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  I did not respond to not steven, but I will not not respond. I think when someone from within a group says ignorant mean things about the group it hurts worse than when someone else does it. I think Jews have had more of this kind of thing than most groups. The free thinking that is encouraged in Judaism is overall a good thing. It is due to this that Jews come up with so many innovations. But the downside is that Jews are not as united as some other groups.

I have a chapter in my book about this called, "Jewish Self-Hatred and It's Cure". In that chapter I argue that a lot of the self hatred we find among Jews stems from a lack of knowledge. We know a lot of people hate the Jews, and if you don't know much about the history of this and the underlying reasons, you may start to hate your own group too, or even hate yourself. But there is much to be proud of, and if you look at who hates the Jews, their hatred can be a source of pride because most Jew haters are evil people, so if they loved the Jews that would be a bigger problem.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 17.11.2009
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