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Below the surface
  In a way u r right, Canarsie, and believe me, I hesitated a while before I started that post. I donot want to draw attention to it just for the sake of it. But Aaron is also right: once you scratch below the surface. That's the thing. Look, I just did scratch unwittingly, a few days ago: in some bird watching forum where ppl share links of interesting bird nest webcams, I shared an Israeli one. Man, b4 I knew, the worms got out of the can, so to say. It was only one person, but in his nastiness and ignorance of historical facts, he made up for 5.

And, but I said this before, what bothers me most is that seemingly intelligent ppl suddenly can't combine facts anymore and loose all logic and reason! Trend extrapolated: in the end, they could be defending killing a Jew for being a Jew. No-no-no, we shouldnot see the nasty things only. I realise all too well.

I have this one picture in my mind - when I lived in Israel, the ulpanists went to the Beth Hatefutsot museum and was invited along, although I wasn't in the class, neither Jewish, but I had by then virtually become part of the group. We had lessons and discussions and saw the exhibitions etc. Back home, we compared what we'd got ourselves in the museumshop - I had one of those most interesting books by (British historian) Martin Gilbert, I think it was History of the Jews in WWII. (In that time, my quest for the big "why?" of the Holocaust had not ended, well, it still didn't, but now I accept that there is no clear answer). My friend looked at me and said: "why did you pick s th about the sad things in Jewish life?" I thought and I didnot know what to say - did I indulge in negativism? No, no-one who knew me could say that. Yet, he had a point. See, I get stuck once again. Even if the world contains more books about the sad things, uh, sad things, horror, that happened to Jews (and it probably does) rather than, prosperity, happy music, technological advance, desert-made-to-bloom, it would still not be a good enough reason to pick the sad book.

So are we in an eternal loop? Anti-semitism never ends 'cs at the root that means anti-the God of the Jews. And the rest of us trying to figure out why it exists? Sorry, thinking out loud.
  Author: LN_Cello
Eintrag from 02.06.2009
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