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Salty Dog
  Even better, the original video of Procal Harem's Salty Dog!

Who knew there even were videos of these groups? I always loved the drums in this song. The video sometimes shows him upside down, but it works.

This is another song that could be through of as sounding sad but to me it has a glorious emotion to it. I certain feeling of highness within the lowness. This is the genre we were trying to fit into but by the 80's it was hair bands, disco, and rap. I was born just a few years too late. I always felt I was part of an in between generation. A little late for the baby boomers and not quite early enough for disco. Maybe that's why I left and went into classical. I mean listen to the strings on this cut! There was a great mix of rock and classical going on when we were in our early teens and the boom - it vanished!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 30.07.2009
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