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Those Christian Zionists want to convert us for their own good!
  Dry Bones is my favourite cartoon blog:, some interesting discussion arises.

The cartoonist, Yaakov Kirschen, was in the US and once again happy finding active Christian Zionists really taking a stand for Israel, but ... later he met some who wanted to convert him, and that spoilt his enthusiasm.

Reactions started like this:

one Anonymous says:
Yaakov- you didn't realize all this time the only reason these Goyim are 'pro-Israel, 'pro-Jews', is because they hope to convert us so that will clear the way for "the Rapture" to happen. You know, that all Good Christians will rise up into the air and ascend to heaven. Apparently they get Extra Points if they convert a Jew.

Another Anonymous says:
Yaakov, I would rather have some missionary brochures stuffed into my hand than a knife into my heart. Given a choice between Evangelicals and the "moderate" Muslims represented by groups like CAIR, I think the choice is a "no brainer."

And on and on.

I'm with the second Anon!
  Author: LN_Cello
Eintrag from 13.11.2009
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