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sometimes icon,and sometimes icont
  when the icons of my past die away it makes me feel mortal which i am. but i dont like the today who are 35 never knew johhny or ed as they were 15 when j and e retired.15 yr olds went to bed earlier as i did when i was 15.doesnt it make you feel antique when you mention the beatles and some 30 year old says i heard of them . or mary tyler moore a kid i never understood why my dad was so happy to see george burns on tv. who the hell is gb? i used to say. now my kids say to me ,who the hell is maxwell smart?well, in your face this summer ill be. flying in 7 july to 21 aug.still puffing the cigars?
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 25.06.2009
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