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Jesus Christ!
  Mrs. Yetta Rosenberg gets off the plane in Miami and, being tired from the flight, goes to the first hotel she sees in order to get a room. She walks up to the desk and tells the clerk, "I'm Mrs. Yetta Rosenberg, and I want a room for the night."

The clerk looks disdainfully at her and coldly says, "I'm sorry, madam, but our hotel is completely booked."

Just then, a man with his suitcase in hand, drops his key and a check at the desk, and heads for the door.

"Oy, vot luck," says Mrs. Rosenberg. "I can take 'his' room."

"I'm sorry, madam," says the clerk, "but I thought you understood my meaning. To be blunt, we only cater to Christians."

"But I'm Cat'lic!" exclaims Mrs. Rosenberg.

In obvious disbelief the clerk asks her, "If you're a Catholic, then answer this question: Who is the Son of God?"
"Dot's easy," says Mrs. Rosenberg, "Jesus Christ."

The clerk, still not convinced, then asks, "Who were Jesus' mother and father?"
"Mary and Joseph," replies Mrs. Rosenberg, testily.

Then the clerk asks, "And where was Jesus born?"
"In a manger in a barn," answers Mrs. Rosenberg, becoming agitated.

"And why was Jesus born in a manger in a barn?" asks the clerk.

"Cause a shmuck like you vouldn't rent a room to Jews!!!"

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 03.01.2011
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