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Depressing or Glorious?
  That just shows how we all hear things differently. That song never sounded sad to me. It sounds like the beginning of a great adventure. I hear some yearning but its like a youth reaching out for his future. The cello solo part sounds joyful to me. But it's interesting to get another opinion.

The girl used to direct shows and write music for Radio City Music Hall. The guy is her husband who was an award winning songwriter on his own. I always thought their two voices had an incredible sound together.

At one point we had Meat Loaf's engineer as our manager. But I think they got discouraged when the industry people wanted so many changes that the whole concept would change. If you notice the band used only acoustic instruments. We even used to lug a real piano up and down steps at NYC rock clubs! A feat I wouldn't even consider today. But the idea was sophisticated rock music on classical instruments with a pure sound. Classical Pop.

I think we could have been like an American Fleetwood Mac. But by the mid 80's the "industry" had other ideas.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 29.07.2009
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