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  I am proud of this exchange that I had with someone who came to one of my videos and used a line from a Psalm to show that the biblical authors were stupid.

globalart 9 hours ago
I think that a second grade kid today have more general culture/Knowledge just by watching some discovery channel and national geographic documentaries than those brutes that wrote the bible . I don't think they even realize how many species we have on the planet (not even the notion of planet) Psalm 104:5
''He set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved'' (Like a flat thing.

voncello (7 hours ago)
Can you stop using the word "brute?" I could call the Nat. Geo people brutes but what would that prove? Let's move beyond insults. Schroeder and other Orthodox scientists have written amazing books showing that many scientific discoveries are actually confirming Jewish ideas rather than disproving.

Now let's look at Psalm 104. The 1st line says God has clothed himself with majesty. This means that all of creation is like a garment. We can see the garment but not the force hiidden behind it.

voncello (7 hours ago)
Lines 2 -4 talk about light, water, clouds, wind, and lightning. These are all things that are unstable and move around. Line 5 then talks about the earth, how it is stable, but it does this poetically saying "It shall not be moved". The rest of the Psalm is about life on earth which could not occur without the stability of the earth. It concludes by praising the creator of such splendor & thanking Him for the promised day when "sinners will cease" & the earth will have peace! An amazing poem!

voncello (7 hours ago)
How did I know all this? I just looked it up in a book that explains the Psalms by the famous Rabbi Hirsch. So, you see, the choice is up to you. You can take one sentence out of context and make fun of the Jews for believing something inane. Or you can actually spend some effort to learn how the Jews actually interpret these things and realize how brilliant they are.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 25.07.2009
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