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I belong to Anatevka...
  I wonder why there is such an urge for people from Canarsie to put on a map the address where they used to live. It's not like it was a prestigious place to live. In fact, it was a forgotten corner of Brooklyn populated by middle and lower middle class people, many of whom were dying to get out of there (myself included). I have noticed that most people don't seem to care much about the place they grew up, unless it was an amazing place. But then again, maybe Canarsie was amazing in certain ways. Did you ever see Fiddler on the Roof? The song Anatevka is very relevant to Canarsie. I suppose it was the 2nd Anatevka. A place where Jews from Anatevka went for a generation until they could get their feet wet and move on to the rest of America.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 27.06.2010
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