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!without headline!
  before i think all suffered it and everybody knew somebody personally wh ohad suffered physically from antijewishness. nowadays. we hear,read,about it but its different. nothing to deny, nor be ashamed of.we arent in a contest to be the least loved.we can brag a bit that we are today accpted as reg pple.and society has grown.
the old world to my kids wasnt odessa or the camps but canarsie where dad left. they know about my lil league.trick or treat,sled rides.not too many stories of dady hiding his star,kept out of a club, or antijewish slurs.thats our old world.weird but we talk about the guy who was hit cause hes a jew but you never read....

HEADLINE" john greenberg,wearing a jewish star,entered a restaurant in jersy and he ate fish then paid and left and nobody said anything." thats not newsworthy..only if he gets hit it becomes newsworthy cause getting hit is unusual today.
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 02.06.2009
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