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sonny mano 

Post No. 1457
12/28/2007 08:02 AM
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jew jokes

my wife got them all. after 20 yrs with me my moms calls etc she laughed her head off at how unjewish the jokes were.
how we jews are about status money bickering and moms
funny is that while this is our stereotype it fits the spanish the same in fact it fits the italians also but jews seem to wear it better..i guess its like henny youngman said
" you can take a jew to the river but you cant ma

worked again
Von Cello 

Post No. 1456
12/27/2007 07:55 PM
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Funny if you get it


Post No. 1455
12/27/2007 05:07 PM
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how do make a jew say "wheres the rest??"
you tell him t

it worked
Von Cello 

Post No. 1454
12/27/2007 12:17 PM
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Blowing through the Jasmin

In 1972 I didn't have That Girl on my mind. It was more like King Crimson, Tarkus by ELP, Europe 72 by the Dead, and songs by Led Zepplin, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jonny Winter, and the like.

By the way, here are some of the worst jokes of all timeL'

Q: What's red and goes up and down and up and down and up and down...?
A: A tomato in an elevator.
Q: Why do elephants paint their toenails red?
A: So they can hide unnoticed in strawberry patches.
Q: How do you torture an accountant?
A: Tie him up and force him to watch you fold a map the wrong way.
Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: It was bored.

For some reason I like that one about the tomato. It is soooo STUPID!!!

Post No. 1453
12/27/2007 10:52 AM
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seals and croft were the group that marked my final bildersee year. it was the summer 72 song also....
i think the mary tyler moore song was on our minds after that-
Von Cello 

Post No. 1452
12/27/2007 09:00 AM
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Summer Breeze

You are right, Summer Breeze, was THE SONG. That is a song that never gets old. You don't usually hear it in the winter, but as soon as the warm breezes blow, like clockwork, there is that song. And you are never sorry to hear it again. (Could you imagine the royalties that song has produced!)

We can go back in our minds. We even went back physically a few years ago. But you can never be back where you were...even a minute ago. I think it was Joni Mitchell who sang, "We can't return. We can only look behind from where we came. And go round and round and round in the circle game".

I like looking back too. It is hard to know where you are going unless you remember from where you came.

Summer Breeze...what a perfect song. It is so singable. It has a great melody and harmony. You can almost hear those background sound. As I recall there is no real story line. It's just a lot of good time imagery and the hook, "Summer Breeze makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmin in my mind". Nobody stops to wonder how the hell the guy got jasmin in his mind, but hey, it doesn't matter, just flow with the blow of the breeze. Who remembers how the song starts or ends? Who can sing all the words? Who would list it as their favorite song? It seems to be a song that was just always there, and always will be there. It is a force of nature in its own right. I know one day it will be gone. But when? Probably not in our lifetime. And that is an amazing statement to make about a song that noone really knows.

Post No. 1451
12/27/2007 05:53 AM
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we can go back

we can infact go back i guess in our minds
we can visit old friends remember the innocence we had.
recall the broken windows the eggs thrown on holloween
the final day in shul after the bmitsva
the stoop
the first day in bildersee on sept 7 1969
the graduation in june 21 1972 at brooklyn college
the ugly girl who returned first day in september as a knockout
i wonder why i have this fix on canarsie
maybe the internet awakened in me a past and then satisfied me with ability to go there.Maybe i have some unfinished business back there.
my dad and mom were never so emotional about THEIR pasts..i dont know
i leave you with THE SONG from 1975[URL=][/URL]
Von Cello 

Post No. 1450
12/26/2007 06:39 PM
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Public Multi Person Diary

Steve, what you just posted is the guestbook at its best. I wish everyone would come here day by day and just leave a few words about how they feel that day, or what they are thinking about at that moment. In a few sentences you covered a book's worth of thoughts...everything from not being able to return to the past, to the inevitabilty of old age, to the migration patterns of old Jews (i.e. New York to Florida), to leaving your mark on some rooftop in an old but changing Brooklyn neighborhood known as Canarsie!

I am glad I got to be a small part of your last few trips to New York to see your mom. It really was a marker in time when we met on the street in Breighton and took such adventures as eating in the old Pizza place by the train station, taking pictures in front of P.S. 276, going up in Warwick where I had a gig, and meeting up with Neal in Monticello at the airport. It seems like yesterday and yet a world of changes have taken place.

The Grateful Dead sang, "If all you've got to live for is what you left behind, get yourself a powder charge and seal that silver mine". Great words, no? We always look back with the grace of time and remember "the good old days" but really, the good old days are happening now!

So let's enjoy these fleeting moments in time. And let's try to march foward with strength and courage. Here's to the future!
sonny mano 

Post No. 1449
12/26/2007 02:16 AM
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shortest day? you mean we are heading to longer days? i remember sitin in sshs in 10th grade and wen final class ended in second semester feb-june 73 it was dark outside.
I remember walking home in dark and right to dinner no playing at all
i hated that.
now in spain with summer sun until almost 10 pm in july auggy

no more ny for me as mom finally sold and now perms in kingspoint florida

shes 86 cant walk and stepdad had a heart attk recently

no more canarsie and freaks me to think that it has been 32 years since my butt kissed my stoop
well theres always google earth with its pics of my old roof and i can actually see the paint my dad and i put there in maybe 1970.still visible is the mark i left infront .
Von Cello 

Post No. 1448
12/25/2007 06:24 PM
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Cookie Monster

Hey Edward, bake some cookies for me!

I know this day has religious significance for many people, and I appreciate that. But even if were not a religious day, it would still be a special day because it is the shortest of the year, and the darkest. It is a day when people want to cuddle around, and eat cookies, and smell those nice aromas.

As we spin around on this earth, and as we go shooting into an uncertain future, it is nice to see that those homie touches are still around, even if not for all people.

Did I say "homie"?

Yo, homie! Give me some of them cookies before I fill your belly full of lead!

Post No. 1447
12/25/2007 03:30 PM
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Canarsie wrote:

"why not make a cello hanuka song...."

You know, I too am wondering why VC hasn't jumped on the "holiday bandwagon" yet. Of course, this "holiday bandwagon" is chock full of cheesy, over-produced, poppy stuff that only serve to make you loose your Christmas or Hanukkah dinner upon hearing the un-godly stuff. So many holiday songs end up on the discount shelf at WalMart or Circuit City....but I try to purchase holiday Cd's released only by indpendent artists. I'm sure a Von Cello Hanukkah CD would be superb. Not only would I buy it, I would gladly play it on my show. I'm thinking "Hanukkah in July" to compete with all the radio stations playing Christmas tunes during the summer. One local station, Star 92.9, started playing Christmas music before Halloween! This is truely a crazy and mixed-up world we live in, but It is Christmas Day and my family's presents have all been opened and once again we remeber the birth of our lord and Savior. I am enjoying the ambiance of my room and the soft glow of my lap-top screen as I send digital, holiday tidings to my friends down in the city. I am now going to go bake some cookies!

Happy Holidays and a joyous, successful New Year to all.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1446
12/25/2007 03:16 PM
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Merry Chrisnukah!

Maybe I'll write a song for all the mixed couples, Jew and Christian who celebrate Chrisnukah!

I've seen greeting cards that say Merry Chrisnukah. So why not a song? I guess some Christians would not like that, and some Jews too, but it is a reality. So let's see...

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, the fire was lit from my menorah.
It was next to my Christmas tree,
and I got double presents for me!

They say that Santa's on his way,
and Hanukkah Harry too or so they say.
And every good boy and girl will spin the draydel.
And then we'll kiss beneath the misltetow.
Could be boy and boy, today you never know!

And so I'm offering this Chrisnukah wish.
To kids from 1 to 92.
Love your brother whether gentile or Jew.
And remember, God, she loves you too!

Post No. 1445
12/25/2007 04:08 AM
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ha ha ha happy ha.nuka

why not make a cello hanuka song for your youyube fans or a new year song for 2008
Von Cello 

Post No. 1444
12/24/2007 06:37 PM
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Home for the Holidays

Here I am...just another Jew sitting around on Christmas Eve with nothing to do. It is a weird night for many Jews. Probably it's weird for Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans and Atheists as well. It is strange when so many of the people around you...people who you usually are on the same page with...are doing something that you don't do, never did do, and probably never will.

One the one hand it feels a little lonely. On the other hand it feels kind of special. It feels special to sit on the sidelines sometimes and be a spectator, rather than a runner.

So, I say Happy Holidays to all, whatever holiday you celebrate. And Happy Non Holiday to those who sit this one out. Perhaps one day the truth about God will be revealed to all and we will all celebrate our holidays together. But more than likely, we will continue to have some who go this way and others who go that way. And maybe there is some real beauty in that too.

Well...I guess I wasted enough time on the guestbook. Now maybe I'll do some paperwork, or maybe practice some cello. Good night all.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1443
12/23/2007 04:50 PM
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Now you see you don't.

Now this friend emailed me to say of Huckabee and Edwards that one is a Bilderberger and the other is a member of the CFR. This friend is a Ron Paul supporter, who supposedly is clean of any association with globalists. Who knows?

The problem with democracy is that you really have no idea who you are voting for. Today, on Meet the Press, Tim Russert attacked Ron Paul for his ideas about pulling out U.S. troops from all around the world. Paul answered that that is the platform that Bush ran nation builiding, concentrating on domestic issues. Yet, as he pointed out, Bush at his very first cabinet meeting, according to the then Secretary of the Treasury, Bush was asking, "How can we attack Iraq?". So, Paul claims to want to actually do what Bush lied about wanting to do. There is so much deception out there. Sometimes it seems like our whole system is a massive shell game. Now you see it, now you don't;
Von Cello 

Post No. 1442
12/23/2007 03:20 PM
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That is so diculous that it is re-diculous!

Post No. 1441
12/23/2007 11:15 AM
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knock knock....whos there?

religion is ligion again But what is ligion?
Von Cello 

Post No. 1440
12/22/2007 11:18 PM
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Poligion - the mixing of politics with religion.

I can see the fear that people have about mixing religion with politics. Iran and Saudi Arabia come to mind. But countries that had a total seperation of church and state included Mao's China and Stalin's Russia. That perhaps is more scary.

A lot of what Americans take for granted as being "American" is really Jewish, or Judao-Christian. For instance, is it really wrong to have slaves? That was once part of the American way. Who were the Abolishionists? Religious fanatics! It was really an echo of the call from Moses to "Let my people go" that informed the movement to free the American slaves.

Without the Bible, on what authority can we argue that slavery should be abolished? If we say on the authority of the Declaration of Independence which said "all men are created equal", then we must realize that it took its authority from what it called "The Creator". So the Declaration of Independence was informed by the Bible and specifically Moses.

Indeed, it could be argued that Christianity made peace with the dictators. It said, "Render unto Ceasar what is his and render unto God what is His". This is in rather strong contrast to Moses who said to Pharoah, "Let my people go or God will bring terrible plagues upon you". Judaism is based on a slave rebellion against a world conquering power. And today, once again Israel is being attacked by those who would conquer the world. These include religious fanatics in the Muslim world and secular fanatics in the West, who would like to see the end of Israel.

Bottom line is this, if there is a total seperation of church and state, what is there to hold the state back from rejecting everything in the Bible and forming a government based solely on the obtaining of power and control by the men in charge? Relgion then is a safety valve, or a check, on the power of any man.

So, getting back to my original point, I find Huckabee, and his open embrace of Christianity, interesting.
As they sang in that old Negro spiritual, Give me that old time poligion. Give me that old time poligion. Give me that old time poligion, its good enough for me.

Post No. 1439
12/22/2007 04:39 PM
Email eaburke81  
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Well then!

I stand corected! So sory! I heartedly enjoy enaging in these debats with ewe!
Von Cello 

Post No. 1438
12/21/2007 07:44 PM
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Corect me!

EBurke wrote: Corect me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that the big reason the American colonists skipped out of England in the first place?

"Corect" - making something better, i.e. almost correct, but not a lot better.

So I will corect you, because you are a little wrong.

Sory for the crazy fonts.

"Sory" - when you feel a little bad but not a lot bad about something you said or did.

The original colonists did not come here to get away from religion. They came to be free to practice their own religion. In fact, they were known to burn witches...I guess because they were from another religion. So I guess you'd have to say that they came here to be free from the oppression of the official church, so that they could become the official church and oppress everyone else!

Well, that's a little harsh. There were also some who believed that all religions should be allowed to be practiced here with no oppression either way. But it was a very religious group. The Declaration of Independence claims its authority from "the Creator". It is God who they site as the author of the concept that all men are created equal and they have the right to pursue happiness.

On our money it says, "In God we trustl". It also says that above the judge in court. The congress begins each session with a prayer. Our pledge says, "under God". There are many examples of how a belief in God is part of the foundation of America, and, in fact, what justifies it to a large extent, since God was the one who declared the equality of men

If the founding fathers left this idea up to men, then men could easily abolish it, because humans are fallible. But if the idea comes from GOD, then it is "self evident" and cannot be challenged.

So, even though there is a separation between church and state, that does not mean that the two do not inform each other and mingle with each other.

P.S. Christmas is a "national holiday" in America.

Post No. 1437
12/21/2007 12:21 PM
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"Culcha, culcha, culcha cameleon......"

Von Cello wrote:

"lately I have been thinking that we may need a real religious figure to have the guts to stand up and speak for values and civility".

Personally, I think that those citizens of the U.S. who are active in their religion make it an effort go to churchregulalrly to get religious-themed values and civility. From the U.S. President (and we've had several religous men in the white house) we get values and civility too, but the President should present them in a secular form. I'm for a seperation of Church and State. Corect me if I'm wrong, but wasn't that the big reason the American colonists skipped out of England in the first place? The American president is supposed to be the one who signs or vetos the laws that congress passes, who addresses the nation in times of war, who is commander-in-cheif of the military (But of course that doesn't mean he can deploy the military where and whenever he or she sees fit), and overall, who is the secular voice of reason and morals of the American people. If the president chooses to emphasize his religion and his politics over his job then we might as well all take up farming, or wear monk habits, and light our homes with candles 'cause we've all been thrust back into the Middle Agees. (Good thing merry minstrel Von Cello is with us to provide us with some hearty Celltic jigs). :^)

Let us take an example from the president, yes, and let us take an example from our preiests, rabbis and imams, yes....but just not from both at the same time. Church and state mix just like oil and water....THEY DON'T! And it's important not to take absolutely everything literally - not in the bible, not from the President or from a 24-hour news network. That logic, plus a melding of church and state, ultimately leads to an influx of what you brilliantly term "Culcha".

Thanks for reading this.
Von Cello 

Post No. 1436
12/20/2007 09:34 AM
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My wife and I use the word "culcha" to describe those who think they have culture, when what they really have is something base (as opposed to bass). In America a lot of what passes for culture is culcha. I guess the same would be true for most countries, but America may surpass some others for just how low the culture will go, largely because sex, violence, and stupidity sell.

It is like a crash on the highway. Everyone has to slow down to look. Yet if someone put Michaelangelo's statue of David on the other side, they would just drive by. So, in a society where money is king, there will always be those showing the crach rather than the statue.

The funny thing is that America also produced the most influencial music of the past century. That was also allowed by removing the stranglehold that the authorities had over what was considered art or music. In that case, the market prevailed. But then capitalism took over and now we have musical culcha. The big news this week was that Britney Spear's 16 year old sister, who is a child star on TV, is pregnant. Hurray for American culcha!

Maybe that is why a guy like Mike Huckabee is gaining ground in the presidential race. He is an ex-Baptist preacher. Some probably think that he may be able to bring some morals back into the culcha. He recently made a campaign commercial sitting in front of a Christmas tree in a red sweater talking about bringing Christ back into Christmas. Certainly an interesting way to campaign. Now Rudy and Hillary followed with rather stiff looking imitations.

I know many people today see religion as a thing for weak minded, backward looking people. But lately I have been thinking that we may need a real religious figure to have the guts to stand up and speak for values and civility. Not that a secular candidate can't. But they usually don't. They tend to speak about secular issues like the war, social programs, etc. But many Americans are yearning for less culcha and more culture, and we seem to be at a loss as to how to get there.

I'm Von Cello, and I approve this message.

Von Cello 

Post No. 1435
12/19/2007 09:12 AM
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Wheeeeeeeeeerrrreeee's Johnny?

Who knows. Carson really pulled out of the spotlight when he retired. It was as if, after all those years in the public eye, he wanted to totally retire and enjoy the life of a normal person. By the time he died it was almost a non-event. There was a day or so of clips from his years on TV and then he was all but forgotten...except by ex-patriots living in Spain!

Post No. 1434
12/19/2007 07:34 AM
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and now heeeeeers

ok im in spain and way outa the loop but i just you-tubed tonight show to see jay leno-
I even here know carson left in 91or 92 but i JUST discovered he died 3 yrs ago.
how old was he?
Von Cello 

Post No. 1433
12/18/2007 06:03 PM
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I can't sand it!

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