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Dean Friedman
  I never heard of Dean Friedman before TJ made his post. As I said, there were a few years there when I didn't listen to pop radio at all so I missed his rise and fall. His name sounds more like an accountant than a rock star, or maybe an attorney.

"I'd like you to meet my attorney, Dean Friedman. His sister Francine works for the government of Philadelphia."

Maybe it's just my own bias that hears his name as not rock starish. I mean check it out:
Mick Jagger, Rod Steward, Sid Vicious, and Dean Friedman.

But anyway, I think he was describing a type of hippie chick from the New York area of that time who was often Jewish. The Italian girls, by and large, were slicker and into the tight jeans, high heels, blown out hair, and red lipstick look. While Jewish girls could be more often seen with unstyled hair, wearing peasant blouses, ripped up Levi's, and sandals. Of course there were many girls around the country who did this too, but probably Dean Friedman lived in the NY area and since he was probably Jewish too, he probably associated the "hippie chick" with a Jewish girl. There's a certain sexy admiration that he had for this girl and the fact that she's "Jewish" kind of adds to it in a way that's hard to define.

I'm sure I'm totally over analyzing what almost seems like a song you would write on the back of a matchbox while waiting for a bus!

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 19.06.2009
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