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Von Cello 

Post No. 2707
06/17/2009 09:12 AM
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Ariel by Dean Friedman

Way on the other side of the Hudson

Deep in the bosom of suburbia

I met a young girl

She sang mighty fine

Tears on my pillow

and Ave Maria

Standin' by the waterfall at Paramus park

She was workin' for the friends of BAI

She was collectin' quarters in a paper cup

She was lookin' for change

And so was I

She was a jewish girl

I fell in love with her

She wrote her number on the back of my hand

I called her up I was all outta breath

I said "Come hear me play in the rock and roll band"

I took a shower and I put on my best blue jeans

I picked her up in my new VW van

She wore a peasont blouse with nothin' underneath

I said "Hi"

She said "Yeah, I guess I am"

Ariel Ariel

We had a little time

We were real hungry

We went to Dairy Queen for somethin' to eat

She some onion rings, she had a pickle

She forgot to tell me that she didn't eat meat.

I had a gig in the American Legion hall

It was a dance for the volunteer ambulance corp

She was sittin' in her corner against the wall

She would smile and I melted all over the floor

Ariel Ariel

I took her home with me

We watchin' TV

Annette Funicello and some guy goin' steady

I started foolin' around with the vertical hold

We got the munchies and I made some spaghetti

We sat and we talked into the night

While channel two was signin' off the air

I found the softness of her mouth

We made love to bombs burstin' in air

Ariel Ariel

Ariel Ariel

Way on the other side of the Hudson

Deep in the bosom of suburbia

I met a young girl

She sang mighty fine

Tears on my pillow

and Ave Maria

Tears on my pillow

and Ave Maria

Tears on my pillow

and Ave Maria

Post No. 2706
06/17/2009 08:27 AM
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You mentioned BAI in a previous post. That made me recall a song from the late 1970's. The song is "Ariel" by Dean Friedman. Ariel was Top 20 for a few weeks and the song is very catchy. You can probably find it on You Tube. Anyway, the lyrics to the song tell about a guy meeting a girl (Ariel) while she is collecting money in Paramus, NJ for Friends of WBAI. Check it out.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2705
06/16/2009 04:02 PM
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TJ, what are you talking about?

Post No. 2704
06/16/2009 10:57 AM
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She was working for Friends of BAI collecting quarters in a paper cup by the waterfall in Paramus.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2703
06/15/2009 10:36 PM
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Grateful Strings

Went out to Pennsylvania yesterday to do a recording with the Grateful Strings. This is the same band I played with recently in Hastings that ended up on You Tube. That video was seen by Don Grossinger who is the guy who has the Morning Dew Grateful Dead radio show on WBAI who interviewed us a few days ago. We had a recording session to make a few studio cuts for him to play when our show airs sometime soon.

We went out to the guitarist's cabin out in the back woods. It was a real rock n roll scene. We had a few good cuts and a good time was had by all.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2702
06/13/2009 10:23 PM
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The Plot Thickens

Well, how do you like that! Just after I made that post about twitter not changing my life, I noticed that today a record industry executive signed on to follow me on Twitter. Guess you never know who's watching!
Von Cello 

Post No. 2701
06/13/2009 02:40 PM
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Okay, so now I'm on You Tube, My Space, Facebook, and Twitter. So what? Is my life any different? I still have to go to the bathroom twice a day.

Post No. 2700
06/13/2009 11:24 AM
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twittless in murcia

so vc goes facebook twitter myspace.lets combine all into "my faceontwit"..its all clear to me.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2699
06/12/2009 10:33 PM
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Get your knishes here!

A great imitation of Ruby the Kinishman! Not to mention some excellent tooth play. A real Canarsie original!

And while we're at it, here's another Canarsie orignial:
Von Cello 

Post No. 2698
06/12/2009 09:17 AM
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Do you remember the radio station WBAI? It's a community supported station in NYC that has been on the air for probably about 50 years. And for several decades there has been a show on Saturday nights called Morning Dew. As you may have guessed from the title (which is a Grateful Dead song) the show plays mostly Grateful Dead music.

There are also interviews. Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzman, and Donna Godchaux have all been on the show. And this week it was Von Cello's turn!

I've been playing with a band called Grateful Strings. It's your basic Dead set up plus cello and violin. We played several songs and did some talking. The show should air in early July. The host Don Grossinger was also interested in Von Cello so who knows; maybe I'll be back.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2697
06/10/2009 05:26 PM
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Tweet, Tweet

Believe it or not, I'm now on Twitter.

Von Cello 

Post No. 2696
06/08/2009 03:45 PM
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Born in Canarsie!

Thanks! In this case she got in touch with me on You Tube. That piece she played actually started out as a cello song I wrote when I was 17 and still living in Canarsie. At that time I strummed it and made up words. Years later I turned it into a cello etude using the bow. It is always a thrill when I get to hear other people play my music, especially when they are from far away. Wales has barely been on my radar screen. It's great to know they are playing my music there! And it's interesting to think that that piece of music was born in Canarsie!

Post No. 2695
06/08/2009 11:24 AM
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y r u surprised?

how do you know wen someone has used one of your songs? and y r u surprised? after so many years banging away at it you are among the tops in your field.
youll give her the voncello play voncello is to say ive arrived.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2694
06/07/2009 05:01 PM
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A woman from Wales just posted a video on You Tube of my "Sailing Down the River" from "Ten American Cello Etudes".

For a whale of a good time check it out:


Post No. 2693
06/07/2009 10:20 AM
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hey buddy can you spare a rib?

the chinese have all the cards .wen countries need money they either raise taxes or sell bonds. china has now most of the bonds from europe and the usa. china normally renews the bonds with more interest. now that we have crisis,china must be careful.. to ask for payment now would cause the europeans and yanks to raise taxed to pay them which would cause the debters to look for plan b...paint the chinese as bad guys and attack china is super careful not to talk of the debt now.a chinese bank is a great idea since they have the product that bankd
Von Cello 

Post No. 2692
06/06/2009 01:13 AM
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Bank of China

Did you know that the Chinese are opening several banks in New York? Tonight I played at a party at the Waldorf for one of them. Among the guests were some of the top financial people in New York, like the head of Goldman Sachs and the head of Morgan Stanley!

Along with American standards and classical tunes we played some Chinese tunes. One older musician said to the younger ones, "You better learn these tunes. This is your future!"
Von Cello 

Post No. 2691
06/04/2009 09:18 AM
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I Object!

Actually I disagree with some of those words.

Religion wouldn't trap me,
I let my freedom ring.
Following the rules
Was not my thing.

This is not my view of Judaism. Judaism is not something that takes away freedom. On a deeper level it's all about freedom. Moses freed the slaves from the theocratic dictatorship. And he gave the people "rules" but many of those rules were to protect freedom. For instance, the Sabbath, the day of rest, is one of the greatest gifts the Jews gave to humanity. It put in stone the concept that at least one day of the week must be free. In fact, it is considered a sin to work! How cool is that?

I know the song is meant in fun, and it is funny, if a little geeky, but they could have come up with words that don't paint Judaism in such a misguided way.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2690
06/03/2009 08:29 AM
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And then I saw her face...

Von Cello 

Post No. 2689
06/02/2009 07:01 PM
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Adbusters Busted

A friend sent me an email from adbusters a while ago. They seemed like a well intentioned organization, if a little odd. But now we scratch a little and below the surface they are comparing Jews to Nazis! I agree with the professor they quoted in this expose that that comparison alone is anti-Semitic for the reasons she stated. Thanks for passing on that link.

I believe the anti-Semitism never ends because it is institutionalized. I will not blame all the people of any group but large segments of Christianity and Islam claim that the Jews have lost their way and have been abandoned by God; and that is putting it nicely. The fallout from this is obvious - negatively about the Jews gets passed down through the generations. Of course the Jewish Bible predicts this but that doesn't make it easier to live with.

This is a great article that explains this concept in incredible detail:

It all started in with the "Roman Holocaust".

Post No. 2688
06/02/2009 09:55 AM
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which worms got outtta the can

Should have clarified in my last post but one:

(...) the worms got out of the can, so to say.

in that "we should boycot and not watch that webcam, 'cs it was Israeli, and they kill the Pali's and stole their land, and blablabla .."

Post No. 2687
06/02/2009 09:50 AM
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Too many people can't reason anymore

As if to underline my point:
Gaza - Warsaw Ghetto Comparison

Post No. 2686
06/02/2009 09:33 AM
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Below the surface

In a way u r right, Canarsie, and believe me, I hesitated a while before I started that post. I donot want to draw attention to it just for the sake of it. But Aaron is also right: once you scratch below the surface. That's the thing. Look, I just did scratch unwittingly, a few days ago: in some bird watching forum where ppl share links of interesting bird nest webcams, I shared an Israeli one. Man, b4 I knew, the worms got out of the can, so to say. It was only one person, but in his nastiness and ignorance of historical facts, he made up for 5.

And, but I said this before, what bothers me most is that seemingly intelligent ppl suddenly can't combine facts anymore and loose all logic and reason! Trend extrapolated: in the end, they could be defending killing a Jew for being a Jew. No-no-no, we shouldnot see the nasty things only. I realise all too well.

I have this one picture in my mind - when I lived in Israel, the ulpanists went to the Beth Hatefutsot museum and was invited along, although I wasn't in the class, neither Jewish, but I had by then virtually become part of the group. We had lessons and discussions and saw the exhibitions etc. Back home, we compared what we'd got ourselves in the museumshop - I had one of those most interesting books by (British historian) Martin Gilbert, I think it was History of the Jews in WWII. (In that time, my quest for the big "why?" of the Holocaust had not ended, well, it still didn't, but now I accept that there is no clear answer). My friend looked at me and said: "why did you pick s th about the sad things in Jewish life?" I thought and I didnot know what to say - did I indulge in negativism? No, no-one who knew me could say that. Yet, he had a point. See, I get stuck once again. Even if the world contains more books about the sad things, uh, sad things, horror, that happened to Jews (and it probably does) rather than, prosperity, happy music, technological advance, desert-made-to-bloom, it would still not be a good enough reason to pick the sad book.

So are we in an eternal loop? Anti-semitism never ends 'cs at the root that means anti-the God of the Jews. And the rest of us trying to figure out why it exists? Sorry, thinking out loud.

Post No. 2685
06/02/2009 03:00 AM
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before i think all suffered it and everybody knew somebody personally wh ohad suffered physically from antijewishness. nowadays. we hear,read,about it but its different. nothing to deny, nor be ashamed of.we arent in a contest to be the least loved.we can brag a bit that we are today accpted as reg pple.and society has grown.
the old world to my kids wasnt odessa or the camps but canarsie where dad left. they know about my lil league.trick or treat,sled rides.not too many stories of dady hiding his star,kept out of a club, or antijewish slurs.thats our old world.weird but we talk about the guy who was hit cause hes a jew but you never read....

HEADLINE" john greenberg,wearing a jewish star,entered a restaurant in jersy and he ate fish then paid and left and nobody said anything." thats not newsworthy..only if he gets hit it becomes newsworthy cause getting hit is unusual today.
Von Cello 

Post No. 2684
05/31/2009 10:46 PM
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Never ends...

I think earlier someone was making fun that the Jews of today will have no horror stories to tell their kids like the Jews of Europe did in the pervious generations but as this article shows, there is still plenty of horrible anti-Semitism around, even if it is not as obvious and widespread.

If you read the discussions between me and Lamarmusizz on the link I provided you will see that once you scratch below the surface with many people you will see the familiar beliefs that the Jews lost God's favor, etc. From generation to generation the negative attitudes about Jews get passed down. There is some progress, but still a lot stays the same.

Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was...

Post No. 2683
05/31/2009 04:16 PM
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No, it's not over and it is sickenig

Muslim gang leader confesses to 3-year old torture, murder of French Jew

Yousouf Fofana, leader of the self-styled Parisian "Gang of Barbarians," has confessed at his trial to the brutal murder of Ilan Halimi, a 23-year old Jew, 3 years ago, after torturing him for 24 days. The anti-Semitic crime appalled the 600,000-strong French Jewish community, which accuses the government of still neglecting to curb the rising tide of anti-Semitism sweeping in France.

The trial is proceeding behind closed doors because two of the 26 accused were juveniles at the time.

Halimi's body was found in February 2006 at a Paris suburban railway station, naked, handcuffed and covered in burn marks from cigarettes. He died of stab wounds to his neck on the way to hospital.

A girl was used by the kidnappers to lure Halimi. They held him captive and tortured while demanding a 450,000 euros ransom because, Fofana told his accomplices, Halimi was a Jew and the Jewish community was rich. Fofana who made gang members call him "Osama," fled to the Ivory Coast after the murder and was extradited to France for trial.

The victim's mother Ruth Halimi has published a book about her son's ordeal, comparing it to the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl, the American-Jewish journalist beheaded by Muslim terrorists in Pakistan in 2002. She arranged to bring his body to Israel for burial in view of the systematic desecration of Jewish graves in France.

Heads of the French Jewish community fear that Halimi's murder was not the last.

Three years later, the situation has gone from bad to worse. Anti-Semitic insults and violence occur daily in Paris, where Jews avoid the Metro, stay home at night and hide their skullcaps. Many have decided the community has no future in France and made arrangements to relocate in Israel.


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