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Von Cello 

Post No. 1332
10/12/2007 04:08 PM
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Hey Bro

That is an interesting reaction. I did not mean to imply that because Christianity comes from Judaism that the Christians are going to like the Jews more. My point is just about history and knowledge. I figure knowledge is always a good thing. What people do with knowledge is another matter.

Meanwhile, here in the U.S., this self appointed female conservative spokesperson named Anne Coulter just went on a talk show and said that all the Jews should convert to Christianity and that the world would be a better place if there were no Jews. If you google her name I'm sure you'll find stories and reaction. The fact that this incident has provoked such strong debate suggests that there is still a wound festering just below the surface of polite American society.
sonny mano 

Post No. 1331
10/12/2007 12:01 PM
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jewsis crist

I think that even crist was a jew . So now ,are the 6 million jews killed by hitler back?
the xians know that jews begot their religion but it dont make us bros.....its not like if they knew ,theyd love usmore
Von Cello 

Post No. 1330
10/12/2007 08:20 AM
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Zooming in

Continuing this discussion that may or may not be getting read by anyone...

In the Catholic Mass there is a time when the priest walks around with a canister of burning incense. This is done because in the Jewish Temple they burned incense every morning. In the Mass there are readings from the Bible. In the Temple they read from the Torah. In the mass there are sections, like the call for mercy, and the praise of God. These mirror sections of the Temple service that did the same. In Church they sing Holy Holy, which is a take off on the Jewish prayer, "Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of Hosts". In Hebrew it is, "Kadosh, kadosh, kadosh, adonay tzivshot".

One would imagine that communion is not in the Jewish service, but communion, where the Catholics drink wine and eat a wafer, believing it to be the blood and body of Christ, is based on the central part of the Jewish Temple service where the animals were sacrificed and the blood of the animal was sprinkled around the alter. Later the meat was eaten by the priests (who were not allowed to own their own animals).

So basically, the whole Mass is a...I don't know what word to a variation, or a symbollic representation of the Jewish Temple service that used to happen on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. And for which Jews pray every day for its restoration.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1329
10/11/2007 09:15 AM
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Very in-ter-esting...

You see...I find this kind of thing very interesting. To me, it is facinating to learn about the roots of the things we take for granted in our culture. When most Catholics attend Mass, they probably do not know how almost everything in the Mass comes somehow from Judaism. As I sit through a Mass, I know step by step what came from what.

On the other hand, Scott finds religion anything but interesting. To him it is annoying. He seems to feel that if it cannot be proven beyond a doubt that God exists, then why waste any time at all talking about religion. But I have tried to explain that religion actually is about a lot more than belief. It is history, ethics, literature, poetry, spirituality, meditation, etc. But that's what makes the world go around. One man's joy is another man's pain.

Luckily we play music very well together. And this just in...we will be playing the New York City Marathon again! Well, at least I think we will. We are negotiating over the place on the route.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1328
10/10/2007 09:38 AM
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I got religion

I agree that religion is a helpful force for many people. There are some, like Steve and my keyboardist Scott, who are committed atheists, and that is cool too. I guess everyone sees the world through different eyes. As long as one religion does not call for the murder of those of other religions, I'm cool.

As a musician I see many different religious services. I've seen everything from Orthodox Jewish to Catholic to Hindu and New Age. It gives me a unique perspective. The Catholic Church has beatiful songs in the mass, not to mention Ave Maria by Schubert and Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by J.S. Bach! Those are two amazing pieces of music.

What many people do not know is that the Catholic tradition of music at services in a grand edifice actually goes back to the days of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. In those days the Levites (descendents of Moses) were the Priests, and among their duties was to provide music for the services. King David was also known as a great harpist. There was a great tradition of music, and some say that the Gregorian chants were originally based on Jewish chants. That would only make sense since the early diciples of Jesus were mostly Jews.

The Jewish tradition was cut short when the Romans burnt the Temple to the ground and exiled the Jews throughout the kingdom. And then the rabbis thought it inappropriate to have instruments played at services. This was a sign of mourning, and a sign that they had faith that the Temple would be rebuilt. To this day, the Orthodox continue this tradition, while Reform Jews have brought instruments back to the service. I can understand both sides of this issue. But I, along with many other Jews, hope that one day the Temple will be rebuilt, and there will be Jewish "Masses" held on that great hilltop in Jerusalem. (Sorry Muslim readers, but that has been the hope of the Jews for centuries before Mohammed was born, and the hope never dies.)

And so, the struggle continues...

P.S. This is also why Jews have so much music and dancing at weddings. The rabbis allowed the partying to go on at weddings while the wait for the rebuilding goes on. Pretty interesting, no?


Post No. 1327
10/10/2007 09:09 AM
Email eaburke81  
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I'll have a toasted mass with a side of instruments

Von Cello Wrote:

"Being a classical musician (among other things) I have played many church services so I know the Catholic Mass very well, including all the music, such as "Jesus Lamb of God", "Holy, Holy", "Celtic Alleluia", etc....." then you must know how long Catholic masses can be stretched out as well....especially on Holy Saturday in the Easter Season. And Midnight Mass on Dec. 24th? Forget it, you might as well just stay up when you get back home 'cause it's almost time to open your presents.

But I love masses....praying with a community is faith in action. I love masses especially when singing in Latin is involved. I love those old gregorian chants, which were tradtionally un-accopmanied, but the choir at St. Mikes sings chants in a slightly "new-age" style with a low D drone from the organ, African dejembes and talking drum, and sometimes a marimba. Sometimes our choir director takes the psalm of the day and writes his own melody to it and presents it in this sort of African/midieval/gothic style. My favorite psalm they sing in this style has two variations:

"I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living".

I will praise you name Oh God in the sight of the angels".

The SMC liturgical chior also sings a reat rendition of psalm 23: The Lord is my shepard, nothing shall I we get back to the whole "Lamb of God" thing. You're right, "Chicken of God" does sound kind of wierd. Now, "Chicken of the Sea"....there you go: Catholics and tuna salad sandwhiches on toasted whole grain bread with tomato and lettuce served with french fries and a cup of's real. :^) (Here I go making myself hungry again...ever notice how toasted sandwhiches are more satisfying then sandwhiches with un-toasted bread? And related to this, as a Vermonter I can tell you that hot apple cider is always better then cold apple cider).

Anyway, the choir at St. Mike's is taking an old musical form and making it new. Von Cello is doing the same and thats cool. Church is cool too, what can I say? I hope other young adults my age feel the same way'cause religion has been instrumental (excuse the pun) in keeping me sane and shaping my relationships with my global neighbors. I'm done now.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1326
10/10/2007 12:26 AM
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Bird's eye view

Being a classical musician (among other things) I have played many church services so I know the Catholic Mass very well, including all the music, such as "Jesus Lamb of God", "Holy, Holy", "Celtic Alleluia", etc.
Just this past weekend I played just such a mass. I also played a mixed wedding precided over by :"Rabbi Jill and Pastor Tom". That was "interesting" as they say. I also played a real fancy one at the Waldorf, that was unusual in that it was a Syrian jew marrying an Askenazi (European Jew). And I did another "mixed" one at a restaurant in New Jersey, overlooking the Manhattan skyline, where a Hispanic married a Czeck. I used to be more opinionated about who marries whom, but I have learned that love takes many forms. Any kind of love is long as they hire me to provide the music! D!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1325
10/08/2007 01:49 PM
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Chickens, Chickens, and more chickens!

I didn't know there was theory about Jews and chickens. I think Orthodox Jews tend to be so involved with chickens because when and animal is koshered you have to drain out all of its blood. This includes using salt to totally dry it out. Therefore, kosher beef tends to be dry and tough. Hence the chicken becomes the standard meat to eat.

There is also a custom that some Orthodox follow just before Yom Kippur where they take a live chicken and swing it several times around their heads while making a prayer asking God for forgiveness. It is called Kapporas. It is done as a reminder of the days when there was a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem (where the Moslems purposely built a mosque and a dome) and Jews would go there to have animals killed as a sacrifince. In those days they used bulls, goats, and doves. Since we don't find so many of those around these days, the chicken is used.

If this custom sounds weird to Christians, they must remember that they believe Jesus was a sacrifice. And in the case of Catholics, going to confession before a priest, is a type of reenactment of the animal sacrifice that Jews used to do before a Jewish priest, in order to gain forgiveness.

But for some reason Catholics don't seem to be as into chickens! I guess "Chicken of God" doesn't quite have the same ring as Lamb.

Post No. 1324
10/05/2007 07:00 PM
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Chicks which are crazy

Upon finally seeing your "Crazy chicks" video:

I believe the writers of "Will and Grace" said it all in one episode: "Jews and's real".

When was this jam session shot? Good playing.

And my show is tonite at it's new time: 10pm to 12am E.S.T
Though you'll probably be out jamming somewhere around that time. I don't' blame you.

Post No. 1323
10/05/2007 06:42 PM
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Von Cello wrote:
".....We would never write each other letters, or speak daily by phone".

Oops, I knew I was forgetting something.

Did you listen to that song from the Fump yet? "Hoist the Jolly Rogets" and the music from Israel? Just wondering if you liked them.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1322
10/05/2007 01:21 PM
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Defnitins...also know as Def 'nitions: a definition that is really Def, meaning cool, or word, as in Def Leopard. You, my friend, are the KING of defnitions! I get a kick out of them.

To me this is what the internet is all it's best. You live in northern Vermont, I live in southern New York. We would never write each other letters, or speak daily by phone. We wouldn't even email very often. But a forum like this is just fun.

I guess part of the fun is that you never know who is reading this, and you never know who may suddenly come out of the woodwork to post. (Not that many have done so lately!) I wish more people would find it a pleasure to post something almost every day. I could be anything...even a page out of a cookbook! Why can't friends kind of "hang out" on a guestbook "corner" and entertain each other. In some ways, it's like the old days. And mean the OLD DAYS, when friends would gather by a fire and sit and listen to people tell tall tales and stories. But now you can be across the globe doing the same. Hey...sure beats watching the same old sitcoms on TV.

Post No. 1321
10/05/2007 11:15 AM
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I just misspelled another word, and you know what that means:

Irrsponsible: (adverb. pronounced "err-spons-si-blay")

A personality trait exhibited by a person who combines his work with friendly, on-line correspondance with a friend in another state.

Example sentance: Tom is able to get his tasks done while talking about music, insects, wooden drums, body parts, God, Satan and other topics on an internet guestbook. How irrsponsible of him! We are quite impressed!

Post No. 1320
10/05/2007 11:01 AM
Email eaburke81  
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Big words

There are some big words in that song, Aaron....not sure if a Vermonter like me can handle them.

Speaking of big words, here's a funny song about a thesaurus you might enjoy:
Von Cello 

Post No. 1319
10/05/2007 10:01 AM
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Being Frank

Call Me Irresponsible Lyrics
Artist(Band):Frank Sinatra

Writer(s): Cahn/Van Heusen

Call me irresponsible - call me unreliable
Throw in undependable too
Do my foolish alibis bore you
Well I'm not too clever - I just adore you

Call me unpredictable - tell me I'm impractical
Rainbows I'm inclined to pursue
Call me irresponsible - yes I'm unreliable
But it's undeniably true - I'm irresponsibly mad for you

Post No. 1318
10/05/2007 09:02 AM
Email eaburke81  go to the Homepage of eaburke81
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"Fly" like an eagle, to the sea, "fly" like an eagle....

Von Cello wrote:
"Do you remember that song..."Call Me Irresponsible"? I don't. Well I remember the first phrase. What a funny thing to sing about".

Hey, you're corresponding with the guy who didn't know "My Blue Heaven". I still haven't heard it to this day. I certainly have never heard "Call Me Irrsponsible" either. "I Just Called to Say I Love You", now that I've heard. "Calling All Angels"? I've heard that too. The artists are Stevie Wonder and Train, respectively.
And no matter how ironic any song is I would not want to hear Britney Spears sing it....that goes for Celine Dion too.

But on to another topic....I saw a few flies swarming around a shelf of coffee pots this moring in Essex while waiting for the reminded me of my postings here about know, my whole theory that bees are messengers of God, and that God has a sweet tooth becuase I saw bees swarming around doughnuts and danishes. (I also think God has a sweet tooth because of the existance of Drew Barrymore, but that's another post entirely).

Well, after seeing these flies buzzing around the coffee pots This morning I have drawn another conclusion....that flies are messengers of Satan, and from this we can conclude that Satan has a caffeine addiction......Did my college education pay off or what?

P.S. Aaron, have you checked your personal e-mail yet? I sent you a message.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1317
10/04/2007 04:06 PM
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No Apologies

Hey, one need not ever apologize for things said on this guestbook. It is virtually unmoderated. I am not responsible for what is posted here, unless I post it...and even then I'm not responsible...I think. I guess it depends on how you define responsible. Do you remember that song..."Call Me Irresponsible"? I don't. Well I remember the first phrase. What a funny thing to sing about. If I remember the song at all it was kind of promoting irresponsiblity. Maybe Brinttney Spears should sing it. That would be kind of funny...especially if she gave it the same kind of drugged out delivery that she used in her "come back" performance. Welll, anyway, I apologize for this rambling post for which I claim no responsiblity.

Post No. 1316
10/04/2007 12:11 PM
Email eaburke81  go to the Homepage of eaburke81
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Israeli music

Hey Aaron and all on this cool guestboard thingy here....I know I probably overstayed my welcome with that discussion of what the Spanish words for private parts are, and I humbly apologize for that.
But I wanted to let you know of some cool music that I recently recieved for my radio show. "Putumayo Presents: Isreal". It's a compilaiton of songs from new world artists (Jewish, Muslim, and Christian alike) in rock, reggae, klezmer, and Arabic styles.

Just go to for more details.

Shalom and Salaam to you.

Later, eaburke81
Von Cello 

Post No. 1315
10/04/2007 09:38 AM
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Where was Bob Dylan on Yom Kippur?

Von Cello 

Post No. 1314
10/03/2007 05:28 PM
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Hey Steve, I'm glad you posted a video response to Crazy Chicks.

How about posting another one that actually has something to do with the video?!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1313
10/01/2007 04:05 PM
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Crazy Chicks

Hey man, want to check out some crazy chicks?

Go here:

Von Cello 

Post No. 1312
10/01/2007 07:50 AM
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New Von C ello Video on Youtube!

I hate to change the subject...

But there is a new Von Cello video on Youtube!

Actually it is a pre-Von Cello video of Perry Seigle and I jamming and singing Canned Heat songs with the sounds of clucking chickens. It's called, "Crazy Chicks".

Post No. 1311
09/30/2007 12:04 AM
Email eaburke81  
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a Box of rain will ease the pain and love, and see you through....

Von Cello wrote:

"That's interesting. Are not the testicles in a type of box? Maybe that is why the two Spanish words are almost the same...."

Oh God, Aaron's question above most unfortunately reminded me of the recent SNL comedy music video "Cock in a Box".

And I could be wrong, but I believe "huevos" is Spanish for "testicle"and of course it also means "eggs", as in "huevos rancheros", or perhaps "huevo" is the word used in Mexico. "Cojones" could be the term people from the Spanish mainland use. I'm pretty sure this is correct, but I could be wrong.
sonny mano 

Post No. 1310
09/29/2007 05:16 PM
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google talk
load it
Von Cello 

Post No. 1309
09/29/2007 09:37 AM
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I've seen the future and it is Marcus!

Steve sent me an email today in which there was imbedded a little mp3. When I opened the email, there he was...talking! Wow! Is this the beginning of talking emails? Are the days of typing falling behind us? Will we one day leave verbal comments even here in the guestbook?
Von Cello 

Post No. 1308
09/28/2007 07:20 PM
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Boxing with Peter Pan

That's interesting. Are not the testicles in a type of box? Maybe that is why the two Spanish words are almost the same I bet the two words have the same root in Latin...or at least Pig Latin.

Guess who I just spoke to? Peter Pan! least the son of the composer. I wanted to hire him to play bass for a nice gig I got in Dutchess County in an old inn. He said he couldn't do it because he will be on the road playing in a show. Guess what show? Peter Pan!

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