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  actually i think you are like fox network exagerating things to makeapoint.
yes theres antisemitism in europe but these things u talkabout are bent out of shape. I live here i know here and theres antijew as well as antiblack antiindian anti anybody not hispanic here. europe is monogenetic and they arent accustomed to imigration FROM other gene pools.However im sure theres more antisemitism in the us army than in all of spain in fact i went to a dinner at the us embassy in madrid where zapatero spoke and the reporter jew was there and there was friendly after dinner talk .
i recall an israel here in spain telling folks that he would stay in israel cause the bad antisemites were in europe but the worst were still to come out of the closet in the usa.
  Author: inflatablecello
Eintrag from 21.11.2006
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