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Hey, this wasn't in the brochure!
  Von Cello wrote: "Why do Catholics insist on taking communion?" Or why do Americans "Insist" on eating turkey? These things are part and parcel of the identity of the people who subscribe to these groups. Jews don't "insist" on being kosher, it's just part of the curriculum".

Well, as a Catholic, I wouldn't call communion as "just part of the curriculum", nor would i say Catholics insist on taking communion because we some how feel we "have to". We take the bread and wine at communion to remember Jesus' sacrifice. For Catholics, this communion, or Eucharist, is the most important and spiritually symbolic part of the mass. We belive the bread and wine we consume transforms into the savior's body and blood after the preist says the blessing over it. This is our way of remembering. So I wouldn't say we "insist" on taking communion, we "wait" for it, "yearn for iy, we "relish" the opportunity to re-live Christ's life and sacrifice in the Eucharist, as we do on Good Friday, Easter Sunday, on the occaison of our first baptism and on many other feast days in the Church year.

Now why do Americans "insist" on eating turkey? Becuase we love to eat! We wouldn't have it any other way.
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Eintrag from 24.11.2006
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