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He Beat It
  It is stunning news, Michael Jackson dead at the age of 50. I don't know what they are doing in Spain but over here the news has been all Jackson all the time and you hear his music now filling the radio waves. For years it was almost banned due to his personal problems. No one wanted to be tainted by playing the music of a suspected child molester. But now that he is dead it's like the public is a repressed child and suddenly they can indulge again in their old vice, Michael's music.

One thing that amazes me is how important a musician can be. After all, what did he really do except sing and dance? Yes, he also got involved with charitable causes but were it not for what he did on stage no one would know about him. He seems to me to be the Mozart of pop. Both were child prodigies, the public was fascinated with both, and both died an untimely death. Even their music is similar in that both wrote lighter, almost ethereal kind of music. Neither had the tough macho side of a Beethoven or a James Brown.

Today I heard Dick Gregory say that he thought the allegations against Jackson were total lies, but I can't believe he would have spent 20 million dollars to buy one boy's silence! Sorry, I just can't buy that. There were other payoffs too. And who could forget the security devices he had in his bedroom where he "slept" with young boys. I know he was a tortured soul, and probably couldn't help doing what he did, but that doesn't make it acceptable. It's a strange and difficult situation. I guess he's not the only person with strange habits that became famous!

So fame is not all it's cracked up to be. I think it drove him crazy. But it was also what he lived for. Now the question is will he be remembered and for how long. If you think about it, he was largely forgotten as it was. I think Brian McNight said he was "the greatest artist". Gee, I don't know. Of course I never saw him live, and I bet he tore down the house, but if he is the pinnacle of art, then maybe there are greater things than art. But I think he was basically a great pop star. The King of Pop pretty much says it all. Perhaps he was the greatest performer of his time. But let's not forget that many others were gone, like Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin, etc.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 26.06.2009
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