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band (of jews) on the run
  jews will now have to live without any more run away stories to tell our grandkids. no more tear jerkers about rocks thrown at jews by nonjews fearing no response.jews are out of stories about kings and governments forbidding jews to buy land,.jews no longer can enjoy the post birthday party chats when granma tells the kids about leaving the ghetto in fear.
All Because of Israel.. Damn Israel. Israel has taken from the jews their favorite story telling stuff,their best head nodding tales which brought together the lil ones,bonded them as jews. jews have to find something else to tell about..Maybe when grandma was rejected badly and had to runwhen she was outed by Harvard University and had to go to nyu..back in the old days of 2009.
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 22.05.2009
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