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  scott goldberg in california 2040 talking to his grankids about the old country....
yes my children i remember when young we lived in the ghetto canarsie,we were forced into the camps..surprise lake camp,camp vakemus and the brook summer camp.we hid our jewish stars under our 200 dollar parka winter coats from macys.we were refused entrance while the others were allowed in,to yale harvard westpoint.They threw stones at us as we left our school, sorry, they were throwing snowballs at us.The police stopped us at every corner (it was 3 oclock and they were crossing guards).The uniformed men drove slowly down our blocks everyday to watch us and get buy ice cream from their trucks.
o yes my children the old country and how we suffered..and those ovens.every day we went to the ovens,in the pizzarias on flatlands to eat great slices.

i guess im saying why cant we tell our kids about OUR old country .It was great.I know we are connected to your bubbys experience,the holocaust etc but also to our good lives.why must we accentusate our past of suffering and it was alot.
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 22.05.2009
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