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Talking Turkey
  Where did that expression come from anyway?

I had kind of a weird Thanksgiving. I guess it was weird because we went to my cousin's house and among the guests were a lot of her friends. So I got into a long conversation with one of the friends which became more and more contentiious. So rather than having a warm family gathering, it became a battle of wits.

Just one more thing about the kosher laws that I think is really be kosher a land animal must have a split hoof. That seems kind of arbitrary, doesn't it? But not when you understand Hebrew. Because the word for hoof has the same letters in Hebrew as the word "curtain". So it could be intepreted that a kosher animal must have a split curtain. Now, what does that mean?

Kabbalah teaches that humans have two souls, not one. One soul is the divine soul (put there by God), the other is the animal soul (put there by nature). These two souls are in conflict. The animal soul only cares about it's animalistic desires. The godly soul only wants to reach out to God. Anyway, in order for a person to become a moral person, the godly soul must be able to influence the animal soul. Therefore the animal soul must have an opening in its "curtain" so to speak. So, getting back to the idea of "you are what you eat", if you only eat animals that have an opening in their curtain, that will teach your animalistic soul to keep an opening in it to allow the godly influence of the divine soul.

Now, you could argue that one could allow his animal soul to be affected by his divine soul without keeping kosher. But, if keeping kosher is a commandment from God for Jews, then if they don't follow it, they are closing the curtain to that commandment. So, even though I am not kosher observant, I still agree that for a Jew to fully follow the commands of God and be totally open to godliness, he must be kosher. And that is why Jews "insist" on keeping kosher.

I guess one could ask, "Why do Catholics insist on taking communion?" Or why do Americans "Insist" on eating turkey. These things are part and parcel of the identity of the people who subscribe to these groups. Jews don't "insist" on being kosher, it's just part of the curriculum.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 23.11.2006
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