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  Hello Kyle, great to meet a new poster here!

Other subjects: Kyle, I would immediately say what Von Cello already said - about how much fun it is to play duets/trio's etc. with other cellists. This can start really early on. It's a great encouragement for study, too!

One thing I sure missed when I was a kid (I started at age 9) is to know more about how a cello is made (but you got that in yr list already). I remember I only later discovered there's a thing called bass bar in a cello!
Also: how you keep it in good shape. How to properly clean bow and strings (always wipe the rosin off with a cloth after playing so it doesn't build up) and the cello itself. How to notice when strings go bad (false fifths, sound, not seeing much of the windings anymore).
Then also, as a teenager, I was curious precisely how the sound on a bowed string instrument is produced (the famous "slip-stick" action) and about acoustic matters (like, 50% of the sound of a cello goes out the back). My 2 cents.
  Author: LN_Cello
Eintrag from 26.11.2009
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