when you ran into Barry Lederman. Today, even though he is an Orthodox rabbi and goes by the name Baruch Lederman, he is still not too holy to send out jokes in his weekly email list letter. Here's the latest set:

When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice safe playpen. When they're finished, I climb out.
If you're not confused, you're not paying attention
Under Capitalism man exploits man. Under socialism it's just the opposite.
Two fonts walk into a bar. The bartender says to them, "Get out! We don't serve your type here."
A baby sitter is a teenager acting like an adult while the adults are out acting like teenagers.
It used to be only death and taxes were inevitable. Now, of course, there's shipping and handling, too.
The sole purpose of a child's middle name, is so he can tell when he's really in trouble.
Last night I played a blank tape at full blast. The mime next door went nuts.
Therapy is expensive; popping bubble-wrap is cheap. You choose.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1116
07/20/2007 10:55 AM
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A shaky time in the old town tongiht

Hey Neal, I heard you had a little earthquake action out there today. I hope you are okay. What's going on?

We were doing our own shaking last night at the jam session. My drummer was there and so was a bass player who I know who now tours with a "legacy" band of Bill Haily and the Comets. There was also a guitarist and a harmonica player. They all wanted me to get out my cello so I joined in on "I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You", and "You Give Me Fever", with a sultry female vocalist. That is a fun tune to play!

Then came an unexpected payoff. The owner of the bar told us that he was getting rid of his CD collection and anyone could take what they want. I waited until everyone else went, and then I took a look, not expecting anything good to be left. And these idiots left things like Coltrane and Johnny Hartman, Art Tatum, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Coleman Hawkins, not to mention piano works of Brahms and Chopin! I walked away with about 30 CDs! Not bad for a playing two tunes!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1115
07/20/2007 01:25 AM
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To bee or to kill people

Speaking about bees...

Post No. 1114
07/19/2007 09:18 PM
Email eaburke81  
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I accidently pressed "post" before that last post was done. Anyway, I'll just say that those names are real, though they may sound like made-up gibberish; you never know what kind of music will appear next on the World scene. Maybe If I dig deep enough I'll find that elusive mix of polka/Indian/rock/bluegrass I talked about several months ago. Accordion, tuba, sitar, banjo....and cello...don't forget the bagpipes!

Post No. 1113
07/19/2007 09:12 PM
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Look Napster!

Aaron - "Summer Breeze" was by Seals and Croft....a little before my time, yes, but a good song, nonethess, with superb harmonies.

Neal - Von Cello's suggestions are as good as mine for free internet music. Sure, I use the internet as a resource for most all of the music I play on my radio show, but I kinda "beat the system" or "stick it to the man" a little bit. Let me explain - I frequently visit, a website where you can find information on indpendent musicians from all over the world (such as Von Cello, whom has all three of his albums on the site). CDBaby lists indpendent band websites, and their, or their distributor's e-mail. All of the albums are up for sale, but I make full use as radio station DJ , and I email the bands to let them them know i like their music (after hearing brief sound samples), and that I have a little radio show where they can get airtime. I then request a free copy in exchange for my spinning and reviewing).
I get cool music to stock our station's shelves (and my computer's media player) with, and the bands and artists get exposure where they might normally not.
Cool music, great networking, no charge. As Zappa said: "No problem".

The site has undergone a bit of a facelift in recent months, through organizing their millions upon millions of CD's into myriad categories of genres I have never heard of before. Some examples: Anti-folk, Noh, Mbalax, noise, no-wave, riot grrrl,

Post No. 1112
07/19/2007 06:26 PM
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is still good, just like von cello

Post No. 1111
07/19/2007 02:58 PM
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i thought it was tom and jerry? like the cartoon mice?
Von Cello 

Post No. 1110
07/19/2007 02:25 PM
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Was that a Brewer and Shipley song? I wonder what ever happened to those guys!

Do you know that song "Summer Breeze"? I think that was the same dudes...or some other two name group. That song is a gold mine. I hear it every year at the beginnning of the summer. By the way, did you know that Simon and Garfunkel were originally called Sonny and Terry?

As for internet radio try the Live Music Archive. They have tons of live shows including Rat Dog, Phil Lesh and Friends, etc. Also AccuRadio is good. They have a Twang channel that I used to check out. All truck driver music. Pretty funny stuff!

I spoke with our drummer John Diguilio last night. I'll be seeing him later at a jam session in Yorktown. He'll be going out west with Little Anthony for a few weeks. Scott is going to be playing at Gathering of the Vibes with a band called Corkscrew. As for me, I'll be knocking 'em over (with a violin cello duet) at the Atlantic Beach Club tonight, overlooking the good old Atlantic Ocean. Then later this week I'm playing a rock n' roll wedding where there should be some celebrities. If anything interesting happens I'll let you know. Then Sunday it's back to Morristown and the Sushi Lounge playing rock tunes with guitar. One day I'll be playing more rock clubs and festivals again, but for now I'm glad to be playing good music with good musicians in good places. Von Cello is good!

Post No. 1109
07/19/2007 11:06 AM
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one joke over the line

Joking? Me? When was I was joking?

So does anyone know any other good free music sites online. I've been listening to lately.

Post No. 1108
07/19/2007 08:48 AM
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BTW, where are Neal, inflatablecello, or fredandmurray these days? I miss their interesting perspectives and jokes. I only wish I had known them back in high shcool as well.

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