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Rocking the Guggenheim!
  Some people rock the Garden or the PNC Center but last night I played in a rock orchestra for an event at the Guggenheim Museum.

It was very cool to play music at a museum that I've been to many times to see art exhibits. In fact, right now they are having a Kandinsky retrospective. I got to see about half of the paintings. They also had a section where I saw some Monet's, Picasso's, Cezanne's, Van Gogh's, as well as a few paintings of Gauguin, Latreche, Renoir, and others.

Kandinsky was very influenced by music in his art. I don't know if he ever took hallucinogens, but he spoke way back in the early 20th century about color corresponding to music in a way that people used to talk when they were high. Then again, a great artist can often see and hear things that most other's cannot without the need of drugs. Check this out:

"Hearing tones and chords as he painted, Kandinsky theorized that, for examples, yellow is the color of middle-C on a piano, a brassy trumpet blast; black is the color of closure and the ends of things; and that combinations and associations of colors produce vibrational frequencies akin to chords played on a piano. Kandinsky also developed an intricate theory of geometric figures and their relationships, claiming, for example, that the circle is the most peaceful shape and represents the human soul. These theories are set forth in Point and Line to Plane."
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 20.11.2009
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