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Brooklyn - Where New York Begins!
  I saw a sign that said that as I crossed over the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn today. I played at the Prospect Park Boathouse. To get there I had to drive along the park drive as the lone car surrounded by people walking, riding bikes, and hanging out. There were almost wall to wall people at parts and all kinds of different vibes. One area had a large group of, what seemed to be, local African percussionists. Other parts had people bar-be-queing or sitting quietly on blankets. Finally I got to the Boathouse, even having to drive along a foot path! Once there it was a pleasant spot along a lake that even sported a swan! But in typical Brooklyn fashion, a guy standing in a motor boat wearing a T shirt smoking a cigarette sped past the swan! I'm surprised he didn't yell, "Hey, get out of my way you @#$%& swan!"
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 31.05.2010
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