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Recent comments on my Iron Man video on youtube
  killedbysticks (53 minutes ago)
i like ur xpression
their wer some parts where u wernt in tune but THAT WUZ COOL 2
happyasaclam2012 (56 minutes ago)
you = basically one of the coolest cellists ever... haha
nice job, sounded kick ass
draagonfliir (3 hours ago)
music is f*cking Awesome, but you scare me :S
dress up as ozzy and it won't be so creepy lol
sapasoulph (3 days ago)
are you the devil??
allfu93 (1 week ago) +
there was no need for wat u did in the begginin but its awesome no matter wat
K LOKO jajajajajaja
genial :P
The228Bassplayer (1 week ago)
HEAVYfukkinMETAL (2 weeks ago)
i fuckin love it
zeuspitar (2 weeks ago)
That REALLY ROCKED!!! Incredible! On cello, it sounds beautiful and VERY HEAVY too! REALLY NICE!
WizardofGlamis (2 weeks ago)
I love the cello to began with (it has a haunting sound to it) but to hear it as a part of rock makes me love it even more.I will be on the look out for the cd,Rock on Von Cello

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Eintrag from 15.10.2009
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