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Deep Thoughts
  LN, you bring up a good point. Americans are expected to be tolerant of letting Muslims build mosques wherever they choose, yet in most Muslim countries it is very hard to get a church or synagogue built at all, let alone in a sensitive area to Muslims. In the case of Mecca non-Muslims are not even allowed to set foot there. So how can members of such a religion ask that we allow them to go anywhere and build anywhere in our countries?

The answer, of course, is that the US and other Western countries do not have areas like Mecca where people are excluded due to religion. We are supposed to be tolerant of any religion and members of any religion. However, what I think may become apparent in time are the weaknesses in the current Western attitude. Muslim fundamentalists must laugh at the West and it's drive to remain free and open to all. They see in that an obvious way to push their way into our societies and to take them over little by little over time. And they are right!

In fact, Judaism doesn't call for democracy. Judaism calls for a kingdom in Israel. The messiah, correctly called the moshiach, will be the king. This is not as crazy as it sounds. Jordan and Saudi Arabia have kings. England also has a Queen. Though she doesn't currently minister she actually has the power to disband parliament! So despite the fact that most people consider her merely a figure head, the potential for England to revert to a kingdom is always present.

Democracy is a great idea but it has its weaknesses. Hitler was elected! Hamas we elected! A person can get elected in a democracy whose platform calls for a dictatorship. If he gets elected he can then change all the laws and institute a dictatorship. So where is the democracy then?

The founders of the US said that our democracy can only last as long as the people are followers of Judeo-Christian beliefs. In other words, it can only survive if the people play by the rules and do not use the weaknesses in the system to topple it. Fundamentalist Muslims laugh at the idea of playing by the rules of the Christian West. The West is just another obstacle in their way to total world domination under a Muslim theocracy similar to Iran.

I think the Christian West will have to wake up one day and realize that the Jewish idea is actually more sound. It also calls for a theocracy like Islam but there is a BIG difference. One is based on the Koran and the other is based on the Torah. One stones women to death for slight violations of its incredibly strict laws, the other (The Torah) almost never carried out the death penalty even in the case of murder. The Talmud states that Jewish courts carried out the death penalty generally less than once every 70 years.

Now, is the world going to agree to a Jewish controlled kingdom? Never, without all kinds of miracles, which the Bible says will happen anyway. But until that day comes, if it ever does, the West will have to learn to modify it's naive beliefs that everyone will respect democracy and play by the rules. In fact, new rules will have to be put in place that prevent dictatorial systems from rising up, under any circumstances. The rules will have to be changed. The loop holes will have to be fixed.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 20.08.2010
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