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Chuck Minsky
  True. That first piece was my first cello etude and it is based on traditional rock n' roll. It is called the Train Whistle because of the glissando at the beginning that sounds like one. There is a tradition of guitar songs that imitate the feel of a train and I wanted to begin such a tradition on the cello.

When I first played this piece years ago for some classical musician friends of mine they laughed and thought it was just Aaron fooling around. But I was serious about bringing the cello into popular music, and now it is becoming more and more common.

The second piece with the two ballerinas began as a song I wrote for strummed cello (celtar) when I was in high school. So that actually comes from E. 81st St. in Canarsie! In my twenties I turned it into a cello etude and now it is a ballet! Who would have believed that?

The final piece is a slow American waltz. I called it October Waltz because September has many songs about it and I felt October was a really cool month that was ignored. Kind of like the cello in pop music. I describe the falling leaves and the melancholy of the month that turns the summer into fall. I find the ballet so emotional and beautiful.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 09.09.2009
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